Now she’d agreed to a tentative marriage and he had no fucking clue how to win her back. This was definitely unchartered territory. Iris wasn’t like other women. She was tough, sexy but didn’t flaunt it, and she sure as hell didn’t give a shit about his money. If anything it seemed to bother her. And now she was busy working as a bodyguard for him. Deep down, he didn’t know if he could handle it. The threat against him was damn real. He knew that. But he was a lot more worried about her than himself and if someone made a move against him, he knew he couldn’t let her protect him. He’d die for her before he let that happen.

Chapter 7

Wyatt stood up from his desk as the door to his office opened. No one should be in his suite except one person; Iris. As she stepped inside wearing a simple black bikini that barely covered her body, his entire body heated with the kind of need only she’d ever evoked inside him. Somehow he forced his vocal cords to work. “Did you enjoy the pool?”

“Yes, thank you.” Her dark eyes widened as her gaze landed on his growing erection.

He might be dressed but his pants did nothing to hide his reaction. Yeah, that was a permanent thing with her around. He didn’t bother trying to fight it anymore when it was just the two of them.

Before he could respond, she continued as she closed the distance between them in a few strides. “Though it was unnecessary to have the place cleared out. I was just doing laps.”

They’d been drowning themselves in sex for the past couple days and this morning he’d realized that she’d needed some alone time. So he’d had one of the hotel pools cleared so she could exercise in peace. And it had given him some down time to work and wrap his head around the fact that he and Iris were actually married. It should terrify him, but he was so damn happy he barely recognized the feeling. Wyatt raked his gaze over Iris as she stepped closer to him, a towel wrapped snugly around her trim waist. “I didn’t want anyone seeing what’s mine.”

At that, Iris rolled her eyes, but a soft smile played across her face. She was normally so reserved that he loved seeing her relaxed. Even without makeup, the woman was stunning. Reaching out, he cupped the back of her head and pressed his lips against hers. Though anxiousness to be inside her hummed through him, he forced himself to go slow. The past few days they’d been fucking like machines and this time he wanted to savor her.

She laughed lightly, the intoxicating sound rolling over him as she pulled away. “I don’t want to get you wet and it looks like you’re working.”

“I don’t care. Trust me,” he growled. And he didn’t. He’d been on the phone for the past few hours putting out fires at one of his hotels and dealing with shipping regulation bullshit at one of his warehouses. He might be successful, but sometimes it felt as if he never got a chance to breathe. Spending this time with Iris was like being given a shot of fresh oxygen. If only she’d open up to him more. She might have married him—and he still couldn’t believe she’d said yes—but she hadn’t given all of herself to him. He refused to let her hold back. Not when he wanted to claim all of her, to know she loved him the way he did her.

Iris let out an exaggerated sigh that didn’t match the mischievous grin on her face. She loosened her towel so that it pooled at her feet, then she stepped into his embrace again. At the sight of her in a tiny bikini a shudder rolled through him. He’d bought the damn thing for her but now he hated to think that anyone else in his hotel had seen her dressed like this. With her, he felt possessive on a level he’d never imagined possible.

He ordered himself to go slow, but as she grappled with his belt, he lost the battle for self control. He clasped his hands around her waist and tugged her flush against his body. She might be keeping part of herself hidden from him, but she couldn’t deny her attraction to him. Hell, neither of them could.

Sliding his hands up her waist and around her back, he tugged on the strings to her bikini top. As the flimsy material fell away from her body and slid to the floor, her nipples hardened into tight peaks. His cock ached painfully as he drank in the sight of her bare breasts. Not wanting her to undress him completely—just yet—he stilled her hands.

Iris looked up at him, her dark eyes curious until he grasped her bikini bottom and let it join her top on the floor. Without taking his gaze off her, he moved his laptop to the edge of his large desk and blindly shoved the few papers that remained to the side.

“Sit on my desk,” he ordered softly.

She hesitated for a moment and not for the first time was he struck with how vulnerable she seemed sometimes. She was always so damn strong, like she had a steel cage built around her, but when she let her guard down with him it warmed him from the inside out. Because he knew she didn’t do that for anyone else but him.

When she did as he said, sitting on the edge, her hands clasping it so hard her knuckles had turned pale, he inwardly smiled. The past couple days she’d given up complete control to him, letting him tie her up and he knew he was driving her wild with the way he took charge. She didn’t vocalize her feelings well, but the way her body reacted spoke volumes.

“Lay back and spread your legs.”

She glanced over her shoulder, as if she was afraid someone might walk in. “Wyatt…” She wrapped her arms around her full breasts. Breasts he’d sucked, licked, and teased until she was begging for more.

“No one would dare disturb us here.” While he had a home on the outskirts of the city, he used this penthouse suite as his personal living quarters and his office was off-limits to everyone. He grasped her wrists and tugged them to her sides, not wanting her to cover herself. The desire to see her body, what he was claiming as his own, was a primal need inside him. He covered her mouth with his, crushing and taking everything she’d give him.

If she wouldn’t open up to him, he’d get her so hooked on him that she wouldn’t want to leave. The woman was already like a drug. Addictive and intoxicating.

As he probed her mouth with his tongue, he slid his hand down her abdomen until he cupped her mound, feeling the slickness of her desire. Her hips rolled against him, urging him on in a silent demand.

She might be okay with giving up control to him in the bedroom but she sure as hell demanded what she wanted, sometimes with words and sometimes with just her body. He loved that she wasn’t afraid to let him know what pleased her.

Sliding his finger along her slit, he slowly pushed it inside her snug body to test her slickness. She moaned and tightened around him. He couldn’t bite back his own groan at discovering how wet she already was. Withdrawing his finger, he kept his mouth on hers and their bodies connected and leaned her back until she was flat on his desk. Clutching his shoulders, she started to wrap her legs around him, but he grasped her ankles and placed them on the edge of the desk.

Only then did he pull away to look at her stretched out—all for him. Her body was long, lean and perfectly bronzed. With Irish and Native American heritage, she had a lightly bronzed glow all year round. Her dark brown nipples tightened even harder under his gaze and with each second that passed, her breathing grew as erratic as his. His cock pressed hard against his pants, demanding he take her, but Wyatt needed to taste her. The subtle sent of her desire twined around him.

Even though he told himself to tease her, to work her up to it more, he couldn’t. Pulling her all the way to the edge of the desk so her thighs widened, he bent and covered her clit with his mouth. Sucking hard on the swollen nub, he grinned when her thighs tightened around his head. She gasped his name in a way that drove him insane. The desperate note in her voice matched his feelings for her.

More than anything he loved hearing his name on her lips. Stroking and teasing, he increased his pressure on her clit as he slid a finger inside her tight body. As he added another, her hips jerked against his face, her rhythm frantic.

One of her hands slid into his hair. She grabbed his head rougher than he’d expected, ratcheting up his own hunger. “Quit teasing.” Her words came out as a desperate plea.

Flicking his tongue harder over her sensitive bundle of nerves, his entire body tightened when he felt her inner walls clench around his fingers. She was so close he could feel it with each stroke of his fingers. But he wanted to be inside her when she came. Wanted to feel her milking his cock as he found his own release. Though he hated to pull away from her and her sweet taste, he lifted his head.

Breathing hard, she propped up on her elbows and stared at him. She opened her mouth, surprise clear on her face that he’d stopped. But she paused when he quickly tore off his shirt. He snagged and ripped a few buttons off, but he didn’t care. Then he grasped the belt she’d started to undo earlier. Before shoving his pants down he grabbed a condom from his back pocket. With Iris in his life, he’d decided to be prepared at all times until her birth control kicked in.

As he started to open it, she took it from him. Smiling wickedly, Iris set it on the desk beside her. She grasped the edges of his boxer briefs and too fucking slowly pushed them down his legs until he kicked them away.

With her dark gaze still on him, she took her time opening the packet then stroked his cock with one hand—slowly, torturously. She caressed him once, twice, three times…he lost count of her long, even strokes. He gritted his teeth, about to beg her to stop when she decided to have mercy on him. With slightly shaking hands she rolled the condom over his hard length. He jerked under her touch, unable to control himself.

What she did next surprised him. He was ready to take her on the desk but she pointed behind him in the direction of his chair.

“Sit,” she said softly.

With his cock jutting out, painfully hard, he did as she said. The leather was cool against his ass but she quickly slid off the desk and his entire body almost went up in flames.

Straddling him, she didn’t pause or tease before impaling herself on him in one long stroke. Her slick, tight sheath molded perfectly around him.

“Fuck,” he growled, pumping into her once before he grasped her hips hard and held her still. He just wanted to savor the feel of her pulsing around his cock.