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I clear my throat, hoping to clear some of the fog from my brain before speaking. “Yeah, Beck I want this, but this is just going to be fun. No attachments, no love notes, and no promises.” I try to stay strong, keep that mask of indifference firmly in place, but the look he’s giving me is my undoing. That sexy smirk, eyes twinkling in mischief, and one brow raised as if even it is mocking me. Whatever. “I mean it. I’m not looking for forever, Beck.”

“I didn’t ask for forever. You want to live in the moment, and get off while you’re at it, I won’t judge you. But fair warning, I’ll do my best to change your mind.” And with a wink, his lips are back on mine. His tongue, warm against my mouth, traces the seam of my mouth. He slowly caresses my lips with lazy licks, bringing his teeth into the seduction, and nipping slightly until I open up and let him in. The second his tongue meets mine, I feel like my whole body has caught fire. Flames lick up my legs, arms, all the way to the top of my head, completely engulfing me in an overwhelming, burning to the core surge of lust.

I don’t even realize we are moving until my thighs hit something solid. Beck’s big hands reach down, burning my skin as he travels from my hips to the backs of my legs, and with an effortless movement, he has me in the air and my ass on the kitchen table. I break free from his mouth and look around in a daze, wondering how we made it from his living room to the kitchen. Before I can ask the question, his lips latch onto my neck, and with his light bites, swipes of his tongue, and hot breath against my neck, I swear I could come on the spot. Just a small amount of friction is all I need against my core, and I’ll be off like a rocket.

“Your taste is intoxicating,” he mumbles against my neck, his lips moving from my collarbone on a blazing hot trail towards my cleavage. The only sounds I can hear are his soft grunts when he licks my skin, and my panting. Yes, panting. I’m sure I should be embarrassed that I sound like a bitch in heat, but it’s been so long since I enjoyed the pleasure of a man that I don’t think there is one single thing that could ruin this moment.

“I want to feel you,” I plead, trying to pull his shirt over his shoulders without losing his mouth on my skin. “Please…”

He pushes himself off of my body, and in seconds, his shirt is ripped off and thrown over his shoulder. He reaches forward, and in a swift move that would make a magician proud, takes mine and tosses it away, both shirt and bra flying across the room. I look down at my tits, wondering when in the hell he managed to get my bra off but the second his hard body moves back between my spread legs, and his warm mouth closes around one of my painfully hard nipples, all rational thoughts fly out the window.

The next few minutes are a flurry of limbs, wet mouths, and flying clothes. I vaguely register the sting of his hardwood floor when we roll off the kitchen table and crash to the floor. I hear, almost as if I’m standing in a tunnel, the splinter of wood and a crash in the distance, but with his mouth and tongue dancing against my body, I’m happy to ignore everything but this man.

“Are you ready for me, Dee?”

I look down my body and see him up on his knees, stroking with lazy movements, the largest cock that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

“Holy shit,” I whisper. I have no doubt in my mind that even when Beck isn’t ready for some fun, this man looks just as impressive then as he does now. Rock hard, thick shaft, and mouthwatering, smooth skin makes me lick my lips in anticipation, and just nod my head.

“I’m not sure you are. I can smell how much you want me, and let me tell you, it is taking all my strength to stop from taking you hard and fast. I bet your pussy tastes as sweet as the rest of you. I’m going to get you good and ready for me, and enjoy every damn second of it.” He removes his hand and I whimper when he stops touching himself. “Don’t worry, you’ll have me soon enough.”

And then, he bends forward and licks from end to end with one agonizingly slow stroke before closing his mouth around my clit and sucking. Hard. Just like that, I slap my hands against the floor, arch my back, and come. I can feel his growl of approval against my oversensitive skin, which does nothing more than intensify my orgasm when I feel the vibrations.

“More.” His demand has me shaking my head and mumbling incoherent words. “Yes, more.” He slows down his assault, licking and nibbling, paying attention to every inch of my drenched pussy. Every inch, but the one spot I want his lips back on. He leans up, and I take in his glistening lips and chin. With one brow arched, and his smirk in place, he brings his hands up, and with two long, thick fingers, enters me with one firm push. Curling his fingers slightly, and finding that bundle of nerves guaranteed to drive me over the edge, again he whispers, “More.” Then his lips, his full and perfect lips, are right back against my clit. He sucks, licks, bites, and in seconds, he hits my spot again, and I fly. I don’t just fly, I freaking soar.

I’m pretty sure I blacked out. Hell, I might’ve died and gone to Heaven, had tea with Jesus, and then fallen back to earth. He is that good. When I’m finally able to focus, I can feel his lips kissing a path back up my body. When his face is level with mine again, I notice the smirk I’ve started craving is long gone. He is looking at me as if I’m the last scrap of food left on the planet. He looks at me like he can see right through me, and if I was smart, that look would terrify me.

“Delicious.” One word, spoken with so much hunger, he actually makes me believe it. When his lips press against mine and start feasting again, my toes curl, and another whore-like moan slips up my throat.

“Please, Beck, I need you inside of me.” I’m not past begging at this point. I would probably sign my soul over to the devil for just a taste of him pounding into my body. “Please, take me.”

“My pleasure,” he rumbles before reaching between us. I feel the head of his cock rub against my clit, and my eyes roll back. He rubs against me a few more times before I feel the solid length at my entrance, pressing against the resistance my body seems to be giving him.

“Condom…” I squeeze out between gasps of pleasure.

“Already on,” he pants. “When you were passed out from pleasure.” My eyes fly open at his smug tone. I meet his hypnotizing stare before his lip turns up and he pushes forward. In one swift thrust, he settles himself balls deep. My nails bite into the skin on his sides, my toes curl, and I throw my head back, screaming his name so loudly, I’m sure the windows will explode. His forehead is resting against my shoulder, his warm breath bathing my skin in rapid bursts as he struggles for control.

I squirm, trying to get him to move, and his head pops up. His eyes, so dark and full of promise, narrow slightly. “Do. Not. Move.” He pants. I grip him, tightening not only my legs, but also my walls, as they close around his thick cock. He groans and drops his head against my shoulder again. “Please. I want this to last, not be over in two seconds.” If there hadn’t been so much desperation in that almost begging request, I might have tormented him a little longer.

When he finally starts moving, I have a brief thought that he has ruined me for any other man. Fireworks are going off, my ears are ringing, and my throat is raw from screaming out in the pure, raw pleasure he has me drowning in. Every single nerve ending seems to be firing at once; my skin is slick with sweat and on fire as my orgasm builds strength. All sense of time and reality fly out the window as he takes me hard against the kitchen floor. When my climax hits, I lift my hips off the floor and grab his firm ass tight, grinding my clit against his pelvis, and screaming out his name.

“BECK! Oh God! Beck!”

“More.” His voice sounds almost animalistic. His eyes drink me in. They look completely black to the point that you can’t tell where his pupils are. All traces of the chocolate color are gone, and in their place is the hunger he feels for me. It completely takes over, and with it, the control he’s held in check all night snaps.

We move together as if our bodies have been made just for each other. We switch positions, and when I drop my weight onto his lap, and feel him hit deep inside me, I almost lose it. Our dance for dominance continues when he flips me onto my back again, driving his pelvis in deep. Minutes, hours, days… I’m completely lost as this man takes me. The smell of our arousal is as intoxicating as the man driving himself into my body. There isn’t an inch of our bodies that isn’t touching.

“Ouch!” When my head hits something solid, he flips us again, and his hands, so large they almost touch, grab my hips, lift me off his lap, and then ram me back down. And just like that, my core clenches tight, and I feel the ribbons of pleasure starting to uncoil. Knowing I’m seconds away from yet another climax, I bring my hands down against his rock hard pecs and look into his eyes. His handsome face is drawn tight, his brows furrowed, his nostrils flaring, and his plump bottom lip between his teeth. I know, without a doubt, that he’s just as close, if not closer, than I am to reaching his relief. I can feel it building, our pleasure reaching its peak together.

I’ve never thought it was possible to lose consciousness, but still be aware of your surroundings. He seems to have gained some third wind, and in a speed I can’t quite understand, we are rolling again. Furniture crashing, glass breaking, and through it all, his hips keep a steady rhythm against my body. I bring my hands up and grab ahold of his ass once again, enjoying the feel of his firm muscles flexing under my hands.

His balls slap painfully against my ass, and his grunts pick up speed. In a tangle of limbs, slick skin, and grunts of pleasure, we both come undone. Completely spent and connected, he crashes his big body down against my chest. Neither one of us is ready to break the spell.

I’ve never felt as vulnerable as I do in this moment. Not even my brief past relationships have ever made me feel like all my walls have crumbled so instantaneously. My mind is telling me to run, and my body is telling me to never let go.

It scares the ever-loving shit out of me.

I know in this moment, trapped between a rock hard body, and an even harder floor, that this man has all the power in the world to completely crush me.

When he seems to come back to earth, he leans up on his elbows, gives me a sweet kiss, and just looks at me. It feels as if he is looking right into my soul, and seeing everything I have never wanted anyone to see. He sees me.

“Come on, let’s take this upstairs. I’m nowhere near done with you.” He kisses me again, offering a few, small, barely there presses against my lips before pulling out of my body with a groan. He looks around, shakes his head a few times, and softly chuckles under his breath. “Looks like I need to call a housekeeper and a furniture shop. And what is that smell?”

I must look as confused as I feel over that comment, because he throws his head back and laughs. “Look around you. You could level a house with that powerful pussy.”

My jaw drops at his crass comment, but when I look around at the destruction of his once perfectly organized kitchen, I can feel my cheeks fire.


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