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We decide to leave dinner a little early. When Izzy asks if Cohen can spend the night at their house, a very excited three-year-old yelps ‘yes’ across the table, and Greg doesn’t waste any time paying the tab, and dragging me out of the restaurant.

“You’re acting like a beast, Greg.” I laugh, struggling to keep up with his long legged strides.

“Told you, every Beauty needs her Beast, and your beast was just guaranteed a whole night of uninterrupted sex with his wife. So let’s move, woman.” When I still can’t keep up with his stomping strides towards the truck, he spins, and before I have a chance to protest, he puts his shoulder in my gut and I am hanging over his back.

“Greg!” I can’t even fake outrage at this point. This is my man and I fucking love it.

When we reach the truck, he all but throws me in the seat. He does take the time to lean into my body and devour my lips in a soul-consuming kiss full of promise off what is to come. When he pulls away, I whimper and he laughs.

“Yeah, you feel me now.”


The car ride home is full of thick heat. Not because of the temperature, but because we both know we may make it two steps into the house, if lucky, before coming together.

Ever since Cohen has come to live with us full time, we have had to become creative with our sex life. The time he pushed me into the pantry and gave me the hottest five minutes between our can goods is one of my favorites. Almost getting busted by Cohen was not. I am convinced that that kid came with a built-in cockblocker. If anything, having the little guy around just makes us hotter for each other when we are able to steal time away together.

Then again, with Greg Cage, every time feels like the first time.

When we pull into the neighborhood, offering Stan a wave, and make our way to the house, I unbuckle my belt and prepare for what will come next. Predictable as always, he pulls right up to the front door, climbs out, and stalks over to my door. At least this time he cradles me in his arms bridal style as he storms to the door. I reach out and take care of the locks, and in two seconds, we are in the door with it shut, and locked, and my back flat against the cold steel.

“Can’t wait, Beauty,” he said against my lips. “Need to feel you. Need to love you.”

“Don’t want to wait,” I reply and start to help him pull clothes off. We trip, crashing to the floor. Before we hit, he rolls so his body takes the brunt of impact.

We’re a blur of clothing and limbs as we rush to connect. Sometimes I feel that moments like this are our way of reminding each other that we are both alive, that we have both have overcome and are still here, living our lives and loving hard.

“Love you,” I tell him, leaning forward, and looking down our bodies to watch him guide his dick into my pussy. I grab both his thick pecs and start moving against him. My favorite piercing adds the perfect friction against my clit.

I feel his hands start gliding up my stomach before he cups my breasts, and starts rolling and pinching my nipples. My head rolls back on my shoulders and I start to move faster, enjoying one of the rare times he allows me to stay on top.

After I start to falter in my movement some, he grabs my hips and starts lifting me up, and slamming my body down, meeting me thrust for thrust, and glide for glide. Our moans dance together, and when I feel myself start to unravel, I lean forward slightly, waiting for him to curl up and meet my lips.

And right there, a tangle of limbs and our lips locked together, we both reach our release at the same time. Completely connected. Mind, body, and soul.

Living the life we are blessed to have.

Beauty and her Beast.


“I haven’t been here for months. I could blame the weather but winter ended weeks ago. I could blame work, but you would both know that I would be lying through my teeth. I could blame a number of things, but the only truth is I have been afraid. It’s one thing to come with the boys. With them around, I can’t breakdown and I can pretend that you’re both still here.” I sigh deeply and lay down on the cool grass. “I had to come this time. I wanted to be the one to tell you both. I wanted you two to be the first people I told. I haven’t even told Greg or Cohen yet, although I have a feeling when I do, they will celebrate so loudly you will still hear them.”

I look up into the cloudless sky with a smile and continue with my reason for coming, “It only took six months, but the adoption paperwork came today. Greg and I are officially Cohen’s legal parents. Cohen thinks it’s cool that he’s getting a new name. Cohen Cage. He says it is a better superhero name.” I laugh a few times before sobering.

“I wish you were both still here. I always thought of this moment and each time, I would have you both here with me. But just like we tell Cohen, I know you’re still up there and happy for me.”

It takes me a few minutes before I can speak past the lump in my throat. “I went to the doctor today,” I whisper, “I hope it’s a girl, Fia. Remember all those times we would talk about how amazing it would be to have a son first and then a daughter so they would always have protection? I can’t wait to watch Cohen become a brother.” I lay there for a few more moments with a smile on my face and think back to all the times we planned our future. It gets easier, missing my family, but never stops hurting.

“I miss you guys. I just wanted to let you know, let you be the first to know, that Cohen is okay and that pretty soon, our family will grow. Wish so hard you were here to share this with me. I love you, mom. I love you, Fia.”

I climb to my feet and take one more look at the two gravestones that mark my family.

I love you two, so, so much.

When I drive home from the cemetery, I feel that pressure of grief ease off my heart and soar into the sky for the first time since I lost Fia.

When I pull into the driveway and see my husband and our son rolling around in the grass, I know that even through the heartache and pain, we have both learned to fly.

We have lived.

And now we can teach our children how to do the same thing.



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