The elevator doors opened to an atrium with skylights that I was sure were beautiful during the day, but tonight they were almost eerie, revealing midnight-blue sky and the soft glow of the moon up above.

Gavin stopped in front of a large pale gray door, the only one in the atrium, and entered his code until I heard the lock click.

“I’m surprised it’s not the penthouse.”

“That’s a bunch of overpriced nonsense. I have the entire floor to myself. I do have some limits, pet.” His mouth pulled into a smirk that made my belly flip.

His home was immaculate. A kitchen greeted us first, outfitted with black granite, chrome fixtures, and gray cabinetry that looked so high-end, I was afraid to touch anything. Next, we passed by a formal living room and dining room that I wondered if he ever used. Soft gray silk drapes hung from the ceiling, framing huge picture windows that overlooked an impressive cityscape.

Gavin led me deeper into his apartment, past well-appointed furniture and art. Apparently, he wasn’t kidding about owning the entire fifteenth floor of the building. He stopped in a cozy den with an oversized sofa, a worn leather ottoman, and a flat-screen TV mounted to the wall above a gas fireplace. A side table was strewn with magazines like The Economist and Architectural Digest, along with his laptop.

Part of me wondered if this was where he spent his evenings—the hum of the TV in the background while he worked on his laptop until exhaustion overtook him and he wandered alone to his bedroom. Then again, why did I assume he was alone? He was young, wealthy, and strikingly handsome. He probably had a harem of women available at his beck and call.

All this time I’d assumed I was the only one, but perhaps that was foolish. A weight settled in the pit of my stomach.

“It’s a beautiful place,” I murmured absently.

Gavin continued past the den, hardly acknowledging my compliment. “I had it remodeled, gutted to the studs, before I moved in last year.”

“Did you pick everything yourself?”

He nodded. “Mostly. Sonja helped too.”

The woman I’d met at his office. I briefly wondered if she had a crush on him. Then again, how could she not?

“A guest room.” Gavin pointed to a door on our left as he led me down a hallway. “There’s a loft upstairs with a media room.”

“You have a theater?”

He nodded, smiling at me. “Would you like to come over and watch a movie sometime?”

“I would love to.” Somehow, I couldn’t picture myself sharing a bowl of popcorn with him while a silly comedy played in the background.

Gavin pressed on, continuing the tour. “Guest bath.”


“And the master suite.” He stopped at the threshold. I guessed that this was it—the tour was over.

“Can I see?” I tried peeking around his shoulder, but the room was concealed in utter darkness.

“Where I sleep?”

I nodded.

His lips quirked up just a fraction. He was waiting for this moment. Apparently, he wanted me to be the one to ask, to give him permission for whatever was about to happen in this room.

He flipped on a small lamp on his dresser as we entered, and my eyes took a moment to adjust. It looked like a high-end hotel room.

A large iron-framed bed dressed in fluffy gray bedding was positioned between two round side tables that each held sparkling crystal lamps. A chaise lounge sat beneath the window, its velvety charcoal upholstery soft and inviting. A door led beyond to his closet and a large bathroom. It was elegant and masculine, perfectly fitting for him.

“Are you . . . seeing anyone else?” The words popped out, sounding immature and childish, even to my own ears.

His mouth tilted into a smile. “You want to know if I’m fucking someone else. Is that it, Emma?”

Biting my lower lip, I nodded.

Gavin turned to face me, taking my face in his hands. “No. I’m not. Are you?” His eyes met mine, and I could tell that my answer to this question mattered greatly to him.

“No.” It was the complete truth. There was no one else but him.

“Undress,” he demanded.

After a moment’s hesitation, I shed my blouse and pencil skirt. With a flick of his wrist, my bra came next.

My hands moved to the hips of my panties, and I moved to pull them down until Gavin stopped me.

“Leave the panties. I want to take those off myself.”

I paused, weighing his words.

“Good girl,” he said, taking my breasts into his hands and sending my heart spiraling.

Letting my eyes close briefly, I steeled myself and my strength for what was to come.

Then his mouth crashed urgently against mine. Fiery sparks exploded beneath my closed eyes, and in that moment, I would have given him anything he asked for.

He kissed my lips, then trailed hot kisses down my neck while I rubbed my pelvis against his. His arousal felt so big and so hard, it could have been a baseball bat.

“Gavin . . .” The groan ripped from my throat as raw need raced through me. I clung to his powerful shoulders for support as the urgency of my need made me dizzy.

“Open my pants, Emma.”

I obeyed at once, pulling down the zipper to his gray trousers and letting the weight of his belt pull them to his knees.

“Touch me,” he commanded, his voice filled with more need than I’d ever heard before.

I brought my palm to his shaft and stroked the length of it, savoring the velvety feel of his hot skin.

“Use both hands.”

Fisting him in both hands, I pumped up and down more firmly this time.

“There,” he said, his voice controlled and measured. “Like that.”

He pushed my panties down my thighs, and they fell to my ankles.

While my hands continued to work his large shaft up and down, Gavin placed his index finger in my mouth. Once I had wet it with my tongue, sucking lightly, he brought his hand between my legs, rubbing my own saliva on the sensitive bundle of nerves with feather-light touches, teasing me until I was moaning and rocking my hips toward his hand.

As we remained rooted to the center of the bedroom, I couldn’t help but wonder if we’d lie together in his bed. Surely, he didn’t mean for us to have sex right here on the floor.

“On your knees, pet.”

Sinking to my knees on the plush carpeting before him, I waited, my eyes watching Gavin’s.

He pumped himself in long, lazy strokes, watching me with a dark, lust-filled gaze. Then he placed the broad head of his cock against my lips.

“Open for me.”

I obeyed. My mouth created a warm, wet suction over his flared head, and I could feel his eyes on me, watching, surveying my work.

Licking and sucking against him, my mouth made obscene noises, and occasionally I’d let out a little moan. Gavin stayed still and quiet. Ever controlled, ever calm.

Pleasuring him felt like a gift, a privilege. He’d made me work to earn his trust, always holding a part of himself back, and now, here in his bedroom, he was more mine than he’d ever been before.

Gavin’s large palms on either side of my face forced my mouth deeper onto his cock. “All of it.”

“So bossy,” I murmured around a mouthful of cock.

“You like it.”

He was right. It was almost as if I couldn’t become aroused without his barking commands. Poor Cooper never stood a chance. Dear God, why was I thinking about Cooper while Gavin’s cock was halfway down my throat? I was pretty sure I needed therapy. But then Gavin surged forward, pushing past my gag reflex, and all thoughts of the younger Kingsley were forgotten.

Forcing a breath through my nose, I relaxed my throat. I was aroused, slightly alarmed. And a whole lot turned on.

Gavin was so patient, too much so, while I felt ready to combust.

“Good girl,” he said. “Love the way you suck me off.”

Just when I began to wonder if this was the only thing on this evening’s agenda, Gavin pulled me to my feet, his hot erection pulsing between us.

“Turn around.” His voice was raw, urgent.

I faced the bed and Gavin pressed his chest against my back, the wall of firm muscle guiding me to the edge of the mattress where I bent forward, resting my upper body on the bed while he loomed over me.


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