“Damn.” He fought to catch his breath and rolled over.

“You can say that again.” Propping up on one elbow, Izzy turned to face him with satisfaction written all over her face.

Damn, damn, damn.  He couldn’t believe they’d just had sex. No, made love. What they’d just shared was more than sex. And since when had he started thinking of sex in those terms?

Despite the heat flowing through him, a dose of apprehension found its way to the forefront of his brain. After tonight, if she ever found out the real reason he was in Coconut Bay, she’d never forgive him. So he planned to make damn sure that never happened.

Izzy snuggled closer to him and seconds later, her steady breathing was the only sound penetrating the quiet room. In her sleep she threw a leg over his lower body. Normally he needed a few minutes to regroup, but his cock—which had been at half mast—was already growing again. He groaned and shifted against the tangled sheets. If she didn’t wake up soon, he was in for a long, painful night.

Bright headlights suddenly appeared in his rearview mirror. The vehicle started gaining on him. He tightened his hands around the steering wheel of the truck he’d stolen. He’d been so careful about taking the girls, about wearing gloves, about everything. He checked the speed limit. Not speeding.

Slowly, he reached over with his right hand and clasped his revolver. He preferred to use a knife on his victims but he always carried backup.

As he slid the weapon into his lap, the other vehicle sped up and zoomed around him.

He pushed out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. No one knew who he was. He was still safe. Still smarter than everyone.

When he neared his destination, he grinned to himself. Leaving this bitch’s body at this particular park was perfect. It was less than half a mile from the police station. He’d checked out the park earlier and there were no video cameras on the east side. Still, he pulled his ball cap low as he put the truck in park.

It was early. Way too early for anyone to be up. Right before sunrise. He quickly removed the tarp from the young woman’s body. She shivered but didn’t open her eyes. Well, eye. One was swollen shut.

She’d been a fighter even when she’d been blindfolded. Lowering the drug dosage and adding the blindfold had been an experiment. It had been interesting. He’d immensely enjoyed pounding his fists against her soft flesh but he still preferred his women docile when he fucked them. Unlike the last whore he’d taken, he’d been able to finish with this one.

Grabbing her ankles, he dragged her toward the end of the bed of the truck. For a moment he cupped her cheek. She flinched but still didn’t open her eyes.

He tested her pulse. He could barely feel it.

Wrapping his hands around her neck, he thought about what it would be like to squeeze the life from her. He increased the pressure but her eyes remained closed. Not even a flicker of awareness now.


He loosened his grip. When he finally took that next step, he wanted to see the life drain from his victim’s eyes. Sighing, he scooped her up and trekked toward the merry-go-round. It squeaked as he dumped her naked body on it.

Grabbing one of the bars, he spun it before walking away. It wouldn’t be long before someone found her. He was almost done in Coconut Bay. That little tease, Andrea, wouldn’t get away from him and neither would that interfering bitch Isabelle.

Andrea would be easy to take. He’d been watching her long enough. She might be hiding out at her place right now, but she’d let her guard down soon. Hell, she had to leave if she wanted to go to school. That left the tall bartender. Once he got her alone, it was over for her.

Chapter Five

Izzy opened her eyes and smiled against Adam’s muscular chest. She knew it was real, but she couldn’t believe last night had actually happened and that he was in her bed. Tall, sexy-as-sin Adam was stretched out beneath her in all his male glory looking good enough to eat.

The thin sheet covering their bodies didn’t cover much. If anything, it looked like he was… She lifted her head. Damn, he was hard.

“You finally awake?” he growled, his deep voice enveloping her.

She turned her head to meet his smoky gaze.

“How long have you been awake?”

“Too long.” The words came out hoarse and uneven.

“Is that right?” She raked a teasing hand down his chest.

In response, his jaw twitched. Smiling, she reached under the sheet and grasped his cock. His neck muscles corded, and his entire body seemed to tense under her light touch.

“You’re a machine.”

“I don’t hear you complaining,” he said before his mouth hungrily captured hers. Their tongues danced and clashed with surprising need. She couldn’t ever remember feeling this intense physical pull toward anyone. Sex had always been just that. Sex.  Something she enjoyed but could live without. Now a raw, primal hunger burned in her belly as Adam caressed her body.

When his head dipped to one of her breasts, she kicked the sheet off so she could see what he was doing to her. He took his time, circling her areola until it puckered into a tight bud. From this angle she had a perfect view of one of the tattoos on his back. It was a skull with two rifles crossing behind it. She wasn’t sure, but if the USMC tattoo on his arm was any indication, she guessed that one was a Marine Corps tattoo, as well. Normally she didn’t like tattoos but on him, they were incredibly sexy. She wanted to run her fingers and mouth all over them.

Sunlight streamed into the room through the blinds, illuminating the bed in small ribbons of light. She hissed when he sucked hard on one of her nipples, taking it fully into his mouth.

Her breasts were fairly small, something she’d always been self-conscious about before. Not now. Adam made her feel special, treasured almost. When he stared at her naked body he practically worshipped her with his eyes.

Reaching between them, she fisted her hand around his hard length and squeezed. He moaned, and the small sound reverberated against her sensitive breast. She loved what he was doing to her, but she suddenly needed to taste him.

“Adam,” she murmured and pushed at his shoulder with her other hand.

He lifted his head after a few seconds.

“Get on your back.” Her words were a subtle order.

He paused, as if taking orders was a foreign thing. Which it probably was. Everything about Adam was dominant. He was definitely all man.

But this morning, he was going to do what she said.

When she had him underneath her, she straddled his waist and rubbed the folds of her sex over his length, but didn’t let him penetrate her.

He didn’t have a condom on yet anyway and she planned to tease him. She was so wet it was almost embarrassing.

She traced her fingers down his chest and abdomen, savoring the feel of his taut skin. His muscles tightened underneath her fingers.

“Are you trying to kill me?” he muttered.

Grinning, she shimmied down until she was kneeling between his legs. She ran her hands up his muscular thighs and dug her fingers into his skin. Not hard but she wanted to feel him strain against her. Undeniable energy hummed through him.

His cock bobbed in front of her, begging to be kissed. When she leaned over it, his hips jerked.

Grinning, she met his gaze while she fisted the base of his cock. The length was impressive, but it was his width that had her feeling sore and stretched this morning.

Last night had been everything she’d fantasized about and more. He would be leaving soon and she wanted to get her fill of him.

Adam watched as Izzy grasped the base of his cock. He nearly came undone as her slim fingers wrapped around him and squeezed. When she bent to take him in her mouth, her dark hair fell around his waist, creating a curtain.

Her perfect pink tongue tentatively licked the head of his cock, circling the mushroom cap in teasing strokes. Normally he didn’t like to give up control in the bedroom but for Izzy and for this, he had no problem letting her take the reins.

In a surprising move, she leaned down farther and sucked him all the way in her mouth. There was no way she could completely take his length, but she was damn close. As she started to stroke him, she lightly scraped her teeth over his head.

His entire body jolted at the unexpected contact. She continued using her hand to stroke him as she sucked and licked. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he came and he desperately wanted to be inside her.

Adam threaded his fingers through her hair and tugged her head up. As if she completely understood, she leaned over and grabbed a condom from the dresser.

With shaking hands, Adam plucked it from her hand and ripped it open. His cock felt like a club between his legs and it had only one thought. To be inside Izzy. After he sheathed himself, he grabbed her hips and flipped her on her back.

This wasn’t going to be sweet and gentle.

Earlier when she’d been teasing him, he’d felt her damp pussy rub over him but he wanted to make sure she was ready for him. He slid one finger inside her. When he pulled his hand away, he was covered in her juices.

With a hard stroke, he pummeled into her as if it was his last day on earth.

Something deep inside him wanted to claim her. Wanted to let the entire world know she was his. He’d never experienced something so primal and he wasn’t sure what to do with those feelings.

He could feel her vagina drawing tighter around him. It wouldn’t be much longer. The woman was so receptive to his every touch, it amazed him. She was like a stick of dynamite. All he had to do was touch her and she practically exploded.

As she reached around him and dug her fingers into his backside, he bit back what little self- control he had to keep from coming. His balls pulled up painfully tight with need.

Bending down farther, he slanted his mouth over hers and tasted her. When she groaned into his mouth and sunk her fingers deep into his skin, he let go of his control.

She didn’t have to tell him she was coming.

Her body spoke volumes. As her vagina began milking him in rapid contractions, he could actually feel her orgasm wash over him as they found their release together. It was the most unique thing he’d experienced.