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I lean down and brace myself with one arm by her ribs, keeping my knees apart and my dick pressed against her heat. Kissing her stomach before peppering more along the way to her neck, I slowly reach her ear. Biting it softly, I hum my approval when she moves her hips up trying to impale herself on my dick. I lean up and hold her eyes while I push just a few inches into her. She melts, no other word for it, she simples melts into the bed at the same time pushing off with her feet to try and speed up my entrance.

“Patience, baby. Feel it.” No way that this connection between us can be missed. It’s no wonder I was a goner for her the second we locked eyes. She feels it and there is no doubt about it when I thrust painfully slow into her body. Her eyes widen with each inch and my hips settle against hers. Her legs hook around my back, her heels digging in. Her hands snake around my back and nails bite the skin when I shift my hips and my base piercing rubs her clit.

I lean forward and kiss her deeply before pulling back and resting my forehead against hers. Only then do I begin to slowly pull out until I almost lose her heat. When I push back in just as slowly, she tries to dig in again, begging me to speed up. “Patience baby, let me love you.” Her eyes widen and a sob catches in her throat. “Just let me show you. Feel it, Beauty.”

Oh my God. Did he just say that? I can’t even panic completely because he’s right. There isn’t anything about this that doesn’t scream love. His gaze is blinding with it, his touch and the way he worships my body are testaments to the fact that this is nothing but pure lovemaking. It should terrify me, I should be running, but I can’t. Even though it seems rash, there isn’t a way possible to detangle myself from this man, physically or mentally. He’s right; I feel it. Right or wrong, regardless of how terrified I am, I will regret for the rest of my life if I don’t explore this.

“I feel it baby,” I reply breathlessly.

He seems shocked at first that I am voicing my agreement. His smile, so wide his eyes crinkle, hits his face and his hips make their way back down before he speaks, “Yeah, baby, feels like a dream, but so good I don’t ever want to wake up.”

Oh, God.

I have no willpower to resist him when he opens himself up like this.

We continue to look into each other’s eyes. Our lips are inches apart and our breath dances with each exhale. My fingers clench in the thick muscles along his back and my legs hold him tightly to me. When he hits my spot again, I know it will only be seconds before I lose it. I can feel my release already forming, growing, and slowly spreading through my body like a warm blanket. Ribbons of pleasure unfold from my belly, tingles dance up my spine, and my skin heats to the point of pain.

“So… close, so close,” I moan against his lips. He pulls forward again and rolls his hips, forcing the barbell to rub against my swollen clit. My release hits with such powerful force that I scream, claw at his back, and grind myself against him like a hussy. Jesus, this man does things to my body that I have never felt.

He keeps moving slowly as my arched back falls back down on to the bed, just watching me with his burning eyes.

“Yeah. You feel it, baby.” He says in a voice so rife with strain that I know he is working hard to keep his control. “Amazing.”

He drops his head to my shoulder and rests it there for a few seconds while he continues his slow rhythmic assault. I rub my hands up and down his back, enjoying the soft growls that vibrate against my chest.

“Look at us, baby.” His request seems odd until he lifts his head off my shoulder and repeats himself. “Look at us. Watch me love you.”

Following his gaze down to where our bodies join, my eyes take in his thick length as it stretches my body to receive him. His dick is soaked with my release, and every time he disappears deep into my body, his piecing caresses my clit. We both watch for a few minutes, but when the pleasure becomes too much, my head presses against the bed as my eyes roll back, and I clamp down on him again. Screaming his name out into the expanse of his room and listening to it bounce off the walls, my sounds mingle with his own cry of release.

We lay there trying to come back down for what felt like hours. Our combined sweat covering my skin begins to dry, leaving me chilled where his body isn’t covering mine. We don’t speak, but words aren’t needed. I feel it and he isn’t wrong about that. Not only was that the most powerful sex I have ever experienced, but he wasn’t wrong when he said that he was going to love me. I might already be halfway there myself.

He rolls to the side, taking my cheek in his big hand and turns my head to meet his gaze. “Whatever this might have been for you before now baby, there is no trying or going slow. I know you felt it; it was all over your face. I feel like I just found a piece of myself that has been lost forever. A piece of the puzzle that I didn’t even know was missing until you walked into my life. This, us… baby, I will work as hard as I can and then some to prove to you that you have nothing to fear.”

He catches the tear that leaks from my eye with his lips, and follows that up with a kiss to my lips before leaving the bed and walking into the bathroom. I hear the shower turn on and a few seconds later, he returns, scoops me off the bed, and carries me into the warm spray. After cleaning every inch of my skin and then his own, he shows me again what it feels like to be loved.

When we finally fall back into the bed, he curls me tight into his body, and with his strong arms holding me close, I surrender to sleep. The last thought that filters through my mind before I fade off is that I don’t feel so scared anymore if this is what love feels like.

Chapter 19

It’s been a little over a month since Greg and I officially became an ‘us’. It hasn’t been perfect, but it’s been damn near close. True to his word, a few days after Dr. Shannon fired me, Greg set up an interview with Dr. Roberts. He is an older family man who runs his own practice. Over the years, he has added more doctors to his team, and now, he has the need for more nursing staff. He is one of those people you love to work for and lucky for me, he wanted me on his team. I started the week after I was fired and am the happiest I have ever been at work. It also helps that my pay jumped a lot. There are no more struggles, no more worrying about how I am going to stretch my check to make sure that we’re all comfortable.

I have talked to Greg about helping me find a new apartment since I can now afford rent in a nicer, safer complex. This is what started our first real fight. He doesn’t see the need in my paying to live somewhere when I spend all my time at his place anyway. This, coincidently, is because he took one look at my apartment and the neighborhood I lived in the day after we became us, turned right around without parking, and refused to take me back. I get where he is coming from and to be honest, I have never felt safe there anyway. So if he wants to act like a grown toddler and keep me hostage, who am I to complain? It comes with one kickass house and the best sex ever.

And to be completely honest, I don’t want to be away from him.

I still have my apartment, but the majority of my stuff has slowly started to make its way to his house. Some of it because I need it, but I’m starting to wonder if he is pocketing my belongings and then moving them to his house when I’m not looking. Either way, we are pretty much living together at this point.

Our second fight was over my car. Even though it was ready a few days after Mandy pulled her crazy on it, Greg, without letting me know, told the mechanic to sell it. The next day a brand new Honda sat in the driveway of his house. We fought about it for a good day. He had to endure my silence, but when he finally had enough, he calmly told me that he wanted me safe. My old car couldn’t offer that so he took care of it. When that didn’t work, he pulled me close and said, “Baby, after I lost Grace in a car accident, do you think you could please just give a little here? I want to know you are safe when I can’t be with you.” Yeah, call me whipped but that is all it took.

We have done all the traditional couple things. We date, we go out with friends, he met my mom, and we have tons and tons of sex. I am starting to believe that Greg Cage is unbelievably close to perfection.

Things with Susan have also calmed down over the weeks. She’s called a few times but usually only when she is drunk out of her mind. Mom and I think she will eventually forget that Cohen exists and just leave us alone.

One thing we don’t have to worry about is Mandy. That is another promise that Greg kept. The next day, he drove me to the police station and helped me fill out the necessary reports to have a restraining order against her. Although he assures me that it won’t ever be needed, he still feels better knowing it’s there. He didn’t tell me until later that week that he had a ‘come to Jesus’ (as my mom calls it) with Mandy. I don’t care what happens to the bitch, but according to him, she is back on her meds and seeking help. ‘Back on the meds’ should have been clue enough that she really is a psycho bitch. Maybe next time, she will keep up with those damn pills. All that matters is he says that she won’t be a problem, and I believe him.

About two weeks ago, I started to bring Cohen around. If there was any doubt left in my mind that Greg was the perfect man, watching him with my nephew squashed it. It is clear that he is meant to have children in his life but when he started asking me about my plans for the future when it came to Cohen, I start to worry a little that maybe kids aren’t something he wants. I can’t help my fears; it all just seems so perfect that I keep waiting for ‘it’ to happen and all of this to just blow up in my face.

So, I told him the truth. I wanted Cohen. My mom wants me to have Cohen. He is a crazy-as-hell three-year-old boy who needs someone that can keep up with him. He smiled and told me that was a great plan, and then continued to sit there with me for hours and plan our future with Cohen in it.

That was also the night that I realized I had fallen in love with him.

We are closing in on autumn and the weather is still nice enough to enjoy being outside for long periods. So here I am, in Greg’s kitchen, making lunch for the two most important men in my life. Greg and Cohen are spending some time doing what Cohen calls ‘man fluff, no hips’, which, when translated by a hysterical Greg, means ‘man stuff babe, no chicks allowed.’ They left a few hours ago to do whatever it is that boys do. My mom has graciously taken me up on my offer to start having Cohen spend some weekends with me. Now that I have somewhere I feel safe enough to take him, we are finally spending some quality time together.

I have just cut up the last sandwich when I hear the front door open and little feet pound down the hall.

“Melwee! Melwee, look what I got!” And like a flash, in comes Cohen with a bright red cape flapping behind him. “Greg said this would help me fight ninjas. He said that all ninjas are scared of superheroes. He said that if I have a cape I have MAGIC! Magic powers that ninjas can’t fight because they aren’t SUPERheroes! Melwee! Do you see? Can you see it?” The whole time he is giving this speech, he doesn’t once take a breath. By the time he’s finished, he has to take a few deep ones just to stay on his feet. I look over and see Greg leaning against the doorframe, his arms crossed over his thick chest and a huge grin on his face. I give him one of my own before turning my attention back to Cohen, who is now spinning in circles and kicking his feet out every few seconds. My guess, he’s fighting ninjas now and completely forgotten about us.


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