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A startled gasp escaped her lips as Connor suddenly thrust, filling her halfway. In the next second she found herself on her back and Connor pulling out only to thrust back in, filling her better than any man had before. As she lay there, digging her nails into his back as he stretched her a little too much, she was torn between screaming in frustration and screaming at him to move. He said that he'd allow her to take the lead, but obviously that was-

He rolled them over until she found herself splayed on top of him. "It's all yours, baby, but you gotta move before I lose my f**king mind," he groaned softly against her lips as his hands moved up to cup her face while he kissed her.

It took her a few seconds to realize what he'd said and done and when she did, she couldn't help but release a satisfied moan as she tentatively rolled her hips. His answering groan was all the encouragement that she needed to continue. She might not be experienced in this position, but she was more than willing to keep doing it until she got it right, she decided with a throaty groan as Connor slid one hand between them and cupped her breast as the other one moved down her back and palmed her ass as she rode him.

"Don't stop, Rory," he said on a groan as he moved his mouth to her neck just as she registered his hand leaving her bottom and moving up her body to palm her other breast.

"Or what?" she asked breathlessly as she picked up the pace, taking him deeper and harder each time.

"I'll wring your neck," he promised tightly as he moved his mouth back to hers, kissing her and sending her over the edge.

She felt him grow inside of her and if Connor hadn't suddenly released her br**sts to cup her face and keep her mouth right where it was, she probably would have screamed in pleasure, well, screamed louder. He felt so good, sliding in and out of her as the large velvety head rubbed against her in just the right way. She tried to make it last longer, but the second that she heard her name leave his lips in a strangled growl, she lost it.

A violent orgasm tore through her, leaving her breathless and unable to so much as move as pleasure assaulted her body. She never broke away from Connor's mouth, somehow knowing that it wouldn't be as good without this connection. Everything about this moment felt perfect, felt right. She couldn't explain it, didn't want to look too deeply into it and wreck this moment.

She just wanted to keep pretending that he meant nothing to her and that she wasn't starting to care for him. It was just sex and something that she needed to do for her project, her dream. As long as she could do that then everything would be fine.

Long after their bodies were sated, she lay on top of him, kissing him leisurely as she enjoyed the way that he held her. For several minutes she allowed him to hold her, comfort her and make her feel wanted, loved and cherished, but all too soon she realized that she didn't have an excuse to remain in his arms. The sex was easy to excuse since she fully planned on enjoying his incredible body during this deal of theirs, but cuddling afterwards?

No, she couldn't explain that and she'd be damned if she let Connor know just how badly he was affecting her. She allowed herself one more minute in his arms before she broke the kiss off and moved to crawl off him when his arms tightened around her.

"Where are you going?" he asked softly.

"Home. I have somewhere to be," which was actually true. In fact, if she didn't move her ass now, grab a quick shower, feed bunny and put him out, break a few speed laws and stop along the way to pick up coffee and donuts since it was her week, she was going to have five very pissed off brothers to deal with.

"No, you're staying with me," Connor said matter-of-factly, leaning up to press a kiss against her lips as he turned them over so that they were lying on their sides, facing each other.

"No," she said on an exasperated sigh as she tried to move out of his arms only to find herself held securely in place, "I'm not. I have somewhere I have to be."

"Then I guess you're going back on our deal," he said with a little shrug even as he pulled her closer until her br**sts were pressed against his chest.

"How exactly am I going back on our deal by leaving?" she asked, cuddling up closer to him for warmth of course. It didn't matter that it was probably seventy degrees in his room.

"Because it's part of our agreement," he said as he leaned in and pressed one of those tender kisses that she loved, against her forehead.


"Of course it is," he said, pushing her hair away from her face.

"No, it's not."

"Yes, it is," the infuriating man said as he reached down and took her good hand into his and entwined their fingers together.

"We agreed to sleep together?" she asked, too exhausted to hide the confusion in her tone.


For a moment she couldn't answer as she quickly ran the conversation that they'd had before the best sex of her life through her head. She couldn't for the life of her figure out what the hell he was talking about. "When?"

"It was part of our new agreement."

"Um, no it wasn't," she said, wracking her brain once again since she had been rather distracted during that conversation, but she was sure that she'd remember agreeing to sleep with him after sex. Not that she was really going to complain, much, since it gave her the excuse that she wanted to stay in his arms.

"It really was though," he said, leaning in and brushing his lips against hers. "Whenever you use my body for sex-"

"For the agreement," she quickly added, not wanting him to get the wrong idea that she wanted him or anything.

He ignored the interruption as he continued, "-then you have to sleep with me."

"What if we have a quickie during lunch?" she asked, wondering if he was planning on making up the rules as they went along. She really should call veto, and she would just as soon as he said something that didn't secretly please her.

"Then you have dinner with me, stay the night and have breakfast in the morning," he explained, turning over onto his back, taking her with him and gently laying her on his other side so that she could curl up against him and rest her injured arm across his chest. With a put out sigh, she did just that.

"Why exactly do I have to do all that just to have my way with you?" she asked, closing her eyes and snuggling up against him.

"How else are we supposed to convince people that we're madly in love," he murmured softly as he placed his hand gently over her injured hand.

"Good point," she said, closing her eyes and pretending that his words didn't make something inside of her ache.

Chapter 24

"I really have to go," Rory said even as she tugged him down for another kiss.

"Then go," Connor said as he wrapped his arms around her and raised her off the ground so that he could give her a proper goodbye kiss before he left.

They'd barely managed to get an hour of sleep before his alarm went off, reminding him that he really needed to move his ass if he had any hopes of pulling off his plan. As much as he wanted to stay in bed with Rory and hold her for the rest of the day, he had to leave her. He had to take her father up on his offer so that he could get some time in with her brothers and that meant leaving her.

It didn't hurt that he knew that she wouldn't be too far away while he was getting in a little male bonding time with her brothers. While he was fishing, she'd be up at the house with her brothers' girlfriends doing whatever the hell it is that they did. Knowing that he'd be able to sneak off and steal a kiss or two was the only thing that got him to move his ass and get in the shower before he did something stupid like say to hell with his plan and focus on keeping Rory in his bed.

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