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Author: Kirsty Moseley

"Blake please, you need some help. Something's not right and you need to talk to someone about it. They can help you." I whispered desperately.

I just prayed that Clay was listening to this through my cell phone so he would know not to come in the house on his own. If he was hearing how crazy Blake was talking right now then he should just stop the car and wait far far away, because Blake sounded like he really wanted to hurt him. The thing that broke my heart though is that I knew Clay better than that, I knew he would come for me and if he got here before the police did then he would burst in here on his own.

Blake laughed quietly before bending down and kissing my cheek lightly, "I don't need to see anyone silly. I just need to spend some time with you, you'll see I'm not such a bad guy. Just give me another chance and I'll prove to you what a great boyfriend I can be." he stepped closer to me and pressed his body against mine lightly.

I felt sick; my whole body was shaking as his hands moved to grip my waist softly. He smiled and pressed his forehead against mine as one hand slipped down to my ass and the other went around my waist holding me in place. I whimpered and bit the inside of my mouth hard enough to draw blood, just so I would have something else to think about other than the lust I could see in his eyes.

"Let's just put the past behind us and start over. Please?" he whispered, his lips brushing against mine as he spoke. Oh god please don't let him rape me, please! "Please jailbait? Give me another chance, I promise I can make you happy." His hand tightened on my ass, pulling me closer and I felt the bile rise in my throat.

"Ok Blake, sure. We'll start over." I whispered knowing my voice would break if I tried to speak properly.

He grinned and pressed his lips against mine making me whimper, I turned my head to the side quickly. I felt sick that he'd done that, I was married and he'd just kissed me. I felt dirty, but I guess that was nothing compared to what I would feel like if I didn't get the hell out of his bedroom.

He almost growled in frustration as he pressed me harder against the wall. "Kiss me then for f*ck sake."

I grasped at anything I could say to change the subject and get his mind onto something else. "Blake, I'm hungry now. Do you think we could go downstairs and make something for dinner?" I asked quickly as he gripped my chin, pulling my face around to his again.

He sighed and frowned, obviously annoyed that I was making him wait. He looked at me for a long time, it felt like forever and finally he smiled. "You're hungry?" he teased playfully. Oh my god he really is bi-polar!

I nodded quickly, "Yeah, are we going to get a takeout? I could go get one while you choose us a DVD or something to watch." I offered hopefully. Please say yes and I could get the heck out of this house!

He smiled, "I'll cook something, I like to cook actually. I might even impress you with my culinary skills." He took my hand and nodded for the door. I smiled gratefully and felt some of the tension leave my body just because we'd be further away from a bed. Hopefully we'd be in the kitchen for a while cooking and that would give the police time to arrive.

When we got to the kitchen he headed straight for the fridge, I hung back looking around quickly for the door. It was off to one side, could I discretely go check to see if it was unlocked or would that totally give me away? Just as I was inching my way towards the door he turned back and smiled making me stop quickly.

"How about I make chicken stir fry?" he offered holding up a packet of chicken.

I nodded quickly, "Yeah sure, you can cook that?" I asked wanting to keep him talking as long as possible so it would string it out.

He laughed and threw the ingredients on the side, grabbing noodles and vegetables from the fridge. "Like I said I'm a pretty good cook. Michelle's terrible so I do most of the cooking." When he had everything he wanted, he pushed some mushrooms towards me and a chopping board. "Want to help?" he asked grinning happily.

I gulped and nodded, how could he just be so casual about all of this? He really was freaking crazy and I don't think jail time would help him at all. He needed to talk to someone and maybe have some sort of medical help, because something was wrong with him. Maybe losing his parents like that had done some damage to him inside and no one knew. Maybe it was some sort of attachment disorder or something, which is why he seemed to latch onto me and get so possessive so quickly. I actually felt a little sorry for him, if he was ill then this wasn't actually his fault, maybe he was a nice guy but just couldn't help it because he was sick.

He smiled and stepped closer to me, his side brushing against mine as he started cutting up the vegetables. I reached for a knife from the block and wondered if I should just turn around and threaten him with it, demand he open the door or I'd stab him or something. I had a feeling that wouldn't really work though, I wouldn't be able to stab someone and that would probably be evident on my face as I spoke the words.

No, I'd just stick to the original plan and keep him talking until the police arrived. I flicked my eyes to the clock on the wall, it was almost five now, I'd called Clay about fifteen minutes ago so hopefully it wouldn't be that much longer. He hadn't hurt me and I don't think he would if I just played nice and pretended everything was ok, if I freaked out or something there was no doubt in my mind that he would hurt me if he got angry.

I forced myself to make small talk with him while he cooked, I just made sure to position myself as far away from him as possible without being too obvious. When I'd finished cutting the mushrooms I'd slid my knife over to the edge of the counter and put a dish cloth over the top of it. If I needed it I knew where it was, but I was praying it wouldn't come to that, the police would be here soon so that was just a precaution. The thought of hurting him made me feel slightly sick, he needed help there was definitely something wrong with him.

After another five minutes or so there was a knock at the door. I held my breath and flicked my eyes to the clock, it had been twenty minutes since I'd called Clay so that had to be the police and not him, he said that the school was half an hour away from Blake's house so it was too soon for it to be Clay.

Blake frowned, his eyes flicking to me for a couple of seconds. "Stay here and watch the food for me, I'll get the door." He nodded towards the pan on the stove.

I smiled sweetly, "I'm not too good at cooking, I'll probably burn it. How about I just get the door?" I suggested as I walked towards the hallway quickly.

He grabbed my hand and yanked me to a stop, he pulled me to him making me slam against his chest roughly. "Watch the food jailbait, I'll get the door." he said sternly. He pushed me back towards the stove and I tried not to show any reaction, maybe as soon as he left the room I could run out of the backdoor. I nodded and he smiled turning and heading out of the kitchen to go and answer the door.

As soon as he was out of sight I ran to the back door trying the handle, but it was locked. I groaned and looked around for the keys, I spotted a little key hook just off to the side with a set of keys dangling there and I felt my heart skip a beat as I grabbed them quickly. My hand was shaking as I tried to look for the most likely key. I could hear Blake fumbling with the lock and chain on the front door, so I knew I needed to be quick. Just as decided on a gold key that looked like a door key, I heard a loud crash and someone groan in pain.

I felt the breath catch in my throat as I looked towards the hallway door. Did the police have him? Could I just walk out of the front door now instead? I could hear sounds of a scuffle coming from the hallway so I fumbled with the key deciding I just needed to get outside. I tried desperately to get it in the lock but my hands were shaking too much.

Just as the key slid in, I heard someone shout.

"Where the f*ck is she?"

I felt the colour drain from my face as my blood ran cold in my veins. That was Clay's voice! I pushed the key into the lock so I wouldn't have to find the right one again just incase we needed to make a quick exit, and then ran to the hallway door so I could see what on earth he was doing here. I just prayed the police were here as well; please don't let him have come on his own, please!

As I got to the door I saw Blake on the floor, Clay was on top of him straddling him, his face murderously angry as he punched Blake over and over. Oh God he's going to get into trouble this time!

"Clay!" I screamed trying to stop him before he went too far, he was showing no signs of stopping at all and I was actually a little scared for Blake. Maybe Clay didn't realize he was sick, maybe he just thought he was trying to hurt me, or maybe he just didn't care either way.

Clay looked up at me quickly, his eyes wide as his body seemed to relax slightly. I smiled weakly at him, he had never looked so beautiful to me, he looked like an avenging angel or something. The fury that was on his face softened as he looked at me, the corner of his mouth twitching with a smile. I felt my panic start to recede as I looked at him; Clay was here so I knew everything was going to be fine. Everything was always fine when he was near me, my world just that little bit more complete.

Suddenly Clay was thrown back slamming against the wall; Blake pushed himself up obviously taking advantage of Clay's distraction. I screamed again as Clay's head hit the wall hard, his eyes squeezing shut as he hissed through his teeth. Oh god he was hurt! My heart was trying to break out of my chest, I couldn't see him hurt, I just couldn't. I tried to run forwards towards him, but Blake was on his feet blocking my way.

"You little $hit Preston! What the hell are you doing here? Just get the hell out, she doesn't want you near her anymore!" Blake shouted as he grabbed the front of Clay's shirt and yanked him to his feet roughly, slamming him against the wall again.

I gripped Blake's arm tightly trying to get his attention so he wouldn't hit Clay. He turned to look at me, a sneer on his face. He looked so hateful that it scared the life out of me, he didn't just want to hurt Clay, he wanted to kill him, I could see it in his eyes. He really had lost it and somehow had pushed the blame for everything that was wrong in his life, onto Clay.