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Author: Kirsty Moseley

She squealed against my lips but didn’t struggle, probably in case she hurt me or anything. I smiled and pulled back, carrying her over the threshold of our hotel room. I know we’d already been married once but I was going to do everything I could to make this right and traditional this time.

“Clay, please don’t hurt yourself,” she begged, wrapping her arms around my neck as I kicked the door shut behind me.

I kissed her again and carried her over to the bed, so eager to get her out of her dress that I could barely think about anything else. She giggled as we plopped down onto the bed, I didn’t break the kiss as she pushed my suit jacket off of my shoulders, letting it fall off onto the floor. She nibbled on my bottom lip wanting me to deepen the kiss, so I slipped my tongue into her mouth. The minute her taste touched my tongue I was so hard it was almost painful against the material of my pants.

Jeez, I needed her so much. All I wanted to do was grip fistfuls of her dress and rip the damn thing off, but I knew I couldn’t do that. I rolled onto my back, pulling her on top of me and started working on long row of little buttons that she had going down the length of her back. Trailing my fingers over the skin there lightly, making her shiver and moan into my mouth.

She was wriggling on top of me and I was so excited that I was actually scared I was going to finish before she even touched me or got my clothes off. I gulped and tried to calm down before I embarrassed myself and ruined it for her, I tried taking deep breaths as she kissed down my neck. She was pressed against my crotch, the pressure of it was driving me mad.

Finally I finished with the last button, just as I was about to slip the dress off of her shoulders, she sat up and shook her head. “I’ll be right back, ok?” she asked, tipping her head to one side, looking stunningly beautiful.

I gulped, unsure if I would be able to speak. “Yeah,” I croaked, my voice not even sounding like mine because of how hot she’d made me.

She smiled nervously and climbed off of the bed, grabbing her little overnight bag that had been brought here for us by Tom this morning. Holding her dress closed against her body, she disappeared into the bathroom. I sat up on the edge of the bed, looking down at my crotch. “Calm down Clay for goodness sake,” I muttered to myself, shaking my head at my body’s reaction to her presence.

I forced myself to stand up and pulled off the cravat and waistcoat I was wearing, throwing them over the back of the chair. I untucked my shirt and unfastened a couple of buttons, trying to think of anything other than Riley so I could calm down a bit. I headed over to the light switch, thankfully it was a dimmer switch so I turned the lights down low and shut the drapes. I mentally slapped myself for not doing the whole candles and rose petals thing again for her.

I busied myself in the room, fiddling with the bed sheets, moving the cases over to the side of the room. She’d been in there forever, what was taking her so long? Was she having second thoughts or something and she wouldn’t want me to make love to her tonight? Maybe she was just as nervous as I was…..

I spotted a bottle of champagne on the side and two glasses. There was a note there with it. I picked it up and read it, apparently it was from Brian and Sarah so we could toast our marriage. I smiled, that was really nice of them to do that, man I had great in-laws!

I picked up the bottle and unwrapped the foil. Just as I pulled off the wire cage that covered the cork, I heard the bathroom door open behind me. I turned to look at her. At the exact same time that my mouth dropped open, the cork popped out of the bottle, hitting the ceiling, but I couldn’t even drag my eyes away from her to see if it was spilling everywhere.

She had changed out of her dress, letting her hair down in loose waves around her shoulders. She was wearing a strapless, white corset that made her br**sts look twice the size and showed a strip of her toned stomach. She had on white matching panties and white stockings that had a lacey strip at the top, held up with a sexy little suspenders attached to the bottom of the corset. She looked incredible. She leant against the doorframe, cocking her head to the side, doing that little looking through her eyelashes thing that I loved.

She looked like an angel. One of those sexed up, fallen from heaven Angels, that you would cut off your right arm to be with.

I gulped and tried to think of something intelligent to say but nothing came out. The only thing I could think was ‘fuck yeah’ but I couldn’t exactly say that, so I said nothing.

She smirked at me, a knowing look in her eyes. It was then that I realised I was just standing there with my mouth and eyes open wide, staring at her like a freaking moron. I’m actually surprised I wasn’t drooling, but then again I hadn’t wiped my mouth, so maybe I was and I just didn’t realise.

“I take it that you like my wedding night underwear?” she teased, pushing away from the doorframe, biting her lip as she did a little twirl on her tiptoes. The back view was just as good as the front, her ass looked edible in the little white panties. I couldn’t move, I felt like my feet were ton weights or something, I wanted to go to her and wrap my arms around her, but I couldn’t move a single inch.

I nodded and gulped again, watching as she sauntered over to me, her h*ps swaying sexily. She stopped just in front of me, her eyes not leaving mine as she took the champagne bottle out of my hands and raised it to me in a toast. She brought the bottle to her lips, leaving the rim of the bottle pressed against her bottom lip longer than necessary, as she looked at me suggestively, before closing her lips around it and taking a drink. Again, the only thing I could think was ‘fuck yeah’ so I said nothing.

She smiled and put the bottle on the side, gripping her hand around the back of my head, pulling my mouth to hers again. The scent of her hair and perfume was all around me, everything else disappeared in the room until all I could see, smell and feel was her. When her tongue touched mine, I could still taste the bubbles of champagne on her tongue. The taste of her, mingled with the champagne, was exquisite, the most incredible thing I had ever tasted in my life.

She pulled away just as I was getting a little breathless. She stepped back, so I gripped my hands on her hips, my thumbs stroking the exposed strip of skin across her stomach where the corset didn’t meet the panties. I couldn’t let her move away from me, not when she looked like that.

She shook her head, and pushed my hands off of her, stepping back again and leaning against the post of the four poster bed, crossing one foot over the other. She looked so sexy that my dick was screaming at me to just take her. So much for being calm and taking our time!

“Take your clothes off, Clay,” she purred, seductively.

I groaned, and started on the buttons of my shirt with shaky fingers. Why is it when you are in a rush everything takes longer? Or did it just feel that way because I was so eager to be naked? She watched me, chewing on her bottom lip, her hands behind her back, leaning on the post casually.

When I was down to my boxers I looked back to her, but she shook her head. “Everything,” she ordered, nodding at them. I grinned, masterful Riley was back, I’d missed her!

I pushed them off, standing there completely n**ed as she raked her eyes down my body, with a small satisfied smile. I couldn’t help but laugh at the lustful expression on her face, “You really are a pervert, Riley bear,” I teased.

She smiled and shrugged, “Yeah, so what are you gonna do about it?” she answered, giggling.

Finally I could move my feet. I closed the distance between us as quick as I could, wrapping my arms around her, as I crashed my lips to hers. She moaned in the back of her throat as she slipped her arms around my neck, crushing her body against mine. The feel of her lingerie rubbing against my chest made me even harder, and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to take it off of her, or leave it on.

I moved us over to the bed and settled myself on top of her, running my hands down her body, memorizing every delicious inch of her. The feel of her under me again was incredible. I’d missed this so much. I knew I wasn’t going to last long for the first time because of how eager I was, I was already halfway there and we hadn’t even done anything. So I knew I needed to do a lot of work to make her enjoy it, before I allowed myself to indulge.

Her hand ran down my back, her fingers trailing over the scar at the base of my spine making me grind into her slightly. She moaned and I made up my mind, the corset and stockings could stay, but the panties had to go. I slid my hands down her body, unclasping the suspenders, pulling her panties off slowly, trailing my fingertips down her thighs, making her raise her h*ps up into me in excitement.

I could barely breathe as I kissed down her neck, nipping on the skin lightly. When I got to the base of her neck I sucked hard and gave her the first love bite of our marriage, the first of many. I laughed and kissed further down, letting my lips and tongue explore every inch of my wife as she moaned and wriggled underneath me, moaning my name.

Once I’d made her cl**ax, I kissed my way back up to her mouth, looking at her flushed face. She was more beautiful than anything I had ever seen in my life, the way she panted and looked at me, her blue eyes dancing with excitement, made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

She smiled as she ran her hand down between our bodies, gripping my erection. I grunted at the feel of it, my mind going blank again as she started moving her hand. She rolled me onto my back, a seductive little smile on her lips as she kissed across my cheek and down my jaw line. My dick twitched as she nibbled on my chin, Christ I loved it when she did that!

Her mouth was moving lower and lower, making the muscles in my stomach contract with every inch that her mouth moved. Her hair was trailing across my body, tickling and making me get goosebumps. When I felt her hot, wet tongue touch the tip of my shaft I knew I had to stop her. I held my breath and used every ounce of will power that I had, to pull her away from me before she pushed me to the point of no return.

She looked at me confused as I rolled her onto her back again. I smiled at how flawless my wife looked right now, so incredible, I just couldn’t believe my luck that this girl wanted me. The angels must have been smiling down on me on the day they had Riley move in next door to me all of those years ago.