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“Is that funny, Brayleigh Mae?” Ellie asked, kissing our daughter’s chubby outstretched fingers.

God, I loved my wife. I loved how she could put someone in their place, how she lived life to the fullest without holding back, and how she loved with her whole heart. I was a lucky man.

“Yes, and how did you guys get together?” Emmy challenged, tapping her fingers against her chin. “Oh yeah, that’s right. You went down on my maid of honor in a bathroom stall at my wedding. That’s superclassy. So much better than doing it on a plane.”

I shrugged. “Hey, she’s f**king delicious. I can’t be held responsible for that. Next time don’t have such a tasty maid of honor.”

“Bray!” Ellie swatted my shoulder and shot me a glare before sliding the chopped-up waffles and sausage onto Brayleigh’s tray.

“Cheers to delicious wives.” Ben raised his coffee mug to mine.

“I’ll drink to that.” Brayleigh hoisted her sippy cup in the air, wanting me to clink hers next. “Yeah, mommy’s delicious, huh?”

“Heaven help me,” Ellie muttered, watching us.

However our relationship had started, I knew we were meant to last and it filled me with a deeper sense of happiness than I’d ever known.

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