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I yank the Jeep door open and wait for her to climb in but she stops in front of me and cups my face in her small hands.

“Stop. What got into you?”

“I can’t wait another minute.” Her eyes darken as she watches me. “I know it’s nuts and my brother will most likely never let me forget dragging you out of there like a caveman, but I can’t share you with them any longer. I need you naked and wet and moving beneath me for about the next two days.”

Her eyes dilate and she licks her lips as she watches my mouth move. Her hands are braced on my biceps and I smile as I flex them on purpose, making her eyes widen and that pulse point in her throat thrum in anticipation.

“Well, when you put it like that,” she says softly. “Are you taking me home?”

“I’m taking you to my place,” I reply and tip my forehead down onto hers. “No interruptions. I’m going to make you scream and laugh and come undone, and I don’t want you worrying about who can hear us when I do.”

“Fair enough,” she says. “Can we stop talking about it in Will’s driveway and just go do it now?”

“That was the idea.”

Chapter Six


“Where do you live?” I ask and nervously bounce my knee in a fast staccato.

“About ten minutes from here,” he replies and takes my hand in his, pulling it to his lips to kiss my knuckles. “Too far.”

I can’t stand it anymore. Telling me he needs me now flipped a switch inside me and I need to touch him. He stops at a red light and I slip out of my seatbelt and crawl over the center console, grip his face in my hands and kiss him. Demandingly. He growls and buries his fingers in my hair, holding me to him as he kisses me back with a hunger I’ve never seen from him before.

Suddenly, a car honks behind us, alerting us of the green light.

“Too fucking far,” I say and sit back in my seat.

Mark keeps my hand gripped tightly in his as he maneuvers the Jeep through the neighborhood to his house and comes to a quick stop in the driveway.

“Home sweet home,” he murmurs, jumps out of the Jeep and jogs around to my door to help me out.

“I like your house.” It’s in an established neighborhood, on the bigger side, with a huge blooming cherry blossom tree in the front yard.

“Thanks,” he replies and leads me through the front door. “I’ll give you the tour later.” He throws his keys on a nearby table, and turns to me, pins me against the closed door at my back and devours my mouth, kissing me hungrily. He cups my cheek with one hand and with the other, lifts my right leg up around his waist and grips my ass in his palm.

“God, you feel good, M,” he murmurs against my lips. Suddenly he spins us around and pulls my top over my head just as I dive for the button on his jeans. We can’t get each other naked fast enough. We are a tangle of clothes and arms and laughter as we strip each other quickly and trip and stumble our way up a set of stairs and into his bedroom. He’s still in boxers when he tears my panties from my body. Fuck, his arms are flexing, the muscles jumping beneath his bronze skin and I’m about to come undone.

I reach for his boxers, but he suddenly stops cold, grips my wrist to stop me from touching him.

“Mark, hurry,” I begin, but he interrupts me.

“Don’t talk.”


His eyes are roaming up and down my naked body like he’s a starved man at an all you can eat buffet.

“Just the sound of your voice is going to make me come right now, M. Fuck me, you’re so…” He shakes his head as if he just can’t find the right word.

“I thought you were going to fuck me,” I pout and then grin at him but his eyes meet mine and they are on fire. His face is tight, his jaw clenched as he closes the gap between us, lifts me easily in his arms and lays me on the bed. He kisses up my body, from my belly, between my breasts, up my neck and finally covers me completely and kisses me softly.

“Trust me, I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you blind, but I’m not going to fuck you right now, baby.” He strokes my hair and nudges my nose with his. “I’ve waited such a long time for this moment. I’m going to make long, slow love to you. I’m going to explore every inch of this amazing body. I have to relearn you, M.”

Tears prick my eyes at his sweet words. His fingers are infinitely gentle as they stroke down my cheek. My hands can’t stop roaming up and down his back, down his arms and then over his back again. His skin is warm and smooth and the muscles jump beneath my touch.

“I love touching you,” I whisper.

He grins and lowers his lips to my lips, then drags them down my jawline to my neck and begins a slow journey down my body. He doesn’t leave one inch untouched. He pauses at my breasts and pulls back to admire them, and I can’t help but giggle.

“So you’re a boob man.”

The naughty smile spreads over his lips and he leans in to circle his nose around one tight areola. “Your breasts filled out nicely.”

“Told you,” I murmur and push my fingers through his hair.

“Your body was always magnificent. You kept me in a perpetual state of horniness for a long time, but my God, Mer, seeing you as a woman, it’s just breathtaking.”

“You’re getting laid, M. You don’t have to shower me with pretty words.”

His eyes find mine and I know he’s not kidding. “I’ll give you all the pretty words I want to, and you should know that I mean every single one of them.”

His hands glide down my stomach, over my hips and between my thighs, but he doesn’t touch me where my body is begging him to. My hips come up off the bed, begging for his attention.

“Beautiful skin,” he continues and kisses the path his hands just took, down my belly to my hip. “What is this?”

“A tattoo.” I grin down at him and laugh when his jaw drops. “You don’t like it?”

His fingers dance over the ink. “It’s tiny.”

I glance down where he’s looking and nod. It’s a simple eighth note, and in the middle of the circle part of the note is an M.

“I kept two things with me while I was dancing,” I begin and bite my lip. “Music…” I take a deep breath. Jesus, I’m laying myself bare here.



His eyes connect with mine. “You’re unbelievable.”

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