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Author: Kirsty Moseley

"Yes it's serious, I need to call the police before I kill someone" he said tightening his arms around me.

"Calm down Clay, I'm gonna go re-start the game then I'll be back and we'll sort this out ok, give me ten minutes tops" he said as he went back to the field.

"It's ok Riley, did he hurt you?" he asked looking into my eyes.

"No he didn't hurt me, he sent me a text" I said giving him my phone, he read the message and I could see him trying to hold in his anger. He called the police and arranged for them to come over to my house in an hour.

We explained everything to the police and set up a restraining order against Blake, if he came within 100 yards of me again he would instantly be arrested and held this time. Clay was far from pleased about it, he wanted something to be done about it now, but apparently they needed to build a case first to take to court if he carried on. The Vegas trip was still going ahead, we'd arranged with Ben to pick us up in the morning at 8am in the minivan, which meant that we would arrive there at about 4 in the afternoon if we stopped for a couple of breaks along the way.

* * *

In the morning Brian pulled me aside while Clay loaded the van with our luggage. "Riley, I know you won't actually get to bet in the casino's or anything because you're not old enough, but here" Brian said handing me an envelope. I opened it to see it was filled with money, I gasped, what the hell is he giving me money for?

"Brian what?" I said shocked.

He chuckled "There's $1,000 dollars in there for you to have fun with ok, lets call it a early Christmas present but don't tell Mom ok?" he said with a big grin, oh my God is he serious?

"Brian seriously?" I asked still shocked, he nodded and I pulled him into a big hug laughing, I kissed his cheek. "You know you are the best stepfather in the world" I said hugging him tight.

He grinned "I do now you've told me" he said kissing my forehead.

"Well I'm really sorry I've never told you that before but I mean it honestly" I said pulling back.

"I know you do kiddo, and you're the best stepdaughter in the world and I'm sorry I've never told you before" he said taking the envelope and pushing it into my jacket pocket as my Mom walked into the room.

"Hey what's going on in here?" she asked pulling me into another hug, just then Clay walked in the front door, he'd put all our luggage into the minivan and we were ready to go. I was practically jumping up and down with excitement.

"Ok well I'll see you guys on Monday afternoon" I said kissing their cheeks again.

Brian turned to Clay, "I know I don't have to ask you, but take care of her for me ok?" he said shaking Clays hand, he just smiled and pulled me into a hug.

"Always" he said pulling me towards the door.

As soon as we stepped into the van I got so excited I couldn't sit still. A whole weekend of Clay, slot machines, hotel rooms and no parents. This trip was going to be awesome!

The drive was so long, we tried to amuse ourselves with singing, and games but in the end the boys ended up chatting about football and the girls were sitting in the back gossiping about clothes and the boys.

"So I'm definitely gonna try for Tom this weekend" Rachel said, giving everyone the wink. I giggled and shook my head at her, what I'd learnt about Rachel is she liked sex, a lot. But she couldn't commit to anything so she'd never had a real relationship before. For this reason she was popular amongst the guys, but she wasn't a slut. She was also well liked by the girls at school too as she was actually a nice person, as opposed to girls like Zoë who were giving it away trying to get a boy because of how he looks or his status.

"Gonna try for Tom? Surely you don't have to try very hard, I mean he looks at you ALL the time, haven't you two hooked up like three times already?" I asked rolling my eyes at her.

"Hmm yeah, I don't usually go back for seconds but he does this amazing thing with his hands it's wow, it really is awesome" she said with a sigh looking at the back of Tom's head lustfully.

All the girls laughed at her, "Well do you think you could get him to teach Ben?" Claire whispered looking excited.

"I could ask him if you want, what about you Riley, does Clay need any help in that department?" she asked waggling her eyebrows. I burst into hysterics, I mean jeez the idea of Clay needing help with anything like that really is laughable!

I shook my head, "No definitely not, but thanks for the offer" I said once I could talk again. They all looked at me in awe as I winked.

Chapter 14

Finally after almost 8 hours we arrived in Vegas and parked up at our hotel, the drive was long and my ass was numb. Clay and I checked in and went to go find our room. We had room 401 and I heard some of the other guys saying they were all near ours too. We excused ourselves to go unpack and change and we were all meeting for dinner at 6:30 then hitting a club after. I had my fake id which said I was 21 so getting into places shouldn't be a problem.

We took the elevator to the fourth floor and for some reason I started to get really nervous. My hands were starting to sweat and I had butterfly's in my stomach, Clay and I were going to have sex. I was finally going to lose my virginity and to the most perfect boy in the world. The minute I started thinking about it my body started burning in need. Finally after the slowest elevator ride ever we got to our floor, I glanced at Clay and he actually looked nervous too which made me feel better.

He opened the door to our room and gestured for me to go in first. The room was gorgeous. It had a king size four poster bed with red sheets and quilt I actually blushed when I looked at it thinking about what would be going on in it hopefully soon. The furniture was made of dark wood, there was a huge flat screen TV and dressing table. I gasped as I looked around this place really was incredible.

I opened the door to see the bathroom, it was exquisite. It had a huge freestanding bath in the centre of the room and a walk in shower big enough for two, twin sinks with big fluffy towels and even bathrobes.

"Clay this must have cost you a fortune" I gasped looking back at him.

"Totally worth it" he smiled and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me deeply lifting me off of my feet and laying me on the bed. Oh my God the bed was so comfortable.

He pulled out of the kiss and just looked at me as if he could see right down to my soul, as if I was some huge prize he had won and always wanted. I ran my hands through his hair and pulled him back to me, ok this is it, time to lose my virginity. I was so excited my whole body was throbbing already at the thought, but he pulled out of the kiss too soon again.

"We only have an hour before we need to meet everyone for dinner so why don't we get ready?" he asked pulling away to sit up.

I groaned, "Seriously? We're in a posh hotel, with a big comfy bed and you're gonna make me wait some more? What are you a masochist?" I asked giving him my puppy dog face that usually worked.

"Oh no! Not the begging face please" he said laughing and tickling me until I couldn't breathe. "Come on beautiful girl, I just don't want to have to rush anything, I want us to be able to take our time" he said pulling me up to sitting and kissing my fingers on my bad hand.

I sighed in defeat and made my way to the bathroom grabbing my bag as I went. He got up to follow me in there, probably so he could get in the shower with me but I held my hand up to stop him. "Oh no you don't, you can wait out here, build some more anticipation, in fact I think you should get dressed in Tom's room then wait in the lobby for me" I said giving him my stern face so he knew I was serious.

He groaned as I shut and locked the door, "That's so not fair Riley bear" he called through the door and I couldn't help but laugh.

"I'll see you downstairs at 6:30" I called with a smile. He groaned again and a couple of minutes later I heard him leave the room.

I showered and dried my hair adding soft curls with the built in curler and straightener in the bathroom, I mean wow what kind of hotel has a built in curler and straightener in the bathroom? I added a little more makeup than usual going for some light golden eye shadow, black mascara, and light pink lip gloss instead of clear. I thought I should make an extra effort I mean I am supposed to be four years older than I am.

I slipped on my brand new 'losing my virginity' strapless lacy black bra and matching thong. Then I slipped on my little black dress, it was tight around the bust and waist which actually made me look like my boobs were two sizes bigger than normal, then it flowed out around my h*ps to about my mid thigh. I pulled on a long necklace and slipped on my killer black high heels that made my legs look long and sexy.

I looked in the mirror and even I thought I looked hot. I grabbed my little gold clutch bag and I was ready to go, looking at the clock I had four minutes to spare. Perfect. I made my way to the elevator. When I got out at the lobby Clay was standing there waiting for me, he looked so handsome I could cry, he looked like he had just got done shooting for a fashion magazine.

His blonde hair was his usual style of perfect messy waves, he had on a black shirt that he wore undone a little so you could see some of his amazing chest and he had rolled the sleeves up to his elbows showing his tanned and muscled forearms. He wore this with light blue fitted jeans that made his ass look edible and black boots. My mouth started to water and my body tingle, I wanted to drag him back to our room and rip that sexy outfit off of him.

When he saw me his eyes widened and his mouth fell open. Ok that was definitely the effect I was going for! I turned and gave a little twirl making sure my dress flew out seductively so he got a good view of my thighs.

"You like?" I asked biting my lip. He walked quickly up to me and wrapped his arms around me pressing me against the wall and kissing me deeply. When he pulled back we were both breathless and he was more than a little excited downstairs.

"I don't like, I love" he breathed putting his forehead to mine.

"Ok come on lets eat I'm starved" Craig said waving his hands to the door, Clay grabbed hold of my hand pulling me close as we walked.