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But those nightmares and horrors had no hold on him when Jordana’s lips were warm and questing on his skin. All he knew was the ecstasy of her mouth and his yearning for everything she would give him.

Nathan growled with pleasure, his cock straining with unbearable demand. He brought his arms around her and urged her up to his mouth once more, leaning back onto the desk as he took her in a scorchingly deep kiss.

Her skin was hot beneath his palms, her bare back like velvet under his fingertips. She moved against him as their tongues tangled together, their bodies creating a friction that drove him swiftly to the edge of his need.

He moaned as his cock surged against the warmth of her abdomen. Greedy for more, he smoothed his hands down over her dress and onto her ass. Gripping her firmly, he ground deeper into her heat, angling his pelvis to meet every sinuous movement of her body.

It was torture, plain and simple. All it did was ratchet him tighter, harder.

Made the tether of his self-control stretch taut, near to breaking.

If they didn’t stop soon, nothing was going to keep him from taking her right there on the desk. Shit, he was already past that point of no return. And if anyone from the party had the bad judgment to come looking for Jordana—if anyone walked in on them now or in the next few minutes—he wasn’t sure he’d be able to reel in his urge to kill.

“Christ, you feel good, Jordana,” he muttered through gritted teeth and fangs. “Just the sight of you makes me wild to fuck you. To feel you on me like this, knowing how sweet your body is going to be when I get you naked and drive into you—” He sucked in a sharp breath and moved against her in a more fervent rhythm, astonished that their combined heat didn’t incinerate their clothing. He stared into her eyes, the dim light from of his transformed irises gilding her in an ember glow. “If you think you can tease me like this then walk away, you’ve got a hard lesson coming.”

A snarl rumbled out of him as she drew out of his embrace to stand between his legs. “Who says I’m teasing?”

Her mouth was kiss-bruised and glossy, her eyelids heavy over the now dusky blue of her eyes. Without further words, she reached for his hand and urged him to his feet. He stood, breath caught in his lungs as she began to unfasten his belt. It jangled softly as it fell loose, the only other sound besides her soft, shallow panting as she undid the button on his pants, then let down the zipper.

Her hand slipped inside, cupped his rigid shaft. Nathan hissed, steeling himself to the bliss of her gentle touch.

He’d been raised not to require touch or comfort, feeling or emotion … least of all pleasure. He had been brutally conditioned to reject all these things, and so he had.

But he’d never known Jordana’s touch. He’d never known her kiss, or how silky and hot—how utterly perfect—it could feel to lose himself in the one woman he wanted above all others.

The only one he would ever want again.

Jordana stroked him briefly, catching her lower lip between her teeth as she palmed the head of his cock, smoothing the bead of slick moisture along his length. He groaned when she released him, but then her hands went to the slack waistband of his opened pants and his throat suddenly went dry.

With her gaze locked on his, she freed him in agonizing increments, until the fabric slid down his legs to pool at his feet. His cock jutted out, thick and heavy, dripping with need. The glyphs that encircled its base and tracked onto his shaft throbbed with furious hues of darkest indigo and bloodred wine, the colors of extreme desire.

Jordana stepped forward and wrapped her hand around his nape, dragged him down for another deep, unhurried kiss. He obliged, parting his lips to let her in, savoring the sweetness of her tongue and the hunger of her mouth.

His heart was hammering, his fangs filling his mouth by the time she released him. Jordana ran her fingers along the underside of his swollen shaft, wringing a hiss from him as she squeezed the head and slicked him with his own juices.

“Fuck,” he whispered raggedly. Her touch would be the death of him. A death he’d gladly welcome.

Through blazing eyes, he watched her lower her head and place tender kisses across his chest. She stroked him some more, then began a downward trail of warm, wet heat with her mouth.

“Ah, fuck,” he snarled again, incapable of anything more.

Her lips and tongue skimmed down his abdomen, over every hard ridge and muscle, along one path of churning dermaglyphs to another. Sensation electrified him, left him shuddering with fevered anticipation. All centered on her.

He speared his fingers into her pale blond hair, needing something to hold on to as she slowly sank to her knees before him.

She tilted her head and gazed up at him, her dusky blue eyes holding his searing amber gaze as she moved forward and took him into her mouth.

“Jordana … holy fuck,” he rasped out savagely as her lips and tongue closed around his cock.


JORDANA HAD NEVER FELT MORE AROUSED, OR MORE ALIVE, THAN in that moment as she watched Nathan’s pleasure mount while she suckled him deep into her mouth.

He dropped his head back on his shoulders and moaned, his muscled thighs braced apart and trembling as she worked her lips and tongue along the entire delicious length of him. His fingers lightly caressed her skull where they’d sunk deep into her hair, his broad palm curved along the back of her head as she took him deeper with each stroke of her mouth.

With the slightest change of tempo or flick of her tongue, she quickly learned how to make him growl in sensual agony or shudder in passion.

Nathan, the lethal warrior. The remote, unreadable Hunter. The Breed male who so easily assumed the lead in any situation, who dominated in everything he did.

The solitary man who’d stormed into her world and changed everything.

Changed her.

Here and now, Jordana had absolute control over him, and something about that knowledge made her feel both humbled and drunk with power.

She held him in her hands, stroking his velvety shaft as she drew him deeper into her mouth. He gasped as she leaned in and took all of him, hissed when she slowly withdrew all the way to the smooth, plum-shaped crown.

“You taste good,” she murmured, running the tip of her tongue through the hot, silky fluid that coated the engorged head of his cock. His hips bucked when she enveloped him in her mouth again. His curse was raw, ragged, as she abraded him lightly with her teeth. She smiled, pleased with this newfound power. “You taste good enough to eat.”

“Damn, Jordana,” he bit off harshly, his already visible fangs elongating like bone-white daggers behind his parted lips as she sucked him even harder. “Gonna make me fucking lose it …”

His voice was gravel, little more than a coarse rumble in his throat. Just hearing him so close to the edge made wet heat boil in her core.

He grunted, his pelvis knocking forward in a spasm she knew he couldn’t control. “Christ, that sweet mouth of yours …”

She moaned around his girth, thrilling in his response and taking far too much satisfaction in the torment she was delivering.

As she rode his length with her mouth, he clutched at her, tremors raking his immense body. His gorgeous face became something darker, otherworldly. His stormy eyes went volcanic, nothing but pools of amber swallowing up the catlike slits of his pupils.

His full lips peeled back on a feral snarl, his angular cheekbones sharpening to bladelike slashes as he stared down at her. His pulse drummed against her tongue and the roof of her mouth as he slid in and out of her lips, making her own heartbeat spike into the same hard tempo. Between her legs, she was drenched, aching to be filled.

Fueled by her own rising need, she dragged his cock deep, suckled him mercilessly, until at last he tore her away from him on a strangled growl.

No words, no gentle touches. He grabbed her under the arms and lifted her to her feet. Spun her around in front of him, then put one strong hand around the back of her neck and pressed her facedown onto the desk.

It was a primal move, his fingers like heated iron against her nape. With a low growl, he put his bare thigh between her legs, nudged them wider apart.

Jordana couldn’t move, even if she wanted to.

She’d pushed him to the brink, but now he was back in control. And she could hardly breathe for how totally that turned her on.

Nathan held her down with one hand, while his other lifted the skirt of her dress up over her backside. She knew the precise moment when he saw her skimpy black thong. He stilled, sucked in a short gust of air.

“So pretty,” he rasped thickly. His fingers skimmed up the inside of her legs, to where her soaked crotch throbbed.

He brushed her sensitive flesh, then she felt the thin excuse for underwear pull tight in his grasp. It snapped and fell away.

“Mm,” Nathan grunted. “That’s even better.”

She trembled, every nerve ending lit up with anticipation. Outside her office window, shadows passed by the closed blinds as people strolled through the museum, conversations muffled, but not entirely muted, by the walls and glass.

Nathan’s hand slid between her drenched folds. He penetrated her slowly, his fingers caressing the inside of her walls and wringing a strangled cry from the back of her throat. She wanted more. Needed more. Had to have all of him now.

“Should I make you scream when you come for me, Jordana?” Nathan’s voice was a low murmur behind her, his breath fanning hotly across her naked spine as he leaned over her prone body.

His mouth came down between her shoulder blades. She shivered, then panted softly as his open lips and tongue followed the shallow valley of her spine.

“Yeah, maybe I should make you scream for me,” he uttered against her skin. “I want every male in this building to know that you belong to me. Only me.”

She moaned, ready to give him anything he demanded if only to ease the fierce ache roiling within her. He stroked her until she was squirming helplessly, her lip caught tightly in her teeth to bite back the sounds of her pleasure and her need.

Each wicked thrust of his fingers made her arch to receive more, her body totally exposed to him, her sex inflamed, juices trickling along her cleft.

“So greedy,” he admonished, dark amusement in his voice.

“Nathan,” she gasped as he teased her swollen petals, making her legs quake beneath her. “Please …”

“Stay there,” he commanded. “Stay just like that.”

He moved off her, leaving chill air in his wake. But then she felt his bulky shoulders between her parted thighs. Felt his breath rush against her wet core in the instant before he buried his face in her sex. Heat blasted her as he licked a slow, fiery trail from her clit to her ass.

“Oh, God.” Jordana’s voice was threadbare, choked with pleasure as he cleaved her slit with his tongue. She had no voice at all when he returned to the pulsing little nub and suckled it ruthlessly, the quivering seam of her body pressed tight to his face with nowhere to escape.

Not that she wanted to. There wasn’t anywhere else she’d rather be. The world could go on without her on the other side of her office walls. Everything could float away and she’d be happy, so long as Nathan didn’t stop touching her, tasting her, making her mad with pleasure.

She started to come, orgasm roaring up on her in a powerful wave of sensation.

“Not yet,” Nathan ordered her, nipping her just enough to bring her back to earth.

He kissed her shamelessly, relentlessly, until her bones felt liquefied and her blood seemed made of lava. Only then did he release her, rising to his feet behind her. The head of his cock was a blunt, demanding presence in the slickness at her core.

“You’re mine,” Nathan growled savagely. “I can’t stay away from you. Fuck, Jordana … I will never have enough of you.”

And with that, he thrust deep, impaling her to the hilt.

Nathan couldn’t slow down and sure as hell couldn’t stop. He couldn’t curb the ferocious need that wracked him as he pumped hard and deep into Jordana’s slick, tight sheath.

He couldn’t hold back the primal drum of his pulse, his blood running hot and molten through his veins.

She was his.

No one could tell him otherwise. No plea or command or lethal threat would change how he felt about her.

Jordana belonged to him.

Her body, her pleasure, her heart. Maybe one day, her blood bond.

Just the thought of taking her vein as he claimed her body made his fangs erupt farther from his gums. The recollection of her bloodscent, that ethereal, delicately elusive mix of citrus and spice, made his mouth water with the thirst to make her his in the one way no worldly force could ever break.

But not here.

Not like this.

He’d already taken more than he deserved from her.

She had driven him to the razor’s edge of his control tonight, but he still had some sanity left.

Admittedly, too damned little, when she looked so sexy for him tonight and tasted so sweet. When she felt so incredibly perfect as he held her pinned beneath him and crashed into her welcoming heat with an abandon he’d never known.

All he knew in that moment was her. She consumed his senses, obliterating everything but the pleasure of their joining, the erotic sounds of their bodies moving together in slick and frenzied rhythm.

He wasn’t going to last long.

Each thrust of his hips sent him deeper, jolted him further away from reason and control and discipline. His veins were lit up, sizzling. Tension coiled deep inside him, pressure that turned every tendon and sinew to the breaking point. His cock had never been harder, ready to explode.

“Come for me now, Jordana,” he muttered fiercely beside her head as he leaned forward and angled himself even tighter into the milking tightness of her womb. “I want to feel it. I need to feel it right now.”


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