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I sweep my hand down his neck, over his shoulder and down his arm, pausing where his T-shirt ends over his biceps.

Jesus, the man’s arms should come with a warning label. May cause panties to spontaneously combust.

“Go back to sleep,” he whispers and kisses my forehead again. I lift my eyes to his to see his bright blue gaze peering down at me through heavy eyelids.

“You have great arms.”

He growls and quickly rolls on top of me, resting on his elbows at either side of my head, brushing my hair off my face with his fingertips lazily. He sweeps his nose against mine and kisses me softly, still not quite fully awake.

“You’re gorgeous in the morning,” he says and nibbles his way down my jawline. I feel his dick grow hard against my core through his jeans and I can’t help but wiggle, just a bit, trying to get closer. “And if you keep that up, we won’t leave this bed today.”

“I want to cook you breakfast.” I glance over at my alarm clock. “Make that lunch. And I want to go to the movies.”

“I want to strip you naked and kiss every inch of your incredible body.” My nipples pebble and I bite my lip as he pushes back to look down at me. “I want you, M.”

“I know, and trust me, I want you too.” I bury my fingers through his hair and smile up at him softly. “Let’s just take today and play. I want to laugh with you today. We used to laugh all the time.”

“That’s because you’re silly,” he says and kisses my palm twice before rolling us back to our sides.

“I’m not going anywhere,” I say seriously. His eyes jerk back to mine, and I know that there is doubt there. I drag my fingertips down his rough cheek, over his bottom lip. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m all yours, M.”

“Fuck yes, you are.” He kisses me with dominance, claiming me like he never did before, and it makes my body come alive against him, but he slowly backs away and glides his hand down my neck, to my breast, over my nipple and to my ribcage. “We’d better get out of this bed before I say fuck it and strip you naked, baby.”

I smile wickedly and bite his chin gently. “Yes, sir.”

He slaps my ass playfully as I roll away and step out of bed. I immediately stretch, like I do every morning, reaching my arms up to the sky, then bending to press my palms flat on the ground next to my feet.

“Showing me your perfect ass isn’t helping, Mer.”

I toss a smile over my shoulder and shake my head. “Do you only think of sex?”

“No, sex is not all I think about.” That naughty smile spreads across his handsome face. “I also think about you naked.”

“Come on, horn dog. I’ll make BLT’s.”

“You eat bacon?” he asks in surprise as he pulls himself out of the bed.

“Turkey bacon.”

“What the fuck is turkey bacon?” He wrinkles his nose like I just told him it was tofu bacon.

“It’s bacon made out of turkey.”

“Then it’s not bacon.” He props his hands on his hips and I start to salivate. Jesus, Mary and Joseph the man fills out a pair of jeans nicely.

“You’ll like it.”

“Just call it a TLT,” he insists and follows me out to the kitchen.

“A what?” I laugh.

“A turkey, lettuce and tomato.”

“Whatever makes you feel better,” I reply and smile when I see Jax sitting in the kitchen sipping water and reading a fitness magazine. “Good morning.”

“It’s afternoon. What time did you get home?” he asks and eyes Mark suspiciously.

“Does she have a curfew?” Mark asks coldly, glaring at Jax.

“No, but she does require respect, and keeping her out all night and then sleeping with her isn’t respecting her, dude.”

“No one,” Mark replies with fire shooting from his eyes as he advances on Jax, pushing his face close to his, “respects Meredith more than I do. You don’t know our history.”

“I know plenty,” Jax replies softly, never breaking eye contact with Mark. “And I know I’m watching you.”

Surprisingly, Mark sticks his hand out to shake Jax’s. “Thank you for protecting her,” he says quietly.

“I love her,” Jax replies honestly.

Mark nods, glances at me and then leans in to whisper something to Jax that I can’t hear.

“Fair enough,” Jax replies with a nod.

“Uh, can we forgo the pissing contest, boys?” I ask dryly. “No need to worry, Jax. We got in early this morning.” I pin him with my best butt out, everything is fine glare and turn to the fridge to find what I need to make lunch. “We’re going to a movie later. Wanna go?”

“I’d love to, lollypop, but I have a date.” He grins and throws his magazine on the countertop, then leans back and crosses his arms.

“I haven’t got my Men’s Fitness in the mail yet,” Mark says and reaches for the magazine, but I put my hand up, halting all conversation.

“Wait. Back up. A date with who?”

“You don’t know him.” Jax shakes his head and starts to walk out of the kitchen, but I grip his T-shirt in my fist from behind, bringing him to a stop.

“Wait. I need details. I can’t just let you go out with some guy off the street.”

“I don’t think he’s homeless, Mer,” Jax replies sarcastically and Mark snickers.

“You know what I mean.”

“Leave it alone. If it turns into anything other than sex, I’ll tell you more.”

I cross my arms over my chest and glare at my friend. We always talk about who we’re dating. “Use condoms.”

“Always.” He winks and saunters out of the kitchen, then turns back abruptly. “Don’t forget, we have rehearsal for Starla’s piece Monday before class.”

“I won’t forget,” I reply and wave him off. “What did you whisper to him?”

“Guy stuff,” Mark replies and leans his hips against the granite countertop, watching me slice a tomato.

“You’re not going to tell me?”


“Fine.” I roll my eyes and assemble our sandwiches. “Do you want some watermelon with yours?”


We eat in silence, watching each other. When he swallows, his neck muscles flex, and I can’t help but want to lick him there.

I’m so gonna lick him there.

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