“Every inch of you against every inch of me, India. Skin to skin. That’s the way I’ve always wanted to take you the first time in my bed. Come with me like this. I’ll get you there if you’ll let me.”

His words, his intent, his smoldering kisses sent India spiraling into the unknown. She’d always been in charge in the bedroom. Not a crop-wielding dominatrix, but she always felt her orgasms were her responsibility. How freeing would it be to pass that responsibility to him?

Like heaven.

When Colt stretched her arms higher and whispered, “Let go,”

she did.

She fell even as she soared. Her hips pumped and met his thrust for thrust. Her gasps cut through the sex-scented air, mixing with Colt’s grunts of satisfaction as he let go right along with her.

This time when India tried to break his grip on her hands, he didn’t protest. She touched him everywhere, running her palms down those fabulously sculpted muscular arms. Her fingertips danced across his broad chest, her thumbs strummed his nipples.

His answering hiss meant she’d definitely spend more playtime there.

Colt lifted his face from where he’d buried it in her neck.

India pecked him on the mouth. “Ding ding ding! I declare round three a tie.”

He grinned. “Yeah?”

“Mmm-hmm. Thank you. That was incredible. So now what?”

“You already eyeballing round four?”

“Of course, since you said I get to pick the next way.”

“You think so?”

“I know so.”

“Maybe there’s something else you oughta know about me.”

Beyond you’re spectacular in the sack?

If the man could wring three orgasms from her in less than three hours, when he hadn’t practiced the fine art of lovemaking in the last three years, what would it be like when he did return to his former sexual glory?


Her pussy clenched around his cock just thinking about the delicious ways he’d prove his prowess.

“Do that again.”


“Tighten around me.”

Grinning, she did.

He hissed. “That feels good.”

India kissed the sexy dent in his chin. “Mmm. You must’ve forgotten how good sex is in your sexual sabbatical.”

“No. It’s never felt like this. And I don’t believe it’s because I was wasted some of the other times.”

Her heart leapt.

“But there is one thing I remember.”

“What’s that?”

Colt clasped both her wrists in one hand and pinned them above her head. “I am in charge. I ain’t the ‘Would it be okay if I did this, honey?’ kind of lover. I’m demandin’. Greedy. And I prefer a little kink.”

She’d heard rumors of some of that kink, but Colt had never confirmed nor denied. “Should I be worried?”

“That I’m gonna have your sweet little body every which way I’ve fantasized about? Absolutely. That I’m make you forget any other man who’s ever touched you? Without apology. That I’m gonna cause your body to sing and sigh and weep with pleasure?

Guaranteed. That I’d ever hurt you? No. That I’d ever share you?

Bring another lover into our bed? Hell no. Fuck no.” His lips were a whisper away; his eyes flashed a dangerous glint. “You’re only ever mine. My hands on you. My mouth on you. My cock in you.


The annoyed feeling India expected never surfaced. This side of Colt wasn’t as alarming as it was…arousing. The position of his body, the set of his mouth, the heat in his eyes all bespoke of his domination.

Since her relationship with Larry, she’d avoided domineering men. Since she’d been clean, she’d avoided men from twelve-step programs. Since she’d moved to Wyoming, she’d avoided cowboys.

The irony that Colt was all three wasn’t lost on her.


“Sorry. Just thinking.”


“About how glad I am that you only wanna be with me. Just us, doing all the kinky things you’ve been stockpiling in your years of sexual deprivation.”

His slow, sure grin was a thing of beauty. “Oh, you don’t know the half of it.” Without releasing her hands, he destroyed her with a kiss so blistering hot she suspected her lips were smoking when he finally pulled back.

“So what do we do now?”

“Now we do the normal date thing. Pop some popcorn. Put in a movie, neck on the couch and see where it takes us.”

“You know exactly where it’s gonna take us, Colt McKay.

Straight back to bed.”

“That’s what I’m hopin’ for.”

India settled on his couch, wearing his button-down shirt, looking unbelievably sexy, balancing the enormous popcorn bowl on her lap.

After Colt plopped beside her, he clicked start. He’d cued up the movie, skipping the wawka wawka music and telling previews.

“What’re we watching?”

“A comedy.”

India laid her head on his shoulder. Crunch crunch. “This is nice.”

“We do this damn near every Saturday night.”

“But not like this. Snuggled close in the afterglow of amazingly perfect hot sex.”

“True. Quit hoggin’ the popcorn. That’s something else you always do. And crunch it as loud as humanly possible.”

“Sorry.” She laid a buttery, salty kiss on him and held the bowl closer.

The sex flick started as so many of them did. A hot woman, yakking on the phone to her friend about her lousy dating life. How she’d love to get some action but her prospects were thin. The doorbell rings. She hangs up in such a hurry to answer the door that she forgets to put a robe on over her negligee. Standing on the other side of the door is a repairman.

“I don’t recognize any of these actors.”


India knew something was up when the repairman bent over to

“fix” the knob on the stove and the woman came up behind him, spinning him around to bump and grind on his tool.

“Colt, is this porn?”

“Yep. Keep watchin’. It gets better.”

“I cannot believe we’re watching porn after we just had sex two times.”

“Three if you count oral.” He tossed a couple kernels in the air and caught them in his mouth. “I’ll bet we have sex again before the movie ends.”

“What do you want to bet?”

“Don’t be so literal, India. We don’t have to bet on everything,” he teased.

She faced him. “No, seriously. Put your money where your sexy mouth is, McKay. What’s the bet?”

“One dollar.”


“Two dollars.”

“Nope, not what I want.”

“What do you want, Miz Moneybags?”

“One kiss. One deep, slow, wet kiss.”

Colt pretended to consider it. “No deal. When I win, I wanna nail you from behind while we’re watching the scene where she’s being fucked by three guys and one chick.”

Her eyes flashed interest. “How does that work?”

“You’ll see.” Colt leaned over and licked the salt from her lips with a flirty kiss. “I dare you not to get turned on by that scene.”

“I’m gonna lose, aren’t I?”

“But that’s the beauty of bettin’ against me, sugar. Neither of us really loses.”

As the movie progressed, Colt knew India was getting turned on. She squirmed, even when her legs were primly pressed together.

She bit her lip. Her face was flushed. Her breathing choppy. But mostly he could tell because of the scent of the warm, sweet cream drifting up from between her thighs.

His dick tented his boxers but India was taking great pains not to notice.

Colt curled his hand around her knee. “Here’s the scene.”

The main character returned home and found her best friend in bed with the repairman. She was livid. Her idea of punishment was having her friend lick her pussy while the repairman sucked her tits.

The camera shots consisted of the brunette going to town between the blonde’s thighs, licking her slit over and over with long sweeps of her tongue. Or vigorously rubbing the blonde’s clit with a sharp-tipped red nail as they both moaned in ecstasy.

Meanwhile the bad repairman was devoting all his attention to the woman’s breasts. More sucking and tongue curls around the rigid tip as the woman writhed on the bed between them. She climaxed with gusto.

As she came down from her sexual high, the doorbell rang. Too tired to answer it, she dispatched her best friend to see who was at the door. The best friend came back to the bedroom with two new repairmen, who were sent to find out what happened to their male coworker. Their clothes flew, and they joined in the fun.

From the corner of his eye, Colt saw India was almost holding her breath.

Back on the screen, one of the new guys was spread out on the bed with at least twelve inches of thick cock sticking straight up.

The woman straddled him and impaled herself. Before she could arch back, the first repairman grabbed her hair, turning her head and shoving his dick into her mouth. She noisily sucked him off. The third man watched as her best friend licked a line up the woman’s butt crack, from where her pussy was already stuffed with dick. She licked and tongue fucked that beige pucker until the man pushed her aside and rammed all ten inches of his cock into that tight asshole.

The woman went ballistic. Cock in her mouth, cock in her pussy, cock in her ass. She allowed the men to set the pace, but they all fucked her hard. When the moment of truth came, one at a time, they pulled out and sprayed her body with come. The blowjob guy came on her face. The ass fucker came on her butt crack. The pussy fucker blew all over her bouncing tits.

The best friend took that as her cue to jump back in the fray.

She rubbed in the come dotted across her friend’s nipples. She licked the come off her friend’s face. Then she shoved two fingers up her friend’s pussy as she sucked her friend’s tits and brought forth yet another orgasm from her horny friend.