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“So serious.”

His fingers curled around the edges of my panties and then one hand trailed up the line of my back and curved around the nape of my neck. “You really shouldn’t have told me that.”

“Why?” I whispered, my heart thumping.

“Because I have no idea how I’m going to be able to slow this down now.”

Colton dragged my mouth to his with a curl of his arm. There was nothing soft or gentle about the way he kissed me. It was fierce and passionate, a kiss of pent-up desire exploding the moment our mouths fused together, a kiss of need. He drew in my breathy moans as he circled his arm around my lower back, sealing our bodies together, chest to chest.

Everything about him swamped my senses and I whispered, “Make love to me.”

Colton let out a near feral sound and then he rolled me onto my back, moving so quickly my heart nearly came out of my chest. As he stared down at me, concentration marked his features.

Then he brought his mouth to the tip of my breast. I let out a strangled cry as my back arched off the mattress. He reached between us, working the last of his clothing off as he moved to my other breast. Sensation raced up and down my body, and that was what I got lost in, the way his tongue laved at my nipple, how he nipped at my skin and soothed the sting with a kiss, a caress of his fingers.

Barely aware of him easing my panties down and then off, I was shocked and thrilled to suddenly feel the entire length of our bodies flesh to flesh. His hand slid up, his fingers splaying around my cheek, holding me there as he brought his mouth back to mine. He kissed me until there were no more thoughts, no holding back or getting lost in fear. I could feel him burning against my thigh, and my body moved on its own accord. I writhed and my hips moved, seeking him.

“You sure you’re up for this?” he asked.


“I can’t wait any longer.”

I gripped his arms. “Neither can I.”

He rolled, reaching for the condom. My stomach tumbled as I watched him rip open the foil and roll the condom onto his thick erection.

This was seriously going to happen.

Part of me still couldn’t believe it as I dragged my gaze up to his and found him watching me. Unable to stop myself, I reached out, smoothing my hands over his hard chest and packed, tight abs. His skin was like silk stretched over marble. I dipped my hand, my fingers brushing over the sparse, short hairs. His chest rose with a deep breath and he seemed to hold it as the back of my hand brushed his cock. He made a deep sound that warmed my skin, and I reached around, folding my hand around his heavy sac.

“Fuck,” he grunted. “Abby…”

Slowly, I pulled my hand back. For a moment, neither of us moved, and then he prowled over me, his strong body caging me in. Colton laid claim to my mouth, but those kisses slowed and became something…infinitely more as I felt his tip press against me. Moaning, I rolled my hips, bringing him closer, but not enough, nowhere near enough.

Colton rested his weight on one elbow as he lifted his body slightly and reached between us, wrapping his hand around his dick. His eyes, a heated and vibrant cobalt, met mine. “I want this to be good for you.”

My lips parted on a soft exhale.

“No,” he corrected softly. “I want this to be perfect for you. It’s gonna kill me trying to take this slow.”

I dragged my hand down his back as my heart pounded. “Don’t take this slow. I’m ready.” The peaks of my ears burned. “I’m wet…for you.”

He said something I couldn’t quite understand under his breath and then his hips thrust, plunging into me with one deep stroke I felt to the tips of my toes. I cried out, tossing my head back as he stretched and filled me. Nothing ever in my life had felt like this.

“Are you okay?” he asked, his voice harsh as he stilled, seated deep.

“Yes.” I grabbed onto his arms as I swallowed. “Yes. Don’t stop.”

“Stopping right now is the last thing on my mind, sweetheart.” He rolled his hips back, pulling out halfway, and then he thrust forward again. “Stopping would kill me.”

It would kill both of us.

But he didn’t stop. Oh no, he moved and contrary to what he said, he used slow, languid strokes as his hand brushed the damp hair off my forehead. He built a fire deep within me as his breath danced over my lips, our gazes locked together. There was a connection there, flowing back and forth between us, something intense and consuming.

It was love.

I knew that, felt it in every cell of my being, and I closed my eyes, unwilling to show him the deepest part of me because it all felt too soon, and love had never been spoken between us.

Curling my arm around the one he rested his weight on, I wrapped my legs around his hips, drawing him in even further and eliciting a ragged groan from him. I rocked my hips and he tossed his head back, his arm trembling.

“Don’t hold back,” I ordered in the space between us. “Please.”

And he didn’t.

Restraint broke. Those tentative strokes turned deep and powerful. He grabbed my hand, stretching it above my head, and clamped his hand down on my wrist as he moved over me and in me, his hips plunging wildly.

Pressure built, zipping through my veins and crackling over my skin. I cried out his name over and over as the tension coiled deep in my core. It was too intense, too much and still not enough.

Shifting his weight, he caught my other hand and joined it with the one he held. In one fluid move he had me immobile under him, completely under his control, helpless to him and yet entirely safe in his arms. Something about that combination undid me.

I came apart, shattering as the sound of his name and my cries mixed with his groans. He thrust once and then twisted, hard and deep, and then his huge body spasmed over mine as he buried his face in my shoulder.

When he lifted his head and pressed a tender kiss to my lips, I wasn’t sure I was still existing on Earth. I felt like I was floating to the clouds, maybe even all the way up to heaven.

“You okay?” He eased his hand away from my wrists, drawing my arms back down.

I drew in a shallow breath. “I think I might have died in a totally…good way.”

Colton chuckled and then brushed his lips over my forehead. “Be right back.”

An aftershock stole my breath as he eased out of me. I was nothing more than a puddle as he rolled onto his feet and disposed of the condom in the bathroom. When he returned, I hadn’t moved. Every part of me was sated, but I told myself I needed to move. Put some clothes on. He’d be leaving soon, and I didn’t need to be lying here with everything on display. I started to rise onto my elbows.

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