“Okay. But I get to sit on your pelvis.”

He grinned. “Deal.”

Cord actually felt his mouth water when AJ stripped off her bright pink tank top and unhooked the plain white cotton bra. He longed to touch those tempting points. To lick.

To suck. To bury his face in those pillowy mounds.

She leaned over to grab the oil and his tongue shot out to swipe across a ripe tip.

“No licking.”

“If I started I doubt you’d make me stop.”

“That’s why you’re not gonna start, Cord McKay. Now hold still.”

“Bossy. You don’t have to do the same on my account. The bouncier the better.”

Although she straddled his pelvis, she didn’t writhe on his groin as she concentrated on massaging his pecs and lats. She spent a long time rubbing the area around his nipples.

Conversation was at standstill. His breathing changed. Her breathing changed. They didn’t look at each other; they just focused on body parts.

After AJ dug her fingertips into his hips, she nonverbally urged him to spread his legs wider. Without commenting on his raging hard-on, she continued to work his quads.

Her breasts swayed so provocatively he clenched his hands into fists to keep from reaching for them.

A soft whip of hair lashed across his distended cock. Cord’s eyes flew open a second before the warm, wet heat of AJ’s mouth enclosed him.

“Christ. What the hell are you doin’, AJ?”

“I must be doing it wrong if you don’t know.” She sucked him deep. And dragged her bottom teeth up the vein before she released him from that velvet warmth.

“But I wasn’t expectin’—”

“I know. That’s why I want to do it. Let me bring you. I want you to come in my mouth. I wanna know what you taste like.”

“Ah. Okay.” Right. Like he could say no to that.

AJ licked and lapped his cock, suckling his engorged cockhead, bringing him higher with every sweeping breath and delicate lick. Her single-minded intentions roused him to a whole different level of pleasure. When she brought her magic hands into play, rolling his balls and stroking the base of his shaft, holding back was a joke. He groaned as his cock emptied on her tongue in short, intense bursts and she swallowed every hot drop.

While he drifted down from her sweet, unselfish loving, she finished his massage and wiped the oil from his body.

Finally, he opened his eyes.

AJ offered him a shy smile.


She scooted up and placed her head on his chest.

He skimmed his fingertips up and down her naked spine. “That was the best massage I ever had.”

“That was the first massage you’ve ever had.”

“True. But that wasn’t the first blowjob I’ve ever gotten and that one was the best too.”


“I wouldn’t lie to you, baby doll. It was fuckin’ amazin’. Come up here and kiss me.”

The tentative movement of her lips and tongue against his as she tried to hold back amused him. Cord knew she liked it when he controlled her mouth, when he urged them a little toward desperation. But the desperation he felt tonight owed nothing to sexual heat.

AJ sensed his mood and placed gentle kisses on every mark Colt left on his face. His stomach churned when he thought back to Colt’s words and actions and the realization his brother was sick and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it. No way he could fix Colt like he’d fix fence. He’d try like hell, but Colt wouldn’t beat this if he couldn’t admit he had a problem. He sighed.

“You thinking about Colt?”


A pause. “It’s late. I should go.”

“Stay. I can put it aside when you’re here. Besides. I haven’t kissed you proper. I need a taste of them sweet, sweet lips.”

She smiled against his throat, nibbled his neck up to his mouth. “Show me a proper kiss, McKay.”

“I wasn’t talkin’ about your mouth, baby doll.”

Her gray eyes widened.

Cord grinned. “Take off them panties and crawl up here.”


“You wanna get your butt slapped?”


“Then slide off those bikinis and pull up your skirt.”

Rather than take off just her panties, AJ stripped off everything. “I didn’t come here for this, Cord.”

“I know. But I’m dyin’ to put my mouth on you because, sweets, I love to watch you come. It’s like you’re getting an unexpected present every damn time.”

AJ blushed.

Cord shifted down on the mattress. “Straddle me. Up on your knees. Grab the headboard.” When she hesitated he urged her closer so he could suck a nipple. “Don’t act all shy on me. I’m gonna make you feel good. You know I can. You know you want it.”

She moved into position. So did Cord. He slid his head between her knees.

“It’s like I’m sitting on your face.”

“And thank God for that. They used to call them mustache rides.”


He laughed. “Angle yourself a little farther back. Hold tight.”

Before his tongue lapped the shiny wetness, before his hands spread her wide for the invasion of his fingers, he simply inhaled her. The sweet scent of AJ’s arousal—like sunshine and cotton. Like home.

He delved his tongue into her tight channel, long strokes as deep as it could reach, as his thumb flicked her clit in the same cadence.

AJ began to whimper immediately.

Cord sensed her orgasm gathering steam and her pussy muscles clenched around his tongue as she went over the edge. He figured the first one would be fast. Kissing a path down the inside of her thigh, he rotated his hands to clutch her ass.


“Again, baby doll. You can go again.”


He smacked her butt hard and she yelped. Leisurely, he licked every spot in her engorged pussy but her clit and blew a cool stream of air across the wetness. Petted the curve of her mound with his chin and cheek, intrigued by the contrast between her pale blondness and the darker tones of his hands on her skin.

When she could take direct contact, he fastened his mouth to her clit and sucked relentlessly, refusing to release that sensitive nub until he felt blood beat against his lips and she cried out his name.

Then she wailed, “Oh-man-oh-man-oh-man. Stop.”

“No. One more. This one will take longer, but it’ll be worth it, I promise. Come on, let me bring you off once more.”


Another spank. “Every time I hear a but, I’m whackin’ yours.”

“But. Crap. That one didn’t count.”

“Yes, it did.” Whack. “I think maybe you like a little ass play.” Cord smoothed his hands over the curvy, hot cheeks. Then he traced the seam of her ass down to her tailbone. “You know I’m gonna want in this ass, AJ.”

She looked down at him. “In. Meaning—what in?”

“My fingers. My tongue. But mostly I wanna grind my cock in there. I’ve been the only man in your pussy, the only man in your mouth. The way I see it, that last bit of virginity belongs strictly to me.”


Another crack across her tush. Both sides this time. “I can see the interest in your eyes, so don’t lie to me. You wanna know what that feels like, but you think you shouldn’t wanna know stuff like that. Feels dirty, right?”

She nodded.

“If thinkin’ about me doin’ that to you turns you on? Nothin’ wrong with that.

Nothin’ that happens between us is wrong unless it ain’t consensual. If you say no, I’ll respect it. But sweet baby Jesus I’d be lyin’ if I didn’t say I’m hopin’ for a big yes at some point. Soon.”

He flattened his tongue and licked her from her bottom hole to the top of her sex.

“Hang on.”

Cord nuzzled the seam of her thighs. He dragged the wetness from her pussy down the crack of her ass to her tight hole, which was as pretty and pink as the rest of her.

She immediately tensed up.

“Not doin’ anything. Just givin’ you an idea on how this’ll feel.” He circled the tip around those blood-rich nerve endings, suckling her clit in time to his finger until she began to bump her hips.

“Cord. Please. Make me come. No more teasing.”

What AJ didn’t know was he wasn’t teasing her. After two fairly quick orgasms she’d need time to recover, just like a man would.

Evidently Cosmo hadn’t mentioned that factoid.

He built her again, circumventing her clit entirely. When he knew she was close, he twisted two fingers inside and stroked her G-spot. He held her clit between his teeth and flicked it with the very tip of his tongue, keeping his lips suctioned around it.

AJ went wild. Her legs shook. She alternately whimpered and begged. It was so unbelievably hot having her riding his face, that after her intense orgasm left her hoarse and gasping, Cord dropped his hand to his cock and jacked off like a randy teenager, letting come spray across his belly and losing his mind in AJ’s willingness to try anything.

Finally, her sex quit pulsing and AJ flopped to the mattress. He retreated to the bathroom to clean up.

She murmured a protest at the sensation of the warm cloth, but ultimately let her legs fall open to him. He swiped the area between thighs sticky with her juices and his saliva, with a few red marks from his beard.

He looked at the clock. Two a.m. Then he glanced at her. AJ looked so comfortable, so cuddly, so perfect in his bed he didn’t have the heart to make her get dressed.

Cord tossed a few pillows at the headboard and nestled her against his chest.

“I’m tired. I know I have to go home.”

“Just rest, baby doll.”

“Mmm. I like this. Your body is so hard. And warm. Like snuggling up to a sun-warmed rock.”


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