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“Don’t wait up,” Jax says with a grin. “Not that you’ll be at home anyway.”

“No,” I agree with a smile and take Mer’s bag, leading her toward the parking garage. “She won’t.”

Jax winks at both of us and then the two of them set off in the other direction.

“It’s so nice that Logan came to pick Jax up,” Mer says.

“Mmm.” I don’t mention Logan surprising Jax in Vegas. It’ll be a surprise for both of them.

“It was nice of you to pick me up too,” she says and kisses my shoulder. “Thank you.”

“Anytime, baby.” I pay for our parking and toss her bag in the Jeep and soon we’re on the freeway, heading toward Mer’s apartment. “My mom is having dinner at her place tonight at around six. I believe she might have threatened to disown me if I didn’t bring you with me.”

“I’m a mess,” Mer says and looks down at her yoga pants and loose T-shirt. “I’m dressed for a flight, not dinner with my boyfriend’s family.”

“You always look beautiful, but we have time to swing by your place for a while.”

“Okay.” She takes my hand in hers and holds it tightly, and just that small touch has my cock on full alert. “How is your week going?”

“Not bad,” I reply. “Work is busy, as usual. I’ve done a little more work on your house.”

“Your house,” she replies immediately, making me grin. She can pretend all she wants that the house isn’t hers, but since the other night, there’s no question in my mind.

It’s Meredith’s house. And I’m going to live in it with her for the next sixty years.

That is, if she doesn’t dump me on my ass to go back on tour with a pop star.

Fuck me.

“Our house?” I shoot her the smile that always makes her melt and she bites her lip. I’m going to bite that lip when I get her back to her apartment.

“Your house,” she whispers.

She’s not fooling anyone.

“I’m going to take a shower,” she says when we get up to her apartment. “I have airplane grossness all over me.”

“I’ll help.” I pull her behind me to her bathroom and start the shower to let the water heat up, but instead of immediately ripping her clothes off her, I take my time. I pull her shirt and bra off and spend a few minutes kissing and nibbling her shoulders, around her breasts and down to her navel. She tugs my shirt over my head and gently sweeps her fingertips over my skin, sending goose bumps over me, making my cock even harder for her.

Jesus, I’m fucking addicted to her.

My lips trail down her stomach to her smooth pubic bone as I peel her leggings down her hips and thighs, and then hold her hand as she steps out of them.

“Two nights without you is too long,” I murmur and kiss her inner thighs, cup her bare ass in my hands and squeeze as she plunges her fingers in my hair and holds on tight.

“Definitely too long. You still have your pants on,” she says.

“I don’t give a shit about my pants,” I reply and prop her leg over my shoulder, opening her up to me. I brush a fingertip gently over her swollen clit and through her pussy lips, making her gasp.

“I do.” She’s panting now and has my hair clenched in a death grip. “I want you out of them.”

“I will be,” I murmur and lean in to kiss her swollen flesh. “Fuck me, you smell like sex.”

“Not yet,” she says and lets out a small chuckle. “But I’m hoping to very soon.”

I look up into her ice blue eyes as I lick her from her wet opening to her clit and back down again, then sink in and go to town on her, making her cry out as her legs begin to shake.

“I’m going to fall!”

I shake my head no and brace her ass in my hands, not letting up until she comes long and loud on my mouth. Her juices are dripping down my chin. She’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever tasted and the noises coming from her make my cock throb.

I stand slowly, peppering kisses up her tight body, then quickly strip out of my jeans and boxer briefs and lead her into the shower. Mer immediately reaches for my wash-cloth and shower gel and busies herself washing me, dragging the soapy cloth over my body, around my pulsing, hard cock, slower than fuck just to make me crazy, I’m sure.

When she’s finally done, I turn the tables on her, slowly washing every inch of her perfect skin.

“If I say I’m sorry for torturing you, will you go faster?” she asks breathlessly.


She chuckles and then moans when I drag her shower puff between her legs, washing her pussy.

“You’re extra dirty here.”

“That’s your fault.” She gasps and grips my biceps to keep from losing her balance as I press just a little harder. “God, that feels good.”

I kiss her cheek and down to her neck, biting softly but not hard enough to mark her. Her fingertips dig into my arms when I drag the soapy puff through her folds one last time before dropping it to the floor so I can rinse her off.

“How is it possible that you feel more toned than you did just last week?”

“I probably am,” she replies before kissing my chest. “The routine for Starla was more rigorous than anything I’ve done in the year I’ve been home. It toned me back up. Does it bother you?”

“Nothing about you bothers me. I love it when you’re curvy and I love it when you’re leaner. Fuck, M, I’m addicted to you any way I can get you.” I turn off the water and dry us both off then lead her to her bed.

“I thought we were going to talk,” she murmurs as I lower her to her bed and cover her body with mine.

“Later.” I slide my hand over her breast and down her ribcage to her hip. “The thing you need to remember, sweetheart, is you’re mine. Only you.” I kiss her neck and collarbone. “This is the only body I fantasize about.” I leave open-mouthed kisses over her breasts, pull on her tight nipples, then leave a mark right over her heart, where no one but me can see it.

Suddenly, she pushes on my shoulders, reversing our positions and braces herself on my chest. “That’s good to hear,” she says breathlessly as she raises up on her knees and lowers herself onto my cock. “Because I feel the same way. It’s only you, M.” She guides my hands over her breasts and down to her hips where I grip her tightly and lead her into a steady rhythm, watching with fascination as she rides me. She runs one tiny hand of hers down her stomach to her clit while the other hand cups her breast, pinching her nipple as she rides me with abandon. Just when I think she can’t get any more beautiful she completely beguiles me, throws me for a loop and knocks me off balance.

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