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Author: Olivia Cunning

She looked up at him. “I’m sorry.”

He touched her face. She’d try harder to pay attention to what she was doing. She ran her tongue around the head of his cock and drew him inside her mouth again. She pressed his legs further apart so she could massage his bal s with the palm of her hand and rub his sensitive hole with two fingertips. Brian’s head fel back against the headboard with a loud thunk. He grabbed her hair in both fists as she sucked him deep, her tongue working against the underside of his cock al the way down and then al the way back up. She could tel he approved of her renewed concentration by the punctuated gasps coming from the back of his throat. Trey leaned over her, his sweat dripping over the surface of her back. “You should see his face, Myrna. I think he’s about to blow the back of your head off.”

Myrna reached between her legs and brushed her fingertips over Trey’s sack. He gasped and lost his perfect rhythm altogether. He stayed buried deep so she could reach him. She massaged Trey’s bal s with one hand and Brian’s with the other. The combined gasps of the two men drove her to distraction. She rubbed her wrist against her clit while she fondled Trey, seeking sexual release. God, she ached. Her pussy was so empty.

“So who’s gonna let go first?” Trey asked, biting into his sucker with a loud crunch. “I think I can outlast Brian.”

“You aren’t even moving anymore. Let her suck you and see how long you last. God, woman! Just put your fingers inside. Quit teasing me.”

She complied, sliding two fingers deep. He cried out hoarsely.

“She’s doing some amazing stuff with my nuts,” Trey said. “If I move, I’m pretty sure she’l stop.”

Myrna lifted her head. “What about me?” she whispered. “I want you inside me, Brian. Please. I need your thick cock buried deep…”

Trey pul ed out, making Myrna moan. “Let’s switch then.”

“Do you want to ride me, sweetheart?” Brian asked.

“God, yes.” And if that made her a whore, so be it.

Brian slid down the bed to lie flat on his back between her thighs. She grabbed his cock and guided it into her aching pussy, taking him deep and fast. Rubbing that itch deep inside that only he could satisfy. Her head fel back as she pounded into him, vocalizing her pleasure in the back of her throat.

Trey drew a breath between his teeth. “God, that sound she makes…”

“…is so fuckin’ hot,” Brian finished Trey’s sentence.

Trey touched the back of Myrna’s head and she opened her eyes to look at him. He was standing on the bed in front of her. He’d removed the condom and his long cock stood at attention, glistening before her.

“Suck him, Myrna,” Brian encouraged, looking up at them. “I can see everything from here.”

“Did you ever think you’d be lying there looking up at your best friend’s sack? How’s the view?” Trey chuckled. Myrna leaned forward and sucked Trey into her mouth. He’d coated his cock with one of Brian’s flavored lotions and tasted like sweet coconut. She slurped him deep and he cursed under his breath.

“That’s it, baby. Teach him a lesson for being such a smart ass,” Brian said.

“Yeah, teach me a lesson, Professor.”

Brian wrapped his hands around her hips to help her raise and lower herself on his cock. She found it hard to concentrate on pleasuring Trey and herself at the same time. She placed a hand on Trey’s sweat-slick bel y and pul ed away. He grunted in protest as she abandoned him. She lowered her head, resting her forehead against Brian’s temple. Her hand ran down Trey’s thigh as she whispered into Brian’s ear, “Tel me what you want me to do to him. I’l do anything you say.”


She turned her head to look at Brian. He was grinning deviously.

“You’re real y okay with this?” she asked.

“Why wouldn’t I be? It was my idea.”

“You don’t think I’m a whore?”

He laughed. “Why would I think that? You’re a gift from heaven as far as I’m concerned.”

Myrna glanced up a Trey. “Yeah, I’l do anything you tel me to,” she whispered into Brian’s ear.

“What are you two plotting?” Trey asked, grabbing Myrna’s hand that was stil resting on his thigh. He shifted her hand to his cock and used it to stroke his flesh, twisting her wrist slightly each time her hand rubbed over his swol en head. “Please don’t tel me you changed your mind and now you’re going to toss me out in the hal way with a horrible case of blue bal s.”

“You know I wouldn’t do that to you, buddy,” Brian said and laughed maniacal y.

“On second thought…” Trey took a step sideways.

Myrna’s hand tightened on Trey’s cock and he stopped. She looked up at him. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Just trying to keep personal injury to a minimum.”

“I won’t hurt you, Trey,” she promised, sitting up.

“Unless I tel her to.”

“Huh?” Trey gasped.

“Move him a little to the left,” Brian said.

Myrna’s hands moved to Trey’s hips and she shifted him to the left.

“Wait, I—”

“Put your hand on his chest and shove him against the wal . Don’t let him give you any lip,” Brian instructed. Myrna shoved Trey against the wal . He hit his head with a loud thud. “Hey!” he protested.

“Grab his nuts and tel him to shut up.”

She grabbed Trey’s bal s and he cried out in pain.

“Easy,” Brian said.

Her grip loosened slightly. “Shut up.” She felt like she had a little devil on her shoulder, whispering naughty instructions to her.

“Yes, ma’am,” Trey squeaked.

“Lick the head of his dick.”

Her tongue darted from between her lips, wrapping around the head of Trey’s cock. He shuddered violently.

“Don’t give him much. Lick one side along the rim, over and over again. I want you to drive him crazy. Go.”

She did exactly as Brian instructed. Trey groaned in protest. Within a minute, Trey was rocking on the bal s of his feet, just like he did when the music overtook him on stage.

Brian laughed. “Tel her what you want, Trey.”

“Suck me,” he growled between clenched teeth. “Please.”

She glanced down at Brian for instructions and he shook his head.

“Put two fingers in his ass and do that thing you do to me sometimes.”

“What thing?” Trey asked suspiciously.

She grinned. “You’re very generous with your friends, sweetheart,” she murmured.

She slid her index and middle fingers into Brian’s mouth to wet them and then reached between Trey’s legs and shoved them inside his body.

Trey gasped brokenly. “Oh yeah. You know I like that.”

She searched inside him until she found her target and stroked the swol en gland persistently. Trey grabbed her hair in both fists and directed his cock into her mouth. His cries of ecstasy encouraged her to suck him hard while she continued to stimulate him with her fingers.

Brian grabbed her wrist and eased her fingers from Trey’s body. She released his cock as wel and glanced down at Brian for further instructions.

“Leave him for a minute,” Brian said. “Ride me until you come, and if he’s quiet, I’l tel you to suck him off. Maybe.”

Stil trembling from the pleasure she’d given him, Trey groaned in protest. He wrapped his hand around the head of his cock and flinched.

“If he’s quiet,” Brian repeated. “And doesn’t touch himself.”

Trey’s brow furrowed. “Fu…” He bit his lip. He shifted both hands to his hips and stood there waiting for Myrna to make her next move.

She grinned down at her devious lover, rising and fal ing over him now. Brian’s fingers worked her clit, driving her mad with desire. Her head fel back as her cries grew louder and louder with each thrust.

“Shit,” Trey muttered. “I’m supposed to just stand here and watch you two fuck while I get nothing?”

Myrna lifted her head to glare at Trey. “You already had yours. And you’re supposed to be quiet,” she said, and shoved him against the wal . “You broke my concentration. Now I have to start over.”

Brian gasped in pleasure. She looked down to find him writhing on the brink of orgasm. She slapped him across the face. “Don’t you dare let go. Not yet. I’m not finished with you.”

He caught her wrist before she slapped him again. “You’re getting awful y bossy.” He looked up at Trey and nodded. Trey hopped off the bed.

Brian grabbed her around the waist and rol ed their entwined bodies onto their sides. She gasped as his cock rammed into her. He lifted her left leg to rest around his waist. Trey spooned up against her back. She stiffened.

“Relax,” Trey whispered into her ear.

He probed her back entrance with the head of his cock and then he was inside her. Both of them were inside her. Oh. So gloriously fil ed.

They began to move. Brian thrusting into her, while Trey pul ed out. Brian pul ed out, while Trey thrust inside. Her senses were so overwhelmed that she couldn’t do anything but cling to Brian’s chest and gasp for air, her head tilted back and pressing into Trey’s shoulder.

“Are you okay?” Brian whispered into her ear.

“Yes,” she gasped. “Yes. Yes, oh God, yes! Yes! Fuck me. Fil me. Both of you. I love it. I love it!” She saw stars when she came, but they didn’t let her recover. They switched to thrusting into her and pul ing out in unison. Trey’s body convulsed behind her. “God, Brian, your cock is driving me crazy.”

“Yeah,” Brian agreed. “I feel you moving inside her. Feels so good.” His breath caught. “Faster, Trey. Stay with me.”

Myrna turned her head to look at them. They lay facing each other, staring into each other’s eyes over her shoulder. She’d seen this intensity between them on stage before, this connection, but was surprised to see it here. Brian closed his eyes. Stil matching Brian’s thrusts, Trey leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth.

Myrna’s eyes widened.

Trey’s tongue probed Brian’s lips.

Brian opened his mouth and Trey plunged his tongue inside. Trey’s hand moved to the back of Brian’s head to hold him stil as he kissed him. He sucked Brian’s lips passionately, his thrusts into Myrna’s body growing increasingly vigorous as his excitement got the better of him and he lost their synchronicity. Trey watched Brian the entire time he kissed him, his eyes glistening with unexpected tears. After a moment, he squeezed his eyes shut, his kiss shifting from passionate to desperate. Myrna lay there, too stunned to do anything but gawk.

Oh my God. Trey loved Brian. She knew it for a certainty. Trey loved Brian. Loved him. The urge to scratch out his eyes overwhelmed her. Did Brian realize this? Myrna didn’t think Brian even realized that Trey was kissing him. He’d gone into that muse trance mode that struck him completely unaware on occasion. After a moment, Brian twisted his head to the side, breaking the kiss. Trey’s head dropped to rest against the side of Myrna’s face. He cupped Brian’s jaw with such tenderness, Myrna’s fist clinched. She knew Brian didn’t love Trey. Not that way. He couldn’t. Brian was hers. Only hers.

Trey panted with exertion, pumped into her deeply twice and then shuddered with a startled cry as he found release. “Brian,” he gasped. “Brian.”

Brian hadn’t moved for several minutes. He opened his eyes, but they were glazed over with that far off look he got when he was completely inside his own head. “Do you hear it?” he whispered.


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