“Touch yourself for me. Then, when you’re ready to come, I want you to come around my cock. Understand?” I managed to murmur through gritted teeth.

She nodded, then allowed her hand to drift between her thighs, massaging gently for me as her fingers slid lower. With slow, steady circles, she worked her sensitive bud until her nipples drew tight into straining peaks.

Careful not to interrupt her, I took one of those pink nipples into my mouth, rolling my tongue around her tip between sucking deep and releasing her with a groan.

“You’re going to make me scream in the library,” she whispered.

“Every time you want to scream, bite your lip for me. Or whisper my name.”

Her eyes darkened, and the slow, steady circles around her clit quickened to forceful, demanding strokes. Likewise, I gripped myself tighter, pumping myself in lazy strokes, pausing only to grab a condom from my jeans.

“Will you put that on for me?” she whispered.

“Are you getting close, baby?”

She nodded, her breaths coming in pants. “I feel like I’m going to . . .”

She bit hard on her lip, and I tore open the foil packet before quickly rolling the rubber over my aching shaft. Gripping her hips in my hand, I forced her down on top of me and she gasped, her eyes practically crossing as she threw her head back.

“Gavin.” Her whisper may as well have been a scream for all the need it conveyed.

Her pussy was quaking, begging for release, and I gripped her hips harder as I moved her up and down on top of me.

“Play with your nipples for me, baby,” I said, and she did.

Taking each of her breasts in hand, her rolled her thumbs over her straining peaks, giving me the perfect view of her bouncing chest as I worked her toward climax. Every muscle in my body was tensing, begging for release, but I held back, watching her bite her lip so hard, I was sure she might draw blood while her pussy quaked and twitched around me.

This was it. In this moment, she was completely and totally mine. As I continued to work her body up and down over mine, my biceps strained and my heart beat hard and fast. When I brought my mouth to hers, our tongues collided, and the intensity of the moment finally caught up with us.

Her body clenched around me, squeezing me to the point of pain before she collapsed onto my chest. I felt wave after wave of her searing ecstasy as she rode me.

She took everything I had to give and more, and when I knew she was in the final moment of her release, I joined her, holding my breath and loving every second of the sweet relief that flooded my body. My cock jerked and bucked, hot liquid spurting in jets as I quaked beneath her.

It was over in a matter of minutes, and me?

All I could think of was when we could do it again. Because I was crazy in love with Emma Bell.

Chapter Thirty-One


“Thanks for doing this,” Cooper said, pulling open the door for me to enter ahead of him.

The furniture store was a thirty-minute drive from the city, and during it, Cooper and I managed to talk about anything but Gavin. I was immensely proud of myself because if I allowed my brain to go there, all I’d be able to think about was the incredibly hot way he took me in the library the other day.

“Of course,” I said, taking in the beautiful surroundings. The store specialized in outdoor furniture, and Cooper had pleaded with me, saying he wanted to redecorate his balcony and needed a woman’s touch. Naturally, I’d been game to come along.

We wandered through the store for a moment, getting our bearings.

“This is nice,” Cooper said, leaning over a sleek concrete bar top with built-in stools. It was so masculine and oversized. Honestly, the thing was hideous.

Taking his arm, I steered him away from it. “First, we need to determine what your goals are for the space.”

His eyebrows jerked up. “My goals?”

“Yes.” I wandered toward a cluster of outdoor sofas. “Like how you envision using your balcony.”

Cooper’s gaze turned thoughtful. He sank onto one of the plush conversation sets, and I sat next to him. “Honestly, someplace to just chill. Something comfortable where I can unwind.”

“Maybe somewhere to entertain a special lady friend?” I winked at him.

“Sure. A cool date spot. That’s a good idea. And someplace I can hang out with my brothers on the weekend with some cocktails.”

I nodded. “How about this?” I pointed to a sectional sofa in slate gray.

He considered it, wandering over and sinking down onto the cushions. “This is perfect.”

And it was. It was large enough to accommodate him and his brothers, and sleek and modern enough to look handsome on his balcony.

Next, we selected a coffee table, a steel drum that could be used as an end table, and an iron-and-glass bar cart.

“How about a rug?” I asked, stopping in front of a selection of outdoor rugs.

“Whatever you think.”

“Something soft underfoot would be nice. It would define the space under the sectional.” After looking through the choices, I selected a cream-colored chunky knit rug that looked sturdy but still felt cozy.

“Perfect. Thanks for doing this, Emma.” Cooper’s gaze met mine, and I could tell he was genuinely grateful.

“Now comes the fun part. We get to accessorize.”

Cooper chuckled at me. “I didn’t know my balcony needed accessories.”

“Of course it does. Good thing you have me.” As I said it, I instantly felt bad. The truth was, Cooper didn’t have me. He didn’t have anyone. He was a sweet guy and deserved someone special, and I couldn’t help but wonder if at one time, he’d thought that person might be me.

Pushing those thoughts from my brain, I helped him select a few things that would make the space feel cozy—a potted plant, a couple of large lanterns and candles, and several accent pillows in a soft pattern of cream, mustard yellow, and slate gray to tie the space together.

We hauled everything to the front of the store where Cooper handed over his credit card without even bothering to look at any of the price tags. Must be nice.

After our shopping spree, Cooper loaded up his SUV, and we set off back toward the city.

“You want to grab something to eat before I drop you off?” he asked.

“I’m sorry, I can’t. I have plans after this.”

“With Gavin?”

We’d successfully avoided mentioning his name all day, but now that we had, it was as if a floodgate of emotion had been unleashed inside me. Butterflies danced inside my belly, and nervous anticipation about seeing Gavin again washed over me. We were growing closer than ever, and though I didn’t know what our future held, I was holding out hope that he could finally commit to a real relationship.

“No, actually. My friend Bethany is coming over later.” I grabbed my phone from my purse to see if she’d texted me yet. Nothing.

“How are things, um, going?” Cooper cleared his throat and gripped the steering wheel tighter. “With Gavin, I mean,” he forced out.

Peering straight ahead, I clasped my hands in my lap. “Things have been . . . progressing.”

Cooper’s hands tightened further still. “That’s good, right?”

I let out a sharp breath. “Yes, but sometimes I still feel so unsure about us. Sometimes knowing how he truly feels is still a mystery to me.”

Cooper nodded. “Totally get that. Gavin’s guarded with his emotions. He always has been. Shit, I think I remember having this same conversation with Ashley, and that was years ago. He hasn’t evolved very much, I’m afraid.”

“Ashley?” I didn’t know Gavin even had an ex, didn’t think he’d ever been in a serious relationship.

“Sorry. I figured he would have mentioned her in all the time you guys have been spending together lately. Forget I said anything; it’s not my place to tell you that story.”

“But she’s an ex-girlfriend?”

He nodded again. “She was.

“Was it a messy breakup?”

Cooper paused, and the tension in the air seemed to increase exponentially. “No, actually. She passed away a couple of years ago. Unexpectedly.”

My stomach twisted into a hard knot.


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