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Author: Kirsty Moseley

"Am I now?" she laughed. I nodded and gave her my begging face that she could never resist. "Damn it, not the face! Fine I'll make steak." she rolled her eyes grinning.

Chapter 21

(Still Clay's POV)

Friday went just as fast as the day before, people were still excited about us being married. Riley was still getting death glares from a lot of the girls, or so she told me anyway, I didn't see anything. Being married didn't stop them flirting with me and offering to do all sorts of slutty things in the supply closet or in the bathrooms the same as they used to.

They seriously didn't get the hint at all, no one compared to Riley, they never did. I had always made it clear to all of the girls I slept with that I wasn't interested in a relationship. Why the hell they still slept with me after I told them that I have no idea, but it never used to put them off at all. If anything it seemed to make them more eager, wanting to be the one that would make me commit to something.

Now that I was married though the attention seemed to have doubled, it was like they were determined to split us up. There was no way I was letting that happen though, Riley was my dream girl and I wasn't giving her up for anything in the world.

I sat back on the sofa and watched her painting yet another paint sample on the wall of the lounge. They all looked the same to me, light green, dark green, warm green, cold green. I mean come on it was green, what the hell did it matter if 'Apple Whisper' was slightly fresher than 'Mint Breeze'. What the hell does fresher mean anyway? Wow I suck at decorating!

"Well? Which do you like baby?" she asked looking at me again scrunching her nose up, looking adorable like she always did when she was trying to decide something.

Crap, which one was it she said she liked better? Wow I should have listened more instead of watching her ass! "Umm, well the apple one is nice...." I started, she subconsciously frowned a little meaning I chose the wrong one. "But I like the Mint one better." I added quickly.

She smiled and looked back at them, "Yeah? I think I like that one too." she nodded.

I laughed and nodded slowly, looking at the ten different shades of green she had painted on the wall in little squares. "Awesome, well Mint Breeze it is then for in here and biscotti for the kitchen. That's two rooms sorted then." I joked raising my eyebrows at her.

She sighed and plopped down on my lap smiling. "Can we paint tomorrow?" she asked excitedly.

"Sure Riley bear, whatever you want."

She bent her head and pressed her soft lips to mine, I wrapped my arms around her pulling her closer to me, running my hands down her back slowly.

The doorbell rang and she jumped back looking at me worriedly. "Everything's going to be fine Riley bear." I said moving her off of my lap and heading towards the front door.

I opened the door to see both of our mothers standing there smiling happily. My eyes flicked behind them to make sure they definitely didn't bring my dad or Brian, they said they wouldn't but Riley had been worried about me getting hurt all freaking day. When I was satisfied they weren't with them I grinned and opened the door wider to let them in.

"Hey mom, Sarah." I smiled.

"Hey Clay, oh this looks so nice!" Sarah cried as she came in, kissing my cheek on the way past looking around the hallway grinning proudly.

"Thanks, Riley's right in there." I pointed down the hall to the lounge at the end. She smiled and headed there instantly.

I turned back to my mom who pulled me into a huge hug. "I've missed you Clay, are you two doing ok? You need any money or anything?" she asked looking at me worriedly as she cupped my face in her hands.

"We're fine mom honestly, I won some money in Vegas, we're all set I promise." I confirmed.

She smiled with teary eyes, "It's not the same without you at home. Your father's really sorry about what he did Clay. He wanted to come today but I told him to give it a few days." she said looking at me pleadingly.

I stiffened at the thought of him slapping Riley. I wasn't ready to forgive him, I think if I saw him at the moment I would want to beat the crap out of him so it was best if he stays away for a while.

"Yeah, I don't want to see him." I shrugged ignoring how my mom's face fell slightly.

"I can understand that Clay but you two will talk eventually right?" she asked swiping a tear that fell.

I didn't like to see my mom sad, it hurt my insides, I never wanted to hurt her but I couldn't get that image of Riley's red cheek out of my head. "Eventually." I shrugged hoping that eventually was a long time away.

She smiled and looked up the hallway towards the lounge, "So are you going to show me around?" she asked changing the subject, I smiled gratefully as it was a little awkward.

"Absolutely." I shut the door and we went into the lounge to see Sarah and Riley talking about the paint again. I groaned internally, damn it please don't start this again! Mint Breeze will do!

Riley smiled as she chatted with our mom's, "I'm going to make coffee guys." I excused myself as they started discussing colours for the bedroom. Man I hated decorating!

I took my time making drinks and when I went back into the lounge they were just coming out of the bathroom still chatting animatedly. I watched them, they were all talking at the same time seeming to have no problem listening and talking at the same time. Wow I would love to be able to multitask like that! I couldn't help but smile when I saw how happy Riley was talking to them and showing them around proudly. She missed her mom, she missed Brian too but she refused to admit it. She plopped herself down at my side and I wrapped my arm around her.

"So you have a game tonight Clay, we're not going to make you late right?" Sarah asked looking at her watch.

I shook my head, "No, you guys are fine, I don't have to leave until six." I said eyeing the clock to see it was only just after half past four.

Sarah grinned and settled back with her coffee. "This place is adorable, and you two look so happy." she cooed.

Riley grinned at me making my heart beat a little faster. "We are happy mom." she confirmed squeezing my hand tightly. "It wasn't a mistake. I know you two probably think we're too young but I promise we're not." she said shaking her head fiercely.

"It's a little weird to think that my son's married and that I have a daughter in law, but you two were made for each other. Everyone could see it, it was only a matter of time." my mom said shaking her head looking amused.

Sarah laughed and nodded in confirmation. "Love doesn't have an age." she shrugged.

I smiled, damn that's a nice thing to say! I love that.

"So this place is so sweet, and you've settled in nicely I see." my mom said grinning at us sitting on the sofa together.

"Yeah, we're pretty much unpacked now. We're going to be painting tomorrow if you want to come and help." Riley suggested excitedly.

"I'd love to come and help, do you think I could bring your dad Clay? I know he'd want to help too." my mom asked looking at me hopefully.

I frowned, no freaking way, that was too soon. I opened my mouth to say no when Riley squeezed my hand. I looked at her, she was looking at me pleadingly. She didn't like the idea of me not seeing my father and thinks I should let it go for my mom's sake. She had asked how I could forgive Brian for hitting me when all my dad did was slap her once, but it was different. It didn't matter about me, but if someone hurt Riley that was a different thing all together.

Riley was killing me, she knew I didn't want to see him so why is she looking at me like that? I know she's just trying to help and doesn't want me to lose my family but it would be so hard being in the room with him.

"Please Clay, for your mom." she whispered, absentmindedly twirling my wedding ring around my finger as she held my hand.

I guess I could let it go for my mom, I sighed and nodded. "Fine bring him but if he says even one thing that I don't like he's out of here." I said sternly.

My mom grinned at me happily, I rolled my eyes and looked at Riley. "You know that's the right thing to do." she whispered squeezing my hand reassuringly.

"I know." I mumbled grudgingly.

After another few minutes Riley and our mom's all went to cook some dinner, I rested my head back on the sofa and listened to her laughing in there with them. She sounded so happy that it made my heart ache slightly, I loved to make that girl happy. I flicked on the TV watching sports until Riley plopped herself on my lap making me jump.

"Scared ya." she teased laughing.

I smiled and wrapped my arms around her, "Yep little wife you did." I rolled my eyes playfully.

She grinned, "You know I'm still not used to that at all."

"Being called my wife?" I asked brushing her hair behind her ear as I kissed her cheek.

"Yeah, it's going to take a little while."

"Well then it's a good thing I want to be married to you for a little while." I teased making her laugh.

"Just a little while? I've got news for you buster, you're stuck with me now." she slapped my shoulder lightly as I pulled her closer looking right into her seemingly bottomless blue eyes.

"I'm pretty sure I can cope with that Riley bear." I pressed my lips to hers as someone cleared their throat jokingly. I sighed and pulled away looking up at our mom's watching us from the doorway, both of them giving us the 'that's so cute' face.

"Food's ready." Sarah said grinning happily.

"Awesome." I laughed and helped Riley off of my lap following her into the kitchen and sitting down at the island so we could eat off of the counter top, we didn't have a table or dining room.

* * *

Riley's POV

I sat on the bleachers with Rachel and Reece, Clay was standing in front of me protectively as he scanned the crowd for Blake. He had taken it one step further today, I wasn't sitting by the entrance of the locker rooms like last week. I was actually sitting behind the coaches bench so that he could keep an eye on me while Clay was playing.