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Author: Kirsty Moseley

"Well I like R&B stuff mostly, Anything by 'Ne-yo' is my favourite, I like to dance and go to the movies and I know it sounds boring but I love to read and my favourite colour is pink" I said smiling.

"What about you? Are you in college or something or do you work?" I asked,

"At the moment I'm working at Old Joes over on east street, it's a scrap yard but I don't really want to be doing that so I'm always looking for something else" he said with a shrug.

We chatted for about an hour and then he paid for our drinks, taking my hand to help me out of the booth, which gained me another glare from the waitress. She stepped in front of him and put her hand on his chest, "Can I get your number?" she asked sexily, trailing her finger down his abs.

He chuckled and raised our intertwined hands, "Seriously? You think you have a chance when I'm holding her hand?" he asked shaking his head and pulling me to the exit.

I was stunned, I almost choked on my laughter, quickly putting my hand over my mouth and turning it into a cough, but it was too late she gave me a death glare and stormed off. He didn't seem phased in the slightest just pulled me out the door and opened the passenger side for me. "Jeez did you have to be so rude? I thought she was gonna stab me or something" I said laughing and shaking my head.

He chuckled "I wasn't rude! What the hell was I supposed to say? You would rather I gave her my number to be polite?" he asked smiling.

"No, but you could have just said no thanks or something, you didn't need to bring me into it" I said slapping him playfully on the arm.

We arrived at school with five minutes to spare, he pulled into the now almost empty car park. "So you think I could get your number?" he asked nervously, he looked so sweet and vulnerable, not like what I had been told about him at all. He hadn't even tried to kiss me and he turned the waitress down and didn't even pay any attention to her.

"Err Blake, what's the point? This can't go anywhere" I said with a shrug. He sighed.

"Please can I have your number? Lets just see, please, a date that's all, I really like you" he said scratching absentmindedly at his jaw. Ok what harm could it do? A date that's all, it doesn't mean I have to sleep with him, but oh jeez Clay will go crazy. Why the hell am I thinking about Clay?

"Jailbait?" he said snapping me out of my mental debate.

"Err, yeah ok, I guess" I said taking the phone that he was now holing out to me and punching in my number. He had a huge smile showing all of his perfect teeth and I couldn't help but smile back. "I better go, Clay will be out soon" I said climbing out of the car.

"Ok, well I'll call you" he said as I shut the door. It had turned cold so I pulled my jacket tighter around me as I walked to the field. Suddenly my phone started ringing, I looked at the screen, it said Blake, I frowned, how the hell did I get his number? Oh yeah he stored it in my phone that first night at the game!

"Hello?" I answered,

"Just checking you gave me the right number" he said and laughed before hanging up, I laughed too as I snapped the phone shut, I looked at the little rose charm and smiled as I put it back in my pocket.

"Hey Riley bear" Clay called as I reached the field, he jogged over to me and went to throw an arm around my shoulder but I quickly jumped away.

"No way, look at the state of you" I said horrified looking at him, he was covered in mud and sweat and grass. He looked down at himself and laughed then his head snapped up to look at me with an evil glint in his eye, oh shit! I turned and ran, I could hear him chasing behind me laughing. He grabbed me from behind and rubbed his face in my hair, "Ew! Clay!" I whined giggling, he just laughed and threw his arm over my shoulder leading us off of the field.

"Sorry you had to wait for me, lucky you waited inside though it's getting cold out here" he said pulling me closer to his side. I opened my mouth to tell him I'd been with Blake but nothing came out, oh just man up and tell him Riley! I took a deep breath, "So what movie you wanna watch tonight?" he asked just as I was about to speak.

"Um, I don't mind, how about New Moon?" I said and he groaned.

"Jeez the shifter again? Haven't you seen enough of him already?" he whined making me laugh.

"No way you can never get enough Taylor Lautner in your life" I said with a smile as I pushed him towards the locker rooms to shower.

Just as I thought they would, my Mom and Brian pulled out a cake after dinner and they sang happy birthday to me. I looked over at Clay he wasn't singing, he knew I hated it. He never sang happy birthday to me, but he sat there with a huge smirk on his face while I grimaced and wriggled uncomfortable. They even made me blow out the candles like a five year old.

We watched New Moon again and Clay bless him didn't complain once, even though I'd made him watch it about 6 times already. Just as we settled into bed to go to sleep my phone beeped, I looked at the screen 1 new message from Blake. I pressed read, 'Hey just wanted to say goodnight, maybe I could take you for a crappy dinner and a crappy movie tomorrow? Blake ;) ' I laughed.

"What's so funny?" Clay asked putting his arms behind his head,

"Err nothing just Rachel that's all" I answered unsure why I was lying to him. I snapped my phone shut and laid next to him as usual.

Chapter 4

"Crap! It's him! So what do you think? Should I go?" I asked Rachel quickly, looking at my flashing phone in my hand.

She looked at me like I was stupid, "Why the hell are you asking me? It Blake Chambers for God sake! Of course you should go!" she said rolling her eyes at me. I sighed, I just didn't know what to do, Blake had text me early this morning asking if I would go out tonight at 7, my phone was currently ringing in my hand and I was just staring at it undecided.

I took a big breath and answered the phone. "Um Hey" I said quietly.

"Hey Jailbait, you ok? You took a long time to answer" he said sounding nervous.

"Uh yeah I was just err talking to my friend and I didn't feel the phone go off that's all" I lied grimacing at Rachel who was staring at my phone like a lovesick puppy.

"So did you get my message this morning?" he asked,

"Mmm hmm" I mumbled looking pleadingly at Rachel for something to say, she was frantically nodding her head with wide eyes mouthing 'say yes' over and over.

"Ok well do you want to go?" he asked after a few seconds of silence.

I looked at Rachel one last time "Say yes!" she whisper yelled at me.

"Yes" I said quietly.

I heard a muffled "Yessssssssss!" from the phone that I assume I wasn't meant to hear, "Kinda excited there are ya?" I joked smiling in spite of myself.

"Uh yeah sorry, you weren't meant to hear that" he said a bit sheepishly, "So where do you live?" he asked I could hear him rustling paper around in the background.

"I live on Cotton Road, near the pond, number 17, you know where that is?" I asked I hoped he did I was useless with directions.

"You live on Cotton Road? No wonder your so close to Clay, that's where he lives right?" he asked sounding a little surprised.

"Yeah he lives next door actually" I answered.

"Ok well I know where it is, I've been to Clay's before, so I'll pick you up at 7 then" he said sounding really excited.

"Ok see you then" I said snapping the phone shut and breathing out a sigh of relief that it was over. Not that talking to him was hard it was actually quite easy but the whole decision thing was a pain in the ass.

"Great that's done, so next question, do you tell Clay?" Rachel said with a smile. I groaned, I couldn't lie to my best friend but at the same time I didn't really want to have to tell him either, he would be seriously pissed about it. "Ok I have a solution, how about we just avoid him altogether, that way you don't have to lie to him or tell the truth, there's only one period left and you don't have it with him, so just text him and tell him that I'm taking you home tonight so you don't need a lift and that you'll see him tomorrow" Rachel said. Ok that's not actually a bad idea, that way if the date is a disaster he doesn't have to know and if it's not then I can tell him I went tomorrow!

"Ok good plan, we'll make an evil mastermind out of you yet" I said hugging her tight.

* * *

Oh God I was so nervous, I had never been nervous about a date before ever. I left my hair down and added some soft curls and a tiny bit of makeup, I never wore a lot so I didn't want to go too overboard. Rachel had come in after she dropped me home and had helped me pick out an outfit. I was now in a black skinny jeans and a tight red v neck top that showed a little cl**vage but wasn't too slutty, I'd opted for red open toed high heels that would probably kill me if I have to walk or dance in them, but he said dinner and a movie in the text so they should be ok.

I felt sick, I just kept staring at myself in the mirror, I heard the doorbell ring. "Holy crap he's early" I muttered looking at the clock that said five to seven, I bounded out of my room to get the door only to hear voices coming from the hallway. Shit! I stopped out of sight to listen.

"So where are you taking my daughter tonight?" I heard Brian ask, I smiled a little at what he said, he has always called me his daughter, bless him.

"Err I thought we would go to this little Italian restaurant that I know and then to go see a movie if that's ok, I mean does she have a curfew or anything?" Blake asked.

"Well it is a school night, you do know she's only 17 right?" Brian asked, I bounded down the stairs then embarrassed as hell.

"Brian! He knows how old I am jeez, leave him alone would you?" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek and grabbing my black leather jacket, I refused to look at Blake until my cheeks stopped burning but I could feel his eyes on me.

"Well like I was saying to Blake here, it's a school night Riley, so your Mom and I agree that you should be home by 11" he said sternly, I gave him my puppy dog face, pouting my lip slightly.