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Author: Kirsty Moseley

As I burst in through the office door I saw Mrs. Sing just walking out of the principal's office smiling as they spoke. I walked up to them quickly interrupting their conversation. "Mrs. Sing where's Riley?" I asked desperately, I noticed my voice was so tight with stress that it didn't even sound like mine.

She smiled politely and looked at me confused, "She went to meet you about three quarters of an hour ago."

I groaned and gripped my hands into my hair, where the hell could she be? "She didn't come out to the field, I just found her bag in the parking lot." I choked out.

Principle Owens stepped forward and gripped my shoulder frowning. "Have you tried calling her?" he asked.

I nodded, "Yeah I just got her voicemail." I whispered. I needed to get out of here and look outside again, I couldn't stand in this little dull office anymore I was going out of my mind.

What do I do if Blake has come here? What if he got to her while I was practicing and no one knew? Mrs. Sing said that she came to find me forty five minutes ago, if it is him he could have done anything to her by now. I could feel the rage boiling up inside me, if Blake has touched one hair on her head I'm killing him this time. There was no way I was letting this one go, not again, he needed to back the f*ck away from my wife because this was beyond crazy.

* * *

Riley's POV

I glanced over at Blake while he was driving. I felt sick, Clay was going to go crazy when he realized I wasn't at school, jeez he was going to worry himself into an early grave about me! Blake had a small smile on his face as he drove us to God knows where, I just sat there quietly not wanting to upset him or anything. He'd practically carried me kicking and screaming into the car but no one had been around to see or hear, so no one would even know I was gone until Clay started to look for me.

Luckily I'd learnt from the last time that he grabbed me. I'd been carrying my cell phone in my pocket instead of my purse so I knew I had that on me, but I couldn't exactly call anyone while he was with me. I didn't even know where we were going for goodness sake so I didn't want to risk pulling out my phone and wasting the one phone call I would probably get time to make.

He hadn't hurt me at all, just bundled me into his car and had ordered me to stop crying, I was trying to control myself I didn't want to get upset and give him an excuse to hurt me. I just needed to play along and keep him talking and look for an opportunity to call Clay, he would call the police and everything would be fine. I just needed to stay in control of myself, not upset him and pray that he wasn't driving us too far away.

He glanced over at me and smiled, "How was school?" he asked as if this whole situation wasn't happening at all.

I gulped and willed my voice to come out more confident than I felt. "It was ok."

"That's good. You've been hanging around in the library a lot after school." he stated making me go cold. Had he been watching me at school? Wow this was actually a little worse than I thought.

"I have a job there volunteering." I said quietly as I rejected yet another call that was vibrating against my leg in my jeans pocket. I felt sick that I was doing that to Clay but I needed to find out where we were going first, I couldn't risk letting it carry on vibrating in my pocket because Blake might hear it. I couldn't just press answer because Clay might shout through the phone or something and then Blake would find it and I would lose my only chance.

"Yeah you said before that you like reading, I bet that suits you working there." He smiled over at me as he pulled into a crappy street that I had no idea what it was called.

I nodded and looked around for some sort of street name or something so I could get my bearings but there wasn't any and I felt my heart sink a little more. Ok I just needed to go for it and ask him where he was taking me.

"Where are we going Blake?" I asked trying not to sound too interested but just enough to play along.

He smiled, "My place, I thought you might like to come hang out or something. We could get a takeout if you want." he suggested happily. Holy crap he really has lost the plot! What on earth is wrong with him that he would think that bundling me into a car is normal?

"I'm not hungry." I mumbled.

He pulled into a driveway and again I looked around desperately for a street name, would Clay know where Blake lived if I told him we were at his place? What if he didn't? What do I do once I get inside with Blake..... carry on pretending that this is normal and keep him talking? What if he wants to make out...... or more. I swallowed a sob at the thought of what he would probably want from me if we were alone at his house.

Oh my God what if we weren't alone? What if Michelle was here! I felt hope bubble up inside, Oh God please let his sister be here and I could ask her for help and tell her what he's been doing!

He turned to me and smiled, "You've not been to my place before, hell I've never had any girl over so this is a first for me." he laughed quietly and actually looked a little nervous about it.

I gulped and nodded quickly not knowing what to say, I was actually terrified of going inside with him. At least while we were in the car it provided some measure of safety, we were in the street so he couldn't exactly force himself on me, but once we were inside it was a different story.

He pushed his door open and I weighed my options, could I outrun him if I ran down the street screaming for help? Would anyone even hear me or see me; I hadn't seen one single person outside, people were probably at work or something.

The only other thing I could think of was to lock myself in the car, but I didn't have the keys, how easy would it be to hotwire a car? It honestly didn't look too hard in movies, just rubbing two wires together and the car starts. It was worth a try surely. When his door closed I slammed my hand down on my door lock before scooting over to his side and doing the same with his lock as I looked around helplessly. I pulled the sun visor down hoping that a spare key would fall out like in the movies, but of course that didn't happen.

I looked at the steering column wondering how on earth I get the plastic cover off so I could get to the wires inside. I yelped when his hand slammed down on the roof of the car making a loud bang. "Open the door Jailbait." he called calmly through the window as he pointed at the door lock. He was trying his keys in the door but I kept my hand firmly pressed on the lock so he couldn't get the door open. I looked at his face and shook my head crying helplessly, his eyes were hard and I knew I shouldn't have done this. I should have just played along and gone inside, jeez I was so freaking stupid I mean hotwiring a car? Wow I've lost the plot too!

"Open the f**king door Riley." he growled his breath fogging up the glass as he glared at me warningly.

"Please Blake I just want to go home." I begged still clawing at the plastic edge trying to get the damn thing off. I was a total damsel in distress and the first thing I was doing when I got out of this situation - if I actually got out of this situation - was googleing how to hotwire a car because that would be so handy to know right about now.

He moved away from the car and I just watched him with my heart in my throat, what was he doing? Was he leaving me in the car? I glanced around quickly trying to look for the nearest house that seemed like someone was inside, maybe a car in the driveway or a TV playing or something. At least I could run there and tell them to call the police or something. My only comfort that came out of this situation was that the police would now be able to hold him until his trial in a months time, he would be off of the streets and Clay and I would be worry free for a little while.

I felt sick, I could barely breathe as I kept one hand on the door lock and the other on the handle of the car ready to burst out of the door and run as soon as he was far enough away from me. Three houses down had a car in the driveway so that's where I was headed, a couple of hundred yards, I could run that easily.

A few feet away from the car he bent down and picked something up off of the grass before turning back to the car again with a frown. I looked at his hand desperately to see he was holding a big stone, what the heck is he going to do with that?

He stopped by the side of the car and looked at me again, "Are you going to open the door Jailbait?" he asked cocking his head to the side and smirking at me.

I shook my head swiping at the tears that were just falling uncontrollably down my face. He rolled his eyes and brought his arm back, I barely had enough time to realize what he was doing and turn away covering my face before his hand and the stone smashed into the drivers side window shattering glass all over my lap and shoulder.

I screamed as I heard him fumbling with the lock and I grabbed the door handle with both hands trying to hold the door shut but I knew it was useless even as I was doing it. I only really had one good hand and I was nowhere near strong enough against him. He yanked the door open almost making me tumble out of the car at the same time where I was holding so tightly.

He gripped my upper arm and wrenched me to my feet slamming me back against the car making my head crash against it and my neck to burn from what felt like whiplash. I whimpered as I saw little lights around the corners of my vision as pain shot through me making me feel slightly sick.

"That was so f**king stupid Riley, now I have to fix my car!" he growled his hand tightening on my arm making me whimper.

"I.....I'm sorry," I mumbled trying to stop crying but it was useless.

His face softened as he sighed and brushed his hand across the side of my face lightly wiping my tears away. "Just don't keep doing things like that. I mean what's the matter with you? I told you I won't hurt you again but you just won't forgive me. How many times do I need to say sorry Jailbait?" he asked bending his head and kissing my cheek softly making bile rise in my throat.

"I want to go home. My parents will be worried about me." I whispered, I knew I couldn't mention Clay at all. He seemed to just snap at the mention of his name so I couldn't risk him going crazy again.

"They won't mind you hanging here with me for a while. I haven't seen you for ages." he said softly, his hand tracing down the side of my leg as he pressed his body to mine his nose running up the side of my jaw.