“Undo my pants.”


“Right now.”

Oh wow. Even though she’d been waiting to get her hands on him forever, AJ’s hands shook as she unbuckled his belt. She fumbled with the top button of his jeans.

After several frustrating attempts, she pressed her forehead to his chest, feeling embarrassed, feeling…virginal. “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“Hey now, you’re doin’ fine.”

She chanced a look at him. God, he was gorgeous. His rugged face defined masculine ferocity—the hard angular edge of his jaw, and his jagged cheekbones. His blue eyes burned indigo with lust. His goatee and mustache was the perfect frame for his perfectly kissable full lips. She wanted him so much. How could she prove it? “Kiss me.”

He pecked her on the forehead. “I plan to spend hours kissin’ you, but I wanna see the look on your face when you see my cock for the first time.”

Heat flooded AJ’s cheeks.

“Ah, you are so goddamn sweet when you blush like that. It’s sexy as hell.”

Buoyed by his enthusiasm, she reached for the tab on his zipper and tugged it down.

Her palm brushed the firm lump off to the left. She stroked it, amazed she could feel heat through the denim.

Cord sucked in a harsh breath.

AJ wrenched his pants legs until the jeans were down around his knees, leaving him in his navy blue boxer briefs. She grinned. “I expected Superman underwear like Ky’s.”

“The man of steel ain’t got nothin’ on me right now.”

“Sort of looks that way.” She slipped her fingers under the elastic band and stopped.

“Take off your T-shirt first.”


“I wanna see you mostly naked.”

“Remember you said that when my turn comes around.” Cord whipped the navy cotton over his head and chucked it on the floor.

Her eyes bugged out. “No wonder you always wear a shirt. Keeps the bulls from chasin’ after you as well as the lovesick sows. Lord. I could just eat you up.” AJ pressed a kiss above the brown nipple, then rubbed her lips over that smooth, warm flesh, amazed by how fast it puckered.

Rough male hands curled over her cheeks. “Focus, AJ.”

“You saying the only part of you I can touch is your…?”

One dark eyebrow winged up. “My what?”

“Your…you know.”

“Say the word, baby doll. You’re gonna be handlin’ it soon enough.”

“Your cock.” When he pulled his underwear to his knees her eyes bugged out again.


Cord didn’t say a word. He just watched her.

AJ ran her finger up the pulsing vein from root to tip. She drew circles on the purplish head and the whole shaft jerked against his flat belly. A bead of clear liquid covered the slit. She wrapped her hand around the girth and squeezed. Hard, not unlike steel, but smooth. And hot. Heat singed her palm, zinging from his cock right to her core as if an electric current flowed between them. She moved her fist down to the thick base and back to the top.

He hissed.

She looked up at him.

“Jesus. You should see your eyes.”

“Do they look scared? I don’t know how to tell you this, Cord, but I don’t think this is gonna fit in me.”

He laughed softly. “Oh, it’ll fit. It’ll be the perfect fit, trust me.”

AJ released him, letting her fingers lightly trace the length from tip to root. Touching him was making her wet and squirmy. She reached down to feel his balls. “Are they always this hard and tight?”

“Only when I’m about to blow.”

She wanted to see him blow. “Show me how to make you do that.”

“With pleasure.” Cord kissed her first, encouraging her to keep touching him by kissing her harder when she did something he liked. Then he broke his mouth free, reaching along the countertop for a bottle of olive oil and uncapped it. “Hold out your hand.” He dribbled a few drops on her palm. “Saliva is a better lubricant, but this’ll do.”

Another wave of heat blasted her as she imagined tasting him, feeling the velvety skin of that stiff rod sliding between her lips and across her tongue.

“You’re killin’ me. You wanna know what it’ll be like to have my cock in your mouth, don’t you?”

“Is that bad?”

“Hell no.”

AJ gripped the base of his shaft and stroked up with her whole hand. “Tell me what to do.”

“You’re doin’ it. Go a little faster. Yeah. Like that. Don’t squeeze too hard unless you’re tryin’ to keep me from comin’.”

“Umm. Why would I want to do that?”

“You don’t. Not this time anyway. Keep it a steady pace until I tell you to move faster. Sweep your thumb over the spot below the slit.”

“This spot?” She rubbed back and forth over the spot where the cockhead split into the shaft.

“Baby doll, that feels good.”

What a heady sense of power; her hand could make him whimper. Could make him thrust his hips at her for more. Why, she could probably make this big bad cowboy…beg.

Ooh and she’d take such pride in cracking his tough-guy mask.

“Gimme that mouth,” he growled, swooping down to inhale her in a sizzling meeting of lips and tongues.

Somehow she kept a uniform rhythm as he scrambled her brain with his tongue-tangling kiss until he groaned.

“Faster.” Cord tipped his head back. “More. Like that. Jesus. Don’t stop.”

AJ alternated between watching his face and her hand.

“Here it comes.”

His cock spasmed and thick creamy liquid streamed out, landing on his belly. He arched his neck, losing himself in the moment. His fingers gripped the counter behind him until his knuckles turned white as the last spurts flowed over her hand.

She thought she might be embarrassed by the nitty gritty bodily functions of sex. But she was awestruck by the primal need his climax had brought out in her.

Cord opened his eyes. “You okay?”


“You can let go of my dick now.”

“I don’t want to.” AJ squeezed his shaft and he hissed again. “You’re still hard. I want you to teach me some more. Show me some more. God, Cord, show me everything.”


“We have time. Please. I have this ache low in my—”

His mouth slammed down on hers. He kissed her until she was woozy. “Clothes. Off.


Her tank top hit the floor. AJ unhooked her bra, kicked her boots away, slid out of her jeans and panties.

Cord was as naked as she was when he reached for her. Then they were on the floor with Cord on top.

Oh yes, this was what she wanted, his need as escalated as hers. That heady give-it-to-me-now sensation of lust.

As his hungry mouth suckled her right breast, his hand swept over her mound and he thrust two fingers inside her pussy.

A low groan rumbled from him and vibrated against her chest. “You’re so ready.”

“Then put it in me.”


“Cord. Please.”

“No. I will get you off, but I am not makin’ love to you for the first time on the goddamn kitchen floor, AJ. You’ve waited this long, you can wait another damn day.”

“Do something!”

He pinned her hands above her head. “Spread your legs.”

The second she was in place, he dragged his cock from the root to the tip down her cleft, keeping constant friction on her clit.

“Oh. Yes.”

“Like that? How ’bout this?” He thrust faster.


Cord kissed her as he steadily rocked. And rocked. Sliding. Gliding. Changing the tempo until she was begging without saying a word.

The sensation of his solid weight, his scorching body heat and his seductive mouth, coupled with the exquisite pressure between her legs, overwhelmed her and she exploded.

When the last pulse in her clit slowed, Cord stilled. His cock jerked against her stomach leaving behind a pool of warmth.

She tried to level her breathing, but it was impossible with two hundred pounds of amorous cowboy squeezing every bit of air from her lungs.

Not that she was complaining.

Cord raised up on his elbows only high enough to suck on her nipples. “Have I mentioned how much I like your tits?” Using his teeth to pull her nipple into a long point, he watched it shrink and repeated the process on the other side. “I could suck on them, play with them, fuck them all day long.”

“How does that work?”

He looked at her. “What?”

“Umm. How would you…”

“Fuck them?” He grinned. “I could tell you, but I’d rather show you.” He smooched her nose. “Once you get goin’ you really ain’t shy at all, are you?”

“No.” AJ trailed her fingers over his chin. “Lord you have a sexy mouth, a sexy everything, Cord McKay. I like the way your facial hair feels on my skin.”

“Think of how good it’s gonna feel rubbin’ between your thighs as I’m kissin’ your sweet spot, baby doll.”

She shivered with want.

“Maybe we oughta get off the floor, huh?” Cord eased back, snatched a kitchen towel and cleaned them up. Neither spoke as they dressed.

As AJ passed the hall mirror she caught sight of her reflection and nearly shrieked.

Tangled hair. Red and puffy lips. Bright eyes. She was an absolute mess.

Cord tugged her away from primping. “You look like a woman should, tousled and sexy, satisfied from good lovin’.”

AJ froze at the word “lovin’”.

Using that word doesn’t mean he loves you.


“Nothing.” Her eyes studied his. “No regrets? You don’t look at me and feel guilty for messing around with the Swiss Miss Instant Cocoa Girl?”


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