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“No.” I shake my head and steeple my fingers. “I just want an update.”

She narrows her eyes on me for a moment. I cock an eyebrow and simply wait, and finally, she opens a file and begins to talk.

And I don’t even know what the fuck she’s talking about. Her words mean nothing to me. All I can think about his how that skirt fits tight on her hips and ass and her white blouse fits tight across her tits. She loves expensive underwear, which makes my cock hard and my heart pound, and I want to know what she’s wearing under that outfit.

She crosses her legs, drawing attention to the sexy emerald green fuck-me heels on her slender feet, and I swallow hard as I picture her naked, sprawled on my desk, her legs over my shoulders with just those heels on.

Jesus Christ, I want her.



“Did you hear a word I just said?”


She shakes her head and watches me like I’m crazy. And I am. I’m completely fucking crazy about her.

“Do you want me to go through it again?”

“No, I don’t really give a shit right now.”

“You don’t care that someone is stealing from your company? That’s the whole reason you hired me, Eli.”

“Right now, in this moment, no. I don’t give a fuck.”

“What do you want, then?”


Her green eyes flare, and her pouty mouth opens in surprise. The pulse in her neck speeds up.

I’m going to bite her there.

“You called me up here to—”

“To fuck you.” I finish her sentence for her, because I didn’t call her up here to do stuff, as she calls it.

“We are not going to do that here,” she hisses, looking scandalized, but I simply grin and lean over the desk toward her, keeping her gaze steadily in mine.

“Let me make it clear; we can have sweat dripping, sheet ripping, furniture breaking, screaming, trembling, hair pulling, ass smacking fucking for hours, or soft, sweet, quiet, intense lovemaking for days. You can have either or both, but we’re not leaving here without me being inside you, sugar.”

Her legs shift as she clenches her thighs together and she swallows hard, processing my words.

“Right, because we can just stay here for days.”

“Don’t tempt me. I can make that happen.”

She tilts her head and watches me for a moment. “You’re intense today.”

“I’m intense every day.” I stand and slowly walk around my desk to her, pull her to her feet, and smirk at how short she still is, even with those amazing shoes on her feet. I turn her in my arms, glide my hands around her sides to her belly and up to her tits, bury my nose in her hair and whisper in her ear. “You’re going to have to be quiet while I fuck you. My assistant is just on the other side of that door.”

“I can’t believe you want to do this.”

I don’t want to. I need to.

“Do you think you can do that, Kate? Be quiet?”

“I’m not good at quiet,” she replies breathlessly, and pushes her ass back against my already hard cock. I grip her tight skirt in my hands, gathering the fabric, pulling it above her sweet, round ass.

“Did you wear this skirt just to make me crazy?”

“No, but if it does, that’s a great bonus.”

I bite her earlobe, thankful that she wore her hair up today, giving me access to her neck. “It does. And so does this fucking amazing underwear.”

She’s wearing black lace today.

“Lean on the desk.” She bends over, pushes her ass out, and gasps when I squat behind her, rip her underwear, and toss them onto the desk.

“Those were expensive.”

“And I don’t give even one fuck,” I murmur, as I drag my fingertip from the top of the crack of her ass, over her anus, and through her already sopping wet folds. “You’re already turned on.”

“Mm,” she moans softly.

“No noise,” I remind her, right before I pull her pussy lips into my mouth and suck, push my tongue into her, then over her folds, making sure she’s good and wet. Her hips are moving desperately, searching for release, but before she can come, I stand and sink two fingers inside her while I unfasten my pants, desperate to be inside her. Jesus, it feels like I’m about to come out of my skin. I’m hot, swollen, and breathless.

I push into her from behind as I tilt her face back and kiss her hard, masking her moans. She can’t stay quiet.

And that’s another fuck that I just don’t give.

I get only two pumps in, then pull out, spin her around, lift her onto the desk, pushing anything in our way aside so she can lie back, and coffee spills all over my iPad, right before my monitor tips over and cracks the screen.

“Oh, no!” Kate gasps, but I laugh as I prop her legs on my shoulders, kiss her ankle, and push back inside her.

“Thank God for the cloud,” I murmur, and begin fucking her hard and fast. Her eyes are on mine, she’s panting, and her cheeks are flushed. She licks her finger and reaches down to rub her clit. “Yes, baby, rub yourself. Fuck, that’s hot.”

She clenches around me, and I can’t hold back. I come hard, and feel her come with me, milking my cock with her muscles. She covers her mouth with her free hand, trying to keep quiet, and failing miserably.

I pull out and help her off the desk.

“Just needed to take the edge off?” she asks, and begins to shimmy her skirt down her legs, but I stop her and lead her to the couch.

“I didn’t say we were done.” I strip us both out of the rest of our clothes and cover her body with mine on the couch.

“We already had furniture breaking sex,” she says with a grin. “Or, electronic breaking anyway.”

“And now we’ll have the slow and sweet,” I whisper against her lips. “You’re beautiful, cher.”

“You’re charming,” she whispers back. I love how shy she gets when I give her compliments, and turns it around on me, calling me charming.

I’m just being honest.

“Your eyes are so green,” I murmur and slide my already recovering cock through her folds, up to her clit, and down again. She gasps and closes her eyes. “Open.”

“You’re so bossy,” she moans and bites her lip.

“You like it.”

“I like it so much,” she groans and circles her hips, inviting me back inside. I pin her hands over her head with one of my hands, cup her face with the other, and kiss us both mindless as I sink inside and stop, balls deep, and enjoy how tight, wet, and hot she is.

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