Rather than snap, she is dating me, Colt said, “I’m tame as a trail pony these days.”

“Some of them docile lookin’ ones still gotta lot of buck left in

’em, boy. You just hafta pick the right kinda rider to let the beast loose.”

Colt couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’ll see you tomorrow night. And put on a good show, will ya?

I bet twenty bucks on your team.”

“So tell me about this charity basketball game,” India said to Bert as Colt headed to the kitchen.

He rechecked the coffee pot he’d unplugged ten minutes ago.

Although it’d been a short meeting, it seemed he waited for hours for the attendees to leave. From the moment they’d arrived.

Might’ve made him selfish, but for the first time in years, Colt hadn’t paid attention to what his fellow A.A. members discussed.

His focus was on one thing.


The outer door slammed, signaling Bert had left. He heard India moving closer, each combat booted footstep across the tile floor pulsed in his groin.

“What did you need?”

The second he got a whiff of her wildflower scent, he spun around and erased the distance between them in two steps. Curling his hands around her face, he pushed her against the pantry door, crushing her mouth beneath his.

The instant her lips parted, he canted his head and thrust his tongue deep, kissing her with all the pent-up passion, need and longing he’d held in for the last day.

As he filled his mouth with her taste, he rested his thumb in the arc of her throat where her heart raced. Stroking that sweet, sensitive section of skin in tiny circles, as if he had his hand on the sweet spot between her legs.

She twisted her mouth free. “Wow.”

“I saw more of you when we weren’t dating.”

“Does that mean you want to stop dating me?”

“Screw that.” Colt clamped his lips to hers again. He’d intended to seduce her with a sweeter kiss, but the heat between them expanded, burning hotter than his first attempt.


“Why? Damn, I love the way you taste right here.” He placed his mouth beneath her ear and sucked.

“Colt McKay. Stop right now or I’m going to punch you.”

That grabbed his attention. “What?”

“You’re giving me a hickey in a church.”


“So you’re the one who wanted to take this slow. Yet, you’re mauling me at the first opportunity.”

“There haven’t been many opportunities. That’s why I’m takin’ advantage of it when I can.”

“Prove it.”

“Are you issuing a challenge?”

“Yep.” India gave him a look that’d melt ice. She undid the first two buttons on her blouse.

Whoa. Was she wearing a bra?

By the fourth button, his answer to the bra question was a definite no. Damn.

He managed to ask, “What are you doin’?”

“Giving you an opportunity.”

“For my balls to explode?”

She laughed. “Want me to keep going?”

Yes. “How far would you go?”

“I would say all the way, but that’s not an option, is it?”

Hell yeah. No. Dammit. Say no. Colt rubbed the underside of his jaw. “Nope.”

Up went the buttons. “You’re a cock tease, McKay.”

“Me?” he aped.

“Yes, you. Attacking me with all those hot kisses. Talking to me about your balls. I’m going home to take a cold shower.”

“I’m coming with you.”

“We’ll both be coming if you and I are alone in a room with a bed after avoiding temptation for more than a week.”

“India. For shame. Dirty talkin’ me in a church. Maybe we’d better lock up before we get struck by lightning.”

“At least I’d feel that sizzle of electricity before I died.”

Outside, Colt led her to his truck. “I’ll give you a ride.”

“No, you won’t. Not even if I beg you to ride me all night long.”

“Lord, did you always have sex on the brain and I just never noticed?”

“Nope. You just bring out the beast in me.”

“That’s a plain mean thing to taunt a guy with who hasn’t had sex in the last three years.” He opened the truck door. “Get in.”

“I think it’d be better if I walked.”

“Like hell. You ain’t walkin’ alone at nine at night.”

“It’s Sundance. What can happen to me?”

“Nothin’ if you’re ridin’ in my truck, now get in.”

“Fine.” India stepped up on the running board and crawled across the bench seat.

Hoping to lighten her mood, he said, “I wish you were wearin’ a dress.”

“I wish you were wearing a condom.”

“Holy hell, India Blue Ellison, are you an ornery woman.”

“A horny woman.”

At the back of the building, Colt shut off the engine and looked at her. Her mood had changed in the two-minute drive, nothing new; India’s moods were as unpredictable as the Wyoming weather.

“Now what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. Doesn’t this feel…weird? Last week, I had a great time with you. I see you tonight at the meeting, expecting it to be the same. But it’s different. Then Bert is trying to set us up on a date…”

He watched her fingers pinch the seam on the seat cover.

“And you don’t even tell him we are dating,” she finished in a rush.

Colt snatched her restless hand. “Is that what’s bothering you?

That we didn’t come out and tell anyone at A.A. that everything has changed between us?”

“Maybe. Look, I know it’s stupid.”

“It’s not stupid if you’re upset. C’mere.” He tugged her until she was practically in his lap. “I feel I’ve done something wrong. So I’ll do anything to fix it.”

“Like what?”

“I’m open to suggestions.”

India swung her leg over his until they were matched groin-to-groin and chest-to-chest. “Okay. Let’s mess around.”

“That’s a good idea.”

She laughed. Then she kissed him. Her hands clutching his hair, her crotch grinding on his, her nipples rubbing with enough friction he swore her piercings scratched his chest through their clothing.

He’d gotten used to being the aggressor, so her dogged seduction was incredibly potent. Each teasing, tantalizing kiss destroyed his resolve to maintain a cool head, especially when the head in his Wranglers burned hot as a branding iron.

India’s lips followed the slope of his jaw to his ear. “So strong.

So smooth. Did you shave just for me?”


“Mmm. You smell good too.” She nuzzled his neck. “You know my favorite thing about you wearing aftershave?”

“Ah. No. I don’t.”

“Anticipating how it’ll smell on my skin. After you’ve rubbed your face and mouth all over my chest. And my neck.”

His cock twitched. Her little chuckle meant she knew it. Felt it.

Sassy wench.

“Unbutton my blouse, Colt.”

Good thing he was dexterous. All her rubbing and nuzzling could’ve distracted a lesser man.

Once her shirt was undone, she leaned back until her spine met the steering wheel. “If I ask nice, will you put your mouth on me?”

“Is that what you want, Indy?”

“Yes. God yes. Ever since that morning you sucked my nipples, I’ve been dying to feel your lips and tongue on them again.”

Colt growled. He yanked the shirt open and jerked it down, immobilizing her arms.

Her complaint of, “Hey!” was lost the second his mouth enclosed the bared tip.

Her skin was so warm and silky under his callused hands.

While he suckled the right nipple, the fingertips of his left hand stroked the underswell of her left breast. He’d always been a fan of big tits, but this handful of perfection was more than enough to satisfy him.

He slowly freed her nipple, tugging on the ring with his teeth, and watching her shadowed face to gauge her reaction.


“You’re right, my aftershave does smell good on you.” Colt rubbed his cheek and jaw across her chest, and used his chin to separate her cleavage, kissing the inside of each breast. “Kinda makes me wonder where else it’d smell good.” He rained kisses, brushing his smoothly-shaven cheek over her arched neck. “Mmm.

Here’s another good spot.”

India groaned. A shiver rippled through her.

“I’m bettin’ the best place is that tender spot right between your thighs. Am I right?”

“Yes. You’re welcome to test it out.”

He trilled his lips to her left nipple. “I wish I hadn’t shaved. I’d like you to feel my whiskers on your delicate skin as I’m markin’ you with my scent.”

“Please. I-I—”

Colt’s tongue toyed with the nipple ring. He licked circles around her areola just to watch it pucker into a tight point. “Tell me what you want.”

“To get off with you. Like this, fully clothed. With your mouth sucking my nipples as I’m rocking on you.”

“It’d be the second time you’ve made me come in my pants.”

“Then next time you can come in my hand. Or in my mouth. Or in my pussy. But damn you, Colt, I’m so wet and—”

He slammed his lips to hers to shut her up. Jesus. If she continued that tempting talk he’d come without her touching any part of his body. Keeping hold of her shoulders, he angled his pelvis so all their good parts rubbed together.

She arched in complete abandon. “Yes.”

“Where do you want my mouth? Here?” Colt scraped his teeth down her neck. “Or here?” He latched onto her right nipple.