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“I don’t want to hear about this part.” Jax cringes. “Sorry, girls, but your bits and pieces don’t interest me.”

“Oh!” A very drunk Meg jumps up and down in her seat. “I have a question for you.” She points her hand at Jax and then throws him a naughty grin.

“Yes! We can ask boy sex questions,” Stacy agrees.

Jax clears his throat and then sits back in his chair and offers all the girls a fake serious look. “Yes, I am at your service, ladies. The doctor is in.”

“Me first,” Meg says. “What does an orgasm feel like?”

Jax blinks rapidly and we all snicker at him.

“What does it feel like for a girl?” he asks.

“Tingly, melty, explosive, tingly goodness,” Nat says with a sigh. “Fuck, my husband’s good at the orgasms.”

We all nod in agreement. It must be genetic because Mark’s fucking brilliant at them as well.

I believe I’ve had about thirty-seven of them since we’ve been in Vegas. It’s like it’s his life’s mission to keep me permanently aroused.

It’s awesome.

“Wait,” Sam says and holds up a hand just as Jax begins to answer the question. “Let’s get more specific than that. Where does the orgasm start?”

“Start?” Now Jax just looks confused. “Sugar, who gives a fuck where it starts? The end result is the most important part.”

“God, I love the way he says sugar.” Stacy smiles dreamily at Jax. “I’m so glad you’re gay. I can flirt with you without my husband killing you.”

“That’s convenient,” Jax sputters and then just covers his face with his hands and dissolves into laughter. “I love you ladies.”

“What’s not to love?” Nic says with a wink. “So, talk more about the boy orgasm.”

“Boys don’t have orgasms, sugar.” Jax winks back at her and we all laugh some more, pounding the table with our palms and high fiving Jax.

“Well, obviously your balls tighten up,” Sam says while tapping her lips with her finger in thought. “Is that when it starts?”

“I’ve never really thought about it.” He scratches his dark head and looks toward the ceiling, also thinking about it. “No, that’s just before you come, but it really starts in the spine. At least, for me. I’m sure it’s different for everyone.”

“In your spine?” Meg exclaims with wide eyes. “What the fuck happens to your spine?”

“It tingles.”

“So, it’s tingly for you too,” Nat says, pleased that she was right.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“And then your balls tighten?” Brynna asks and sips her drink. We’re all leaning in now, watching Jax with wide eyes, as if he’s telling us the secrets of NASA and Area 51 all at the same time.

“Yes. I think so.”

“Does that feel weird?” Jules asks. “I mean, the skin gets all tight and stuff too. I would think it would hurt.”

“It doesn’t hurt.” Now Jax is blushing and laughing, his arms are crossed over his chest. “I don’t know if I’m supposed to be telling you guys this stuff. It’s man stuff.”

“But you’re our gay guy!” Brynna slams her hand on the table for emphasis. “You’re the only one we can ask!”

“Ask your men,” he says rationally then slams back another shot.

“If I ask Luke about orgasms, he just jumps right into giving them to me and then I forget what I was asking in the first place,” Nat says with a frown. “He makes me lose my words.”

“I lose my words all the time!” Meg exclaims. “It’s the ’nesia.”

“Orgasm ’nesia!” I high-five Jax and then giggle. “Mark is good at making me lose my words. He makes me lose everything.”

“What do you mean?” Nic asks and just like that, all of the focus shifts to me. I blink at my new friends and try to find a way to clear my head enough to explain.

“He makes me lose my clothes, my words, my heart.”

“Awww!” Sam exclaims. “I mean, ew about the sex with my brother, but aww!”

“He made me lose my virginity.” My mouth is running now and I’m ticking off each item with my fingers. I’m pretty sure I’m miscounting.

“He was your first?” Nic asks.

“Yeah.” I nod dreamily. “He was good even then. Of course, it took a while before I started having orgasms just because I was nervous and stuff, but holy shit the man has a cock on him!”

“Oh my god, okay you can stop now,” Sam says and wrinkles her nose. “Ew.”

“No, keep going,” Brynna says and claps her hands. “Are we talking meh or holy fucking shit?”

“Holy fucking shit,” I reply with a wise nod. “Since he was my first, I didn’t know that wasn’t normal, but then I fucked a couple losers after him, and they were sooooo tiny.” I hold up my pinky finger to show them and they all laugh.

“Okay, my turn to say ew,” Jax says with a shudder.

“What are you packin’?” Stacy boldly asks.

“Oh, sweetheart, I’m not even on a scale.”

“Prove it.” Meg stands and circles the table, straddles Jax’s lap and dives for the button on his jeans.

“Uh, Meg, you’re a beautiful woman, but I’m gay and you’re getting married.” Jax’s face is almost panicked, making us all laugh.

“Are you scared?” she asks him with narrowed eyes.

“Yes.” He nods as he lifts her off his lap.

“I just wanted to see it.” She pouts and plops down in her chair.

“We need more drinks.” I signal for the waitress.

“I want to text my man,” Nic says and begins typing on her phone.

“No! We said we weren’t going to.” Stacy shakes her head adamantly then seems to rethink her stance. “Wait. I wonder if they miss us.”

“Where are they again?” Jax asks.

“Probably a strip club,” Meg pouts again.

“No, I doubt that. I think they’re gambling.” Nat pats Meg’s shoulder and smiles widely.

“Do you guys have any idea how many women are probably flirting with our men?” Sam asks suddenly. “They’re hot. And about half of them are famous. Oh God, what have we done?”

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