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“So do you,” I breathed.

His thrusts became harder and faster, and I came within moments, screaming his name as it powered through me. He gripped my hips now with both hands and I was drawn up onto the tips of my toes. When he came, he shouted my name as his arm circled around me, sealing my body tight to his, and damn if that didn’t almost make me come again.

I could barely move when Colton turned me around, holding me on weak legs. I draped my arm over his shoulder. His warm breath danced over my lips. “Now I really want some of that cake.”

I laughed as I let my head drop to his shoulder. “I’m never going to look at cake the same again.”

* * * *

Roxy clasped her hands together under her chin. “Oh my God, I just want to shove my face in it.”

“Please don’t do that,” Calla said as she passed us by, her long blonde hair swinging from a ponytail.

“I have something you can shove your face in.” Reece walked up behind Roxy, tugging on her purple streak.

“Please don’t do that in my house,” Jax replied, appearing in the backyard, a fresh case of beer in his hands.

“We’re not in your house.” Reece sat in the lawn chair, dragging Roxy down in his lap.

Jax flipped him off.

“Just pointing it out, buddy.” Reece grinned.

My chocolate cake with peanut butter icing had gone over well, but the scent of hamburgers being grilled had my tummy all kinds of happy.

Colton draped his arm over my shoulders as he lifted the mouth of his bottle to his lips. When he lowered the bottle, he dipped his head and pressed his lips to my temple.

“You guys are so freaking adorable,” Roxy said, splayed over Reece like he was her own personal chair.

“I know.” Colton grinned.

I laughed as I rolled my eyes. “He’s incredibly modest.”

Reece snorted. “Don’t I know.”

Calla headed past us. “I’m going to grab the plates and stuff. Anyone need anything?”

“I’ll help,” I volunteered, breaking away from Colton. Or at least trying to. He was like an octopus. I only got so far before his arm dragged me back.

He smiled down at me, revealing that one dimple. “You’re forgetting something.”

There was no stopping the smile when I stretched up and kissed him. Someone, probably Reece, catcalled. When I settled back on my feet and turned around, Colton smacked my ass.

“So freaking adorable!” Roxy yelled this time.

Face turning about five shades of red, I hurried in to catch up with Calla. She held the door open as we headed in. “You guys are adorable,” she said as she headed for where all the condiments and plates were placed on the counter.

“Thanks.” My smile was probably going to split my face in two.

She grabbed a large tray. Sunlight from the window above the sink reflected off her scarred cheek. The first time I’d seen her, I couldn’t help but notice the thin slice that traveled the length of her face, but now it was something I barely registered. Calla was stunning nonetheless, and it was so obvious that she and Jax were deeply in love.

My stomach tumbled in a pleasant way. Love? God, it was something I’d been thinking about a lot lately. There wasn’t a part of me that doubted how much I cared about Colton. I was fully embracing my insta-love and hugging it close.

“Are you going to be here next weekend?” I asked as I gathered up the napkins and plastic spoons.

Calla was splitting her time between Shepherdstown and Plymouth Meeting until January, when she would move up here full time. “No, but Jax is coming down next weekend.”

“That’s good. I love how you guys do the long distance thing.”

“Me too. It’s working, but I can’t wait until I don’t have to dread him going home or me leaving.” She grabbed the now loaded up tray as I reached for the million and one bottles. Who seriously needed so many versions of mustard? The doorbell rang, and Calla sighed as she started to put the tray down. “It’s probably Katie.”

“I’ll get it,” I offered since I didn’t have my hands full.

“Thanks.” She smiled, turning to the backdoor. “Hurry back out. Those three guys can eat about a dozen hamburgers between them.”


Calla laughed. “Yep.”

My sandals smacked off the hardwood floors as I made my way to the front of the house. Wondering what kind of outfit Katie would be wearing, I opened the door, prepared for something pink and sparkling.

The black, silk sleeved tank dress so did not belong to Katie.

Standing on the front porch was the last person I was expecting to see. It was Nicole, Colton’s ex-fiancée.

Chapter 16

A feather could’ve knocked my ass over. I was in such shock, all I could do was stand there and stare.

Over the past month, I thought about her every so often, just like I thought about the man I’d seen murdered, the man who ended up in the river, and the one who nearly killed me. How could I not?

And now she was here.

Since I’d only seen Nicole from distances, I wasn’t prepared for just how stunning she was up close. Her blonde hair was ridiculously straight and shiny, her complexion absolutely flawless and without a wrinkle in sight. Lips plump and full and nose pert, paired with high cheekbones, she was the poster child for perfection.

There was no recognition in her blue eyes. “Hi,” she said, her voice soft. “Is Colton here?”

My heart pounded in my chest and I said the first, most obvious thing that popped into my head. “This isn’t his house.”

And I thought that was a super-valid statement.

She glanced over my shoulder. Her hands were clasped together in front of her. “I know that. I saw his truck outside.”

Then she knew damn well he was here.

“Can you get him please?” she prompted, giving me a tight-lipped smile. “I really need to talk to him.”

Why would she show up unannounced at a friend of Colton’s house? Who does that? I didn’t think most people did. A hundred thoughts formed at once. Maybe it wasn’t entirely unannounced. Maybe she and Colton had been in contact with one another and I simply didn’t know. Maybe he wanted—

I pulled the brakes on that train wreck of a thought process. Colton was an honest man, and the stupid as fuck, evil voice in the back of my head wasn’t going to win.

But I realized then that I had started to turn around to go retrieve Colton, and that was like a smack in the face. What in the hell was I doing? His ex-fiancée had come to Jax’s house looking for him—for my boyfriend, and I was just going to walk off and get him?

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