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God, she’s responsive.

Her hand cups my cock over my boxer-briefs, making my eyes cross. I take her hand, kiss her palm, then hold it over her head as I cover her body with mine and lay kisses on her lips, her neck, her collarbone, and begin working my way down her warm, writhing body.

“Oh, gosh,” she breathes, shoving her hands in my hair.

“I want to learn every inch of you,” I murmur, my lips against her belly. “I want to know what makes you gasp.” I cup her sex in my hand and grin against her hip when she arches into my hand with a low groan. “God, you’re soaked.”

I glance up in time to see her bite her lip and her cheeks flush as I push one finger under the elastic of her panties and rub her wet pussy with just the fingertip, not sinking inside, just gliding over her lips and clit.

“Oh, that feels good,” she whispers. I kiss my way across her lower belly to her other hip, then down to her thigh and hook my fingers into the material at her hips to pull them off, throw them over my shoulder, and spread her wide.

“Fucking hell, you’re gorgeous, cher.” And she is. God, her freckles are everywhere, sprinkled all over her body, even her pussy, which is waxed clean. I spread her wider and drag my fingertips up and down her thighs, making them quiver.

“Eli,” she moans.

“Yes, babe, moan my name.” And with that, I lean in and take one long swipe with my tongue from her wet opening, all the way up to her hard clit.

“Holy crap!” She jackknifes, but I press one splayed hand on her belly, holding her down, and nuzzle that hard nub with my nose as I pull her lips in my mouth and tug gently. “Eli, oh my.”

I grin against her, still charmed that even in the throes of sex she refuses to swear.

I drag my fingertips down one thigh, around her ass to her crack and slide one finger over her anus and into her slick opening, making her moan all the more.

I love how fucking vocal she is.

I begin to slowly fuck her with my finger and kiss my way up her body. I tug on her nipples through the lace of her bra, kiss up her neck, and finally her lips. She wraps her arms tightly around my neck, holding me to her, still riding my hand and kissing me for all she’s worth.

I’m going to fucking explode.

“Kate.” Her feet are pushing my boxer briefs down my hips, just as anxious as I am for me to be inside her. “Kate.”

“I’m sorry,” she replies and arches against me. “Kate’s not available right now.”

I chuckle and bite her shoulder and her pussy clenches like a vise on my finger. “God, babe, you’re so tight.”

“Eli, I need you inside me.”

Just the sound of her sweet voice against my neck while she’s squeezing the fuck out of my finger makes me want to come. She’s not going to get any more ready.

I reach into the bedside table and retrieve an unopened box of condoms to protect us both. I take myself in my hand and guide the tip through her slick folds, making us both moan.

“Are you trying to kill me?” she asks. Her eyes are bright green and wide as she pants and stares up at me in wonder and longing, matching every emotion running through me.

“No, cher, making sure you’re ready.”

“Never been more ready for anything in my life,” she confirms and reaches between us, wraps her small hand around me and guides me to her opening. “Now.”

I slide in, in one long, fluid motion and pause when I’m buried balls-deep. She’s closed her eyes and is biting her lip, her fingernails digging into my shoulders.

“Open your eyes, dawlin’.” She obliges and surprises me when she smiles up at me and circles her hips, inviting me to move. “You feel—” I shake my head, not having any words for the way it feels to be buried inside her.

And I know, in this moment, I’ll never grow tired of her. I’ll never want anyone else.

She rotates her hips again and I pull back, almost all the way, then push back and she closes her eyes.

“Keep them open,” I instruct her. “I want you to see what you do to me.”

Her eyes soften as she cups my face in her hands and kisses me deeply, and that’s it. I can’t stop my hips from setting a rhythm, moving in long strokes in and out of her, claiming her.

She’s mine.

Her legs begin to shake and her whole body tenses. Her eyes widen in alarm.

“Oh, God.”

“I’m right here,” I whisper and nibble the corner of her lips. “It’s okay.”

I reach between us and press my thumb on her nub, and that’s all it takes. She cries out, arching off the bed and coming spectacularly. I’ve never seen anything like it. Her pussy spasms around my cock, her arms tighten around my neck, and I have no choice but to follow her over into the most amazing orgasm of my life.

Our breathing is ragged and loud in the quiet room as I roll us and tuck her under my chin, cradling her on my chest. Her fingers are trailing up and down my ribs, in the same rhythm of my fingers on her back as we regain our senses.


I plant my lips in her hair. “Yes.”

“Kate’s available now.”

I chuckle and tilt her head back so I can look in her eyes, needing to see that she’s okay. Her eyes are glassy with happiness, her cheeks flushed, and her hair a mess. She looks quite satisfied.

“She’s about to be unavailable again.”

“She might be tired.”

I grin.

“I’ll do all the work.”

Chapter Ten


“Good morning, beautiful.”

I feel my lips lift in a soft smile. Most of my face is buried in a pillow that smells of Eli, clean with a touch of his body wash. I’m lying on my stomach. We aren’t touching, but I can feel the warmth from his body next to me.

He suddenly brushes a fingertip down my temple and hooks my hair behind my ear. I pry one eye open and gaze over at a rumpled, sleepy, deliciously sexy Eli.

“’Morning¸” I whisper. My arms are folded under the pillow, bracing my head. He drags his fingertips down my arm to my ribs, and traces the words tattooed from just under my armpit to just above my hip.

“I am enough the way I am,” he recites softly and smiles at me, his eyes bright with curiosity, but he doesn’t ask why these words. He simply waits, that happy expression on his handsome face, and continues to lightly drag his fingertips over my skin, which is on hyper-alert after the night we just spent together.

I lost count how many times we made love, how many times he woke me up with his lips, his hands, his cock. My body is deliciously exhausted.

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