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Author: Kirsty Moseley

"I know he is Mom. Ok well listen do you think it would be ok if Clay and I come over tomorrow and picked up my stuff so we can take it to our new place?" I asked biting my lip suddenly nervous. I seriously needed clothes, I was wearing my last pair of clean underwear today and Clay bless him was already going commando which actually was quite a turn on.

"Of course, Brian will be at work usual time, what time do you think you want to come?" she asked.

"About 10ish?" I suggested looking at Clay who nodded.

"Ok great, I'm so excited to see you, I hate how we left everything, I'll see you tomorrow then" she said

"Bye Mom, love you" I said

"Love you too" she said before hanging up.

Clay phoned his Mom and told her we would go and pick up his stuff tomorrow after we had done mine, he seemed fairly happy when he got off the phone so she was obviously over the shock now too. After dinner we went back to the motel, I was so excited about moving into our place now that I could barely sleep. Clay, behaving as the dutiful husband volunteered to keep me entertained until I fell asleep, after a couple of hours I was too exhausted to stay awake any longer and fell asleep in his arms.

Chapter 19

When I woke up in the morning Clay was already dressed, he woke me up gently kissing my face, "Mmm that's a nice wake up." I mumbled against his lips,

"Mmm well I get to wake you up like that forever Mrs. Preston." he said kissing me again tenderly. He pulled away after a few minutes, "I've run you a bath." he said pulling me out of the bed and lifting me bridal style into the bathroom, luckily I was already n**ed so he plopped me into the bath, "I'm gonna go and get some breakfast for us." he said kissing my forehead and smiling.

"Hey," I called just as he was at the bathroom door, he turned back to look at me, "Fancy moving in with me today?" I asked grinning wickedly.

"I'm not sure, it's a bit fast. I'll have to think about it." he said winking at me making me chuckle. I washed and dried quickly and then threw on my clothes without panties as I didn't have any clean ones left.

Clay came back with bacon sandwiches and coffee, which we ate before heading over to my Mom's house. I kissed him passionately in the car before we went in. My insides were shaking, what happens if Brian decided to stay home from work today? What if my Mom told him we were coming? What if he hurts Clay again? A million thoughts were passing through my brain at once, I didn't even realize that Clay was waiting for me, he was standing by my open car door looking at me concerned.

He took my hand and pulled me out, "Riley bear, it'll be fine, come on beautiful girl. Unless you don't need your clothes?" he said raising an eyebrow teasingly.

I pulled him close and put my mouth to his ear, "Well I do need them because I'm out of underwear, you wanna check?" I said seductively, pulling his hand to my ass and pushing it down the back of my jeans.

"Oh shit Riley," he said pushing me against the car his whole body pressed against mine as his hand rubbed my ass, "You're killing me." he whispered his voice full of lust, he kissed my neck seductively making me shiver.

I laughed and pushed him away "Come on husband let's get this done, but Clay, if Brian's here we just leave ok? I don't want you to get hurt." I said frowning and looking at the floor. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the house where we rang the doorbell, it seemed so strange ringing the doorbell but I didn't just want to walk in.

Linda answered the door and immediately pulled Clay into a huge hug, "Oh Clay! I've missed you." she cried tears streaming down her face.

"Hey Mom, I've missed you too." he said kissing her cheek looking slightly confused as to what she was doing at my parents house.

She pulled away and grabbed me into a hug too, "Riley, are you ok?" she asked holing me tight.

"I'm fine Linda, how are you?" I asked hugging her back.

"RILEY!" I heard my Mom screech from inside, I looked round to see her running down the hallway smiling her head off. She grabbed both Clay and I into a huge bear hug, she was almost jumping up and down with excitement.

"Hi Mom." I said pulling away.

"I've got you some boxes. Linda and I have started packing up your stuff to make it easier for you." she said smiling at Linda.

"You did? That's great thanks Sarah, thanks Mom." Clay said smiling.

"Come in the lounge, we have something for you." Mom said grabbing my hands and pulling us forwards, I shot a look at Clay who stayed close by my side as we walked.

When we walked in the room I gasped, on the coffee table was a pile of presents. Some were covered in gold paper and some was covered in spotty white paper.

"What's this?" I asked confused.

"Well Linda and I wanted to get you a little something. We missed your wedding so we bought wedding presents, and then you need housewarming presents." my Mom said pointing out the two separate piles of presents. I started to cry, Clay wrapped his arm around my waist hugging me tightly. That's so sweet! They bought us presents?

Linda pulled me down onto the floor next to the table, "These ones are the wedding gifts." she said pointing at the gold presents.

I looked at Clay who sat down next to me grinning, Linda handed me and Clay each a present, I opened mine to see a beautiful silver frame with a photo of Clay and I in from last summer, I laughed that is so sweet.

"Oh I love it thank you." I said showing Clay, he smiled and nodded opening his one, he had a little china figurine of a couple kissing, it was really cute.

"Thanks guys that's nice." he said smiling a fake smile. He didn't like it I could tell by the way his smile just didn't meet his eyes, hopefully our mom's wouldn't notice though, he was covering it up well.

I opened the last gold one, it was a beautiful silver marriage certificate holder, I gasped it was so thoughtful! "This is great guys thank you so much!" I said crying again.

Mom took it out of my hands "There's a bit here, you have to get it engraved with your names and the date of marriage, we didn't have time to get it done." she said smiling.

"Thank you, that's really nice of you." Clay said pulling me into a hug and wiping my tears with his thumb.

"Now the housewarming ones," my Mom chanted looking excited again, "Now we only got these this morning and they didn't have much choice so it's just a start for you ok." she said handing us one each. I watched Clay open his, he gasped and held out two sets of sheets and duvet covers.

"We went for plain colours as we didn't know what you'd be wanting to do with your room." Linda said cheerfully.

I looked at them both, this is so thoughtful. I only told my Mom last night we needed them and they went out this morning to buy them! I smiled unable to speak, "Open yours Riley." Linda said patting it, inside mine I had pillowcases and tea towels.

"Guys seriously this is really thoughtful, thank you so much." I said shaking my head in disbelief.

"There's two more, they're both the same so you'll have to open them at the same time I guess." Linda said pointing to the last two.

I opened one while Clay did the other, they were a set of cream towels of all sizes. I pulled Linda into a hug, "Thank you." I whispered tears flowing again.

"You're very welcome daughter in law." she said pulling away with a smile, I laughed and went to hug my Mom.

"Thanks Mom, these are really great." I said wiping my face on my hands.

"Right come on you have a lot to pack up, you'd better get going if you want to be done before your fathers are home." my Mom said pushing us towards the stairs. "We'll pack these things back up then make some tea or something ok." my Mom said grabbing some bags and putting the presents in.

"Ok thanks." Clay said taking my hand.

We went upstairs to pack, our mothers had already packed all of my clothes into two giant suitcases and had started on my DVD's and CD's. We spent almost two hours packing the rest of my things before we were done. I helped Clay load it into his car, he said he had less to pack than me so we spent another hour packing his things. He had a lot of photos of me and him together, I slipped them into my purse as I decided I wanted to get some of them framed for our place.

We were finally done and loaded my car with it barely fitting in, it was now almost three o'clock. I hugged my Mom and Linda promising to call them Thursday as they wanted to come round after school Friday to have a look at our new place. I kissed Clay goodbye as we were going to be travelling in separate cars to our new apartment.

"I'll see you there Mrs. Preston." he said slapping my ass as I bent to get in my car.

I shot him a wink, "I'll be the one n**ed in the bed Mr. Preston." I said making him groan and look at me like he wanted to rip my clothes off there and then.

I followed Clay in my car and we parked in our two allocated spaces, "Hey beautiful girl." he said as I pulled up next to him.

"Hey husband." I said casually, I loved saying that word, I don't think I'll ever be tired of it.

"Listen why don't we go up and make sure everything is open and everything up there before we start bringing all our boxes up?" Clay said smiling.

I could tell that he had something else he was thinking about, but when I gave him a quizzical look he just shook his head and held out his hand for me to take. I grabbed his hand and we walked up to our new apartment, our first home. I was so excited butterflies were flying around in my stomach like crazy.

When we got to our door Clay handed me one of the keys, "You do the honors Riley bear." he said with a wink. As quick as I could I stuffed the key in the lock and opened it.

I took a step forward to go in but Clay grabbed my hand to stop me shaking his head laughing. I gave him my best what the hell look and he just laughed as he knocked my legs out from under me and pulled me into his arms.

"Part of my job remember?" he asked carrying me over the threshold and kicking the door shut behind him.