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I rush to throw some clothes on. I’m so embarrassed that my face feels like it might burst into flames. Thank God Beck was busy with Coop because I’m pretty sure his head would explode if he knew that both of his friends have seen me naked.

Beck comes storming back in the bedroom with his hands covering his dick. I want to laugh, but when I see his face, I know that wouldn’t be the best move. He takes one look at me, standing at the sink brushing my hair, before stalking towards me. His hands drop and I watch in fascination as he grows harder with each step. I lick my lips and he growls. My eyes meet his in question, and I’m met with pure, raw heat.

He walks right up to me and without a word, strips the clothes from my body, lifts me up so my ass rest against the vanity, and rams into me. His movements are frantic and his pace rushed. He licks and bites along my neck and his fingers dig into my hips as he pounds into me. It doesn’t take long for us both to tip over the edge. His lips slam down against mine, eating my screams while I swallow his grunts.

He releases my lips, and with his dick still deep inside me, locks eyes with mine. “Do not shower. I want to know that I’m still inside you when you walk down those stairs and sit down at the table. When those assholes are sitting in the same room with you after just seeing what is mine, I want to know that I’m still all over this sweet pussy.”

Well. Ohhhkay, then. I nod, and when he pulls from my body, we both get dressed in silence before walking downstairs hand in hand.


Chelcie looks different this morning. I can still see the lingering fear in her eyes, but now, she also looks… nervous? We’ve been sitting around the table for about thirty minutes, just making small talk while we eat some breakfast that the boys brought over. The whole time, Chelcie keep looking over at Coop before quickly shifting her eyes away. She hasn’t even eaten much, just keeps pushing it around her plate and worrying her lips.

What in the hell?

I know they hooked up while I was in the hospital last month, but Chelcie has told me that it was just one time, and she knows better than to get tangled up with Coop and his playboy ways. I know there aren’t any feelings for him on her end, and knowing Coop as well as I do, I know there aren’t any on his end, either. He’s completely oblivious to the awkwardness. Just stuffs his face with more and more food.

Beck squeezes my leg, and I look over at him. He tips his head towards Chelcie and just shakes his head once. I know he would tell me if he knew anything, so I nod and continue to eat.

We finish up breakfast and I busy myself with cleaning up the mess. I’ll do anything to buy me some time before we sit down and talk about everything swirling around us.

“You need some help, Dee?” Maddox asks.

I blush remembering him catching my ass in the air earlier.

“Nope, I got it all under control.” I’m loading the last dish into the dishwasher. I can hear Beck and Coop talking at the table and glance over to see Chelcie still sitting there silently.

“Don’t worry. Just because I got an eye full this morning doesn’t mean I’m going to carry you off and enjoy the view up close and personal.”

My shocked gaze snaps to his, and when I see his dark eyes dancing with humor, I want to kick his ass.

“Not funny, Asshole!” I smack him with the dishtowel before walking back over to the table and sitting down.

“What was that all about?” Beck asks, looking at Maddox with a glare.

“Nothing, just Mad being a douche.”

His eyes narrow as he looks over at Maddox, who just holds his hands up in surrender.

“All right, so… can we get this over with?” I break the silence, praying that Beck will drop it. Maddox might be the most closed off man I’ve ever met, but I know he didn’t mean anything by his comments. He has apparently grown a sense of humor overnight, and even though it’s at my expense, it’s nice to see him not so closed off.

“Stop thinking about her ass.” Beck growls, taking my hopes that we can just forget about this away in a flash.

“Seriously, just forget it!” I snap.

Beck breaks his heated staring contest with Maddox to look over at me.

“He saw you naked, Dee! You want me to just forget about it?” His tone is low and lethal. I know he’s seconds away from going all alpha-man crazy.

“Oh, really… you know, I’m aware that he saw me naked, but it was also an accident. When you were running through the house with your dick flopping all over the place for everyone to see, you didn’t see me going all crazy. Oh no, I was laughing, because, hello! It’s funny!”

His nostrils flare and his eyes are still narrowed, but he doesn’t say anything.

AH! I swear that these overgrown apes are going to be the death of me.

“Stop your shit, John Beckett. So what? Coop got a quick look at my girls and Maddox saw my naked ass. THEY aren’t the ones that get the benefits of possessing this body. It’s all yours! I didn’t flip out when everyone in this house saw you, and I would appreciate it if you could tone that testosterone down a little. So, would you please stop?”

“Those two bastards didn’t enjoy looking at my junk, but I know they enjoyed the hell out of yours!”

For the love of God! It takes me a second to tone down my frustration, and if I’m honest with myself, it’s hot as hell to watch him get all jealous and possessive.

“Are you forgetting about the very feminine set of eyes that got to take in all that is little Beck?”

Coop chokes on his drink when I finish talking. Maddox booms out a laugh that shocks me enough to look his way. If I weren’t so frustrated with Beck right now, I might drool over how handsome he looks. How has no one noticed, besides Em, just how good-looking he is? Even Chelcie seems to be zoned in on all that is Maddox Locke smiling and laughing.

“Dee!” His growl has me snapping my eyes back to his.


“Eyes. On. Me.”

“Oh, you infuriating man!” I stand up, shift until I’m in his lap, and press my mouth to his ear. “Your tits, your ass. No one else’s but yours. Yours to touch, lick, and kiss. No. One. Else. Do I need to keep listing all the parts of me that belong to you? Because, Baby, we don’t have enough time for me to list every single part of my body.” When I finish whispering in his ear, I pull back and look into his eyes. I want him to see how serious I am and how ridiculous his caveman act is.

His eyes are burning with emotion. I can see how hard he’s working to control this jealous urge of his. The lust and desire that lights his eyes doesn’t shock me, but when I see his face go all soft and my words penetrate his thick head, I know he gets it.

He understands. He out of everyone knows how big it is for me to admit that I belong to anyone, but more importantly, he gets that right here in the midst of his stupid jealousy, that I am completely his.

Mind, body, and soul.

He closes his eyes and pulls me deeper into his arms. Chills rake through my body when he presses his lips against my temple and leaves them there. Just breathes me in and takes the moment he needs.

“Well, as entertaining as it is to watch Beck go nuts, why don’t we focus on the shit that needs focusing?”

I glare at Coop, pissed that he interrupted Beck’s and my moment. It pisses me off that all this shit with Adam and the asshole sending the letter has come at the worst possible time.

“What have you found out?” Beck asks, never lessening up his hold on my body. His voice vibrates through my back, causing me to shiver.

“Not much from that letter. I’m going to drop it off with a buddy of mine at the police station and get them to run it for prints. No postmark, which we expected, so either he had someone drop it off at the office, or he paid someone to do it for him. Either way, we most likely aren’t going to get shit off that letter. Pictures are all local. Most of the ones of Chelcie are her coming and going from Roberts Insurance. Nothing that leads me to believe he knows much about her personal life, which was also to be expected. Chelcie just happens to be his way of shaking Dee up because he knows about their friendship.” Maddox pauses for a second, and I take the moment to glance at Chelcie. She doesn’t look as scared as she was last night, but she still looks worried.

“I did get lucky on Adam Harris. Seems that he isn’t as stealthy as this other douchebag. Picked up a trace on his cell phone. Local tower, so for some reason he seems to be in the Atlanta area. I’m still working on the rest, but he isn’t using any bank or credit cards, mainly because he doesn’t have any money in those accounts. There are a few shithole motels around where his phone was traced, but no luck finding him. For now, he’s our number one concern.”

When Maddox finishes talking, I let out the breath I didn’t realize I had been holding. They have nothing. Well, nothing reassuring.

“So, you’re telling me that this Adam guy is local and very well could reach out and fucking touch me?” I whisper. I notice Chelcie shudder out of the corner of my eye and regret the way I worded that.

“No one is going to get their hands on either one of you.” The venom behind Coop’s promise shocks me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him act like that before. He normally hides behind his ‘don’t give a fuck’ immaturity, but this right here is a side to him I’ve never seen. “I mean it. We won’t let anything happen to you two.” He looks away and we’re all silent for a minute, letting Maddox’s news sink in.

When Coop’s cell rings a few minutes later, I jump in Beck’s lap, causing him to grunt when I land awkwardly. “Thanks for that, Babe.” He groans, adjusting me better in his lap.

“Oh, I’ll kiss it and make it better later.”

Coop checks his caller ID, and a big shit-eating grin takes over his face. In hurried movements, he accepts the call, stands, and places the phone to his ear. “Ash! God, is it good to hear your voice.”

What? Who the hell is Ash? I look at Chelcie when I hear her gasp, and like a damn light bulb going on, it all makes sense. Damn, I knew I should have said something to her about getting mixed up with him. Regardless if it was once or a few times, she obviously is upset knowing he’s talking to another chick.

“Leave it alone, Dee. We need to focus on other things right now, and whatever is going on between those two is none of your business.”

I nod my head at Beck’s whispered words and sit back to wait for Coop to return to the conversation.

No one says anything while we wait. I can’t hear what Coop is saying, but by the tone of his voice, he’s happy to hear from the chick who’s on the line. He comes back into the room about ten minutes later with a big, stupid grin on his face.

“What?” he asks when it’s obvious that the mood in the room has shifted.

“Nothing. Let’s talk about plan of action.” Beck is quick to change the subject, and I notice Chelcie visibly relax.

“Right now, we keep doing this. The girls stay here and so do you. Axel knows what’s going on, and we all agree that their best protection is either here or at the office. When you need to leave, Coop or I will come stick around. I know you have a few security installs coming up this week. If you would have taught us how to install those bastards, then we could have taken those, but it’s those high end, fancy motherfuckers. My guess is this unsub will make himself known when the ten days are closer to an end. Until then, we wait and try to find Adam.”


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