Faster and faster. The camera moved from her tongue to the ecstasy on the man’s face and everything switched to slow motion.

AJ squirmed.

Cord cupped AJ’s breasts, rasping his thumbs over her nipples until they were hard peaks. He dragged wet kisses up the side of her neck.

She turned her head to reach his mouth.

“Huh-uh. Eyes on the screen. The best part is just about to start.”

“You touching me is the best part.”

He chuckled. “True.”

The woman on the TV worked her hand from the guy’s balls to the tip in a twisting motion while suckling the purple knob. She’d take a break to scrape her teeth up the vein.

AJ whispered, “Doesn’t that hurt?”

“Only if you bite down.”

“I’ll remember that.”

Cord placed her hands on AJ’s bare breasts and said, “Touch yourself here. Show me whatcha like.” He trailed his fingers down her belly, loving how the taut skin quivered in anticipation of his touch.


“Don’t close your eyes. Keep watchin’. See how she takes the whole cock in her mouth? Opens her throat? Tightens her lips as she’s pullin’ back? See how her saliva makes his cock shiny? How much easier keepin’ her mouth wet makes it glide in?”

She nodded.

“Is your mouth waterin’ to taste me like that?”

AJ squeaked when his fingertip slid over her pubic bone and down her cleft.

“Does porn turn you on? Or is it the thought of me makin’ you come that’s got you all hot and bothered?”

“Both. Just being with you turns me on.”

“You think that sweet-talkin’ will get you what you want?”

“I’m hoping.”

Cord lost any guilty feelings about AJ picking him to take a bit of the shine off her halo. She wanted this, wanted him, she wouldn’t be here otherwise. Truth be told, he was looking forward to the next few weeks in a way he’d never imagined.

He coated his finger with her wetness before pushing it inside her. She moaned softly. “You like that.” He used the heel of his hand to slide side to side over her clit.

“What about this?”


“Watch. He’s about to come.” Onscreen the guy plunged his cock into the woman’s mouth and Cord matched the rhythm with his finger inside her. “This flick is a favorite of mine. Here comes the money shot, seein’ him blow all over her tits.”

“It that what you’re gonna do to me?”

“Yes.” He stroked the spot behind her pubic bone with the tip of his long middle finger.

She undulated her pelvis. “Cord, please.”

“Please what?”

“Get me off…make me…I-I—”

Cord breathed in her ear. “Like this?” He increased the friction on her clit and fluttered his finger and her interior muscles quivered.

AJ flew apart.

When she drifted back, he shut off the TV. She turned and plastered her chest to his, grinding her wet sex against his crotch as she made him mindless with her frantic kisses.

“My turn.” Colt looked into her eyes. “I can’t wait to see your lips stretched around my cock. On your knees.”

Without further prompting, she slid to the floor between his legs. He lifted his hips so she could tug off the fleece workout shorts. She traced the edge of her thumb over the thick vein running up his cock, sweeping it across the tip to spread the pre-come around, just as he’d shown her how he’d liked it.

“You okay?”



“I don’t want to get a failing grade on this test.”

Cord laughed. “I’m not grading you, AJ, I was kiddin’.”

“Good.” She sucked him into her mouth.

“Holy shit.”

AJ released him. “What? Did I do it wrong?”

“No.” He cupped his hands around her face. “Feels so damn good, baby doll, it just startled me.”

“How will I know if I’m doing it right?”

“There is no right. Just do whatever you want.”

So she did. She sucked and licked and experimented with her hands, lips, teeth and tongue until she’d worked him into a frenzy of need.

Cord’s body shook. His legs twitched. His nuts were as hard as rubber balls. He couldn’t take his eyes off the erotic scene—this beautiful woman on her knees before him, an intense look of concentration and innocent wonder on her face as his cock disappeared between her lips.

“Enough,” he said hoarsely. “Finish me.”

Her mouth bobbed and she sucked harder, she circled her fingers loosely at the base of his shaft and moved in rapid, short strokes.

“Faster. Yeah. Like that. There it is.”

Cord pulled his cock out of her mouth and curled his big hand around her smaller one, pumping them together as he aimed and came on her chest. He groaned and closed his eyes, lost in bliss, but he sensed her studying every spurt, gauging his every reaction.

Not clinically, but with the intention to learn exactly how to please her lover.

His hand fell to his thigh. He sagged to the cushions. Talk about a fucking mindblower.

AJ licked the come from the tip of his cock.


“Did that hurt?”

“No. It’s just ultra-sensitive.”

“Mmm.” She licked him again. “Tastes kinda salty.”

Cord managed a grunt.

She kissed his hipbone and rubbed her sticky breast on his thigh. “That was really hot, making you come with my mouth. You really like blowjobs, huh?”

“Uh. Yeah.”

“I liked watching you. Seeing you lose control. Made me feel…powerful.”

Not a coy thing about AJ. “You can prove your power over me any time you want.”

“How long until…?”

He laughed. “You’re gonna be the death of me, woman. C’mere. Let’s see if I can’t take the edge off while my dick recovers.”

She crawled on his lap. “Lose the shirt. I love your chest.”

He whipped the T-shirt over his head and used it to wipe off her breasts.

“Look at you.” Her fingertips trailed over his pecs, tracing the delineated line to his navel. “You’re so perfect. I can’t believe I’m here with you. Naked.” She pressed her mouth to the scar below his collarbone and sucked. “Having you look at me like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like I’m a porn star rodeo queen.”

“You are.”

“Like you can’t wait to put your hands on me.”

“My hands are on you.”

“Like you’ll do whatever I ask you to.”

“What do you want me to do to you, AJ?”

She licked his Adam’s apple. “You smell good. Like the Wyoming sun and wind left a permanent scent on you.”

“That doesn’t answer my question. Tell me what you want.”

Silence echoed, except for the ragged sounds of her breathing against his throat.

“You’re not goin’ all shy on me now, are you?”


Cord tilted her face up. “Don’t. I like your curiosity. Be honest about what you want.

You’ve gotta know that I won’t deny you a damn thing.”

Her mouth drifted to his ear and her soft, breathy voice sent chills across his skin. “I love your mouth on me. I think you can make me come just by sucking on my nipples.

When you use your teeth? Lord, it gives me goose bumps on goose bumps. I get all wet and achy.”

“I can work with wet and achy.” His hands slipped down her neck to cup the generous mounds. He held her breasts together and lapped at her nipples, one at a time, then at the same time. Suckling the tips hard, then barely at all. Tickling every sensitive inch with the soft hair of his goatee, with his hot breath, with his lips and wet tongue.

Drawing out her pleasure, trying to fit as much of her glorious tits into his mouth as possible.

Her head fell back and she moaned.

Cord teased her until his cock was ready. Until he smelled the sweet cream gathering between her thighs and she was ready. He rubbed his face against the upper swells of her chest and picked her up to position her on the plush rug in front of the couch. Pinning her arms above her head with one hand, he urged her legs around his waist.

“I don’t wanna hurt you. Take a deep breath, baby doll, and let me in.”

“I’m ready. Don’t wait. Please.”

Cord gritted his teeth, aligning his cock to slide into her tight, warm channel an excruciatingly inch at a time. Once he was fully seated, sweating, breathing like a winded horse, her hands broke free from his hold and clutched his ass.

“What? Stop?” He eased back to look at her face.

“Don’t go slow for me.”

“AJ. I don’t know if you’re ready for—”

“You said you wouldn’t deny me anything. I’m asking you, no, telling you, Cord McKay, give me that dark passion I see burning in your eyes. I’ve earned it.”

He leaned down until they were nose to nose. “You remember you said that when I’m ridin’ you hard. When I won’t let you up until I’ve had my fill.”

She slapped his ass. Twice. “Stop talking.”

A snarl left his throat. He plowed back into heaven. Plunge. Retreat. Sweat poured down his body as he fucked her. His eyes never left hers. “Too much?”


“You little minx.” Cord unwrapped her legs from his hips, placing her ankles on his shoulders, so the backs of her thighs were pressed up his chest. He rolled his hips and drove deep.

AJ gasped.

He trapped her hands above her head, forcing a deeper angle. The sounds of slapping flesh ricocheted as Cord pushed her harder and higher. When her orgasm loomed, he twisted his pelvis so his pubic hair abraded her clit. She began to whimper. “Send us both over the edge.”


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