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I spotted Ben and Emmy straightaway in first class only a couple rows back from the front. Across the aisle from them was Braydon—with a pretty redhead fawning all over him. My heart pinched painfully in my chest.

He’d invited someone else?

I needed off this plane. But I was stuck, with someone in front of me wrestling her luggage into the overhead compartment and a whole line of people behind me waiting to board. I drew a shaky breath and continued forward. It was all I could do.

He’d said no one else could be inside me, and that he’d refrain, too. Apparently that had gone out the window when a piece of ass came sniffing around. Hot anger burned through me. I wanted to shove the perky little redhead away from him and slug him in the face for good measure. I’d never felt quite so possessive over a man. I wanted to yank that bitch away from him by her hair. Instead, I took a calming breath and cleared my throat.

Braydon’s eyes snapped up to mine. “Kitten?”

I smirked. Busted, buddy.

His mouth curled up in a smile. Not the least bit distraught about being discovered with his new little toy. What an ass.

“I was going to surprise you.” I looked down at the dirty, multicolored carpeting, unable to meet his brilliant blue eyes.

“You sure did.” He stood and came closer to where I was wedged between the aisle and his row of seats.

“I can see that. I didn’t know you’d have someone else with you.” My eyes landed on the redhead who stood just two feet away, watching us with a pout.

“Oh, Megan? No, she’s the photographer’s assistant. She just spotted me. We didn’t know we were on the same flight.”

Oh. “Hi,” I offered, feeling stupid.

“Hi!” She beamed, grinning at me. “I better get back to my seat.” She turned and headed for the rear of the plane, waiting in the queue of people as they inched their way back.

I said hi to Ben and Emmy, still feeling strange for showing up on the flight out of the blue like this. But I was so thoroughly rattled at thinking Braydon had invited someone else, I felt like I was floating above my body, witnessing everything through a thick haze.

“Come here, girly.” Braydon opened his arms and pulled me into a massive hug.

I staggered against his chest, inhaling his unique scent—soap and masculine goodness. Relief washed over me that he hadn’t invited someone to replace me. God, my nerves were shot already. I took a step back, needing some space. “You sure you want me here?”

“She’s a groupie, nothing more. I invited you, didn’t I?”

“Yes,” I murmured.

“Then get your hot ass over here.” He tugged me down to his lap and caged me in with his arms around my waist. “There, that’s better.” He pressed his mouth to my neck and gave me a gentle bite.

I yelped softly.

Emmy shot me a glare. “You two better behave on this flight.”

Braydon’s smile turned serious. “She’s right, we better buckle up.” He fixed the seat belt around us both.

“Braydon,” I laughed, trying to maneuver myself out of his lap. “We can’t share a seat.” As much as I wanted to.

“Fine.” He pouted. He pressed the call button in the panel above us and a flight attendant appeared a moment later. Braydon explained that I’d surprised him on the flight but had secured a seat in coach. He turned his pretty blue eyes at her and asked if it was possible to bump me up to first class. She scurried off to check the status of the flight to see if it was full. There was no one in the seat next to him for the time being, but that could change since people were still filtering onto the plane. She returned a moment later with a new ticket for me, indicating my new seat, next to Braydon. Wow, being ridiculously good-looking had its perks. I moved from his lap and settled in. I’d never flown first class before and I was more than a little excited. This was old hat for him, Ben, and Emmy, but I found it all incredibly exciting. I was practically bouncing in the seat with excitement. I was really doing it. And I felt nearly delirious about spending a week in Hawaii with Braydon.

I buckled myself into the plush leather seat for the eleven-hour flight while the attendant delivered us the drink of our choice and a mixed tin of salted almonds. I could get used to this lifestyle.

“I would have bought you a ticket if I’d known you were coming,” Braydon said, nuzzling into my neck again.

“Then I couldn’t have surprised you.”

“Thank you for that.” He smiled at me sincerely and my world was complete. God, that dimple of his would be the death of me.

Once we landed in Hawaii, our foursome was bubbling with energy, despite the overly long flight. We were giddy and ready to enjoy a fruity cocktail and feel the ocean breeze caress our skin. Ben had arranged ahead of time for a car and driver, so we followed the uniformed driver holding a sign that read “Mr. Shaw.” Braydon couldn’t keep his hands off me in the car. Ben sat in the front seat with the driver, which left me wedged in the middle seat between Braydon and Emmy. Braydon’s lips hovered behind my ear.

“I’m so glad you decided to come.”

“Me too,” I admitted softly. “I hope you’re okay with sharing a room because I didn’t make any hotel accommodations.”

“Hmmm.” He tapped his index finger against his lips as if deep in thought. “You in my bed? Fuck it, I’ll deal.” He grinned down at me. “Silly girl.” Then he dropped a kiss on my mouth.

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