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“Enough,” he finally growled. “Do not make me force you, Charity.”

She smiled as she lowered her lashes and licked again, feeling the rough edge of the heavy veins than ran just under the flesh. Restraining herself took more self-control than she ever imagined she could possess. Watching him, seeing his face become heavy with sensuality, his eyes darkening, his chest rising and falling heavily as sweat gleamed on the heavy muscles had her pussy clenching in need. She knew the moment he had enough of her teasing. His expression tightened, his eyelids lowered broodingly a second before one hand clenched in her hair as the other wrapped around the shaft of his cock, just above her hand.

“No more teasing, Charity.” The wide head butted against her lips then slid smoothly into the waiting depths of her mouth.

Charity’s body clenched with the dominant, aggressive move. But even more frightening, she felt a part of herself begin to melt. She was hungry for him, ravenous, and she knew from experience that the aphrodisiac contained in the drugs would have been out of her system by now. Her need for him, his

taste, his touch, the greedy hunger for him that tormented her would be natural now. And mixed with the heady arousal pumping through her was a shadow of fear.

If this were natural, then how would she ever leave him? And how could she stay, knowing the emotions she had kept carefully banked over the years were not returned by him?

She suckled at the head of his cock, moaning in shattered desire, fighting to hold onto some part of her heart as she heard his hard moan.

“God, Charity…so good.” His hands tangled in her hair further as he held her still for the careful thrusts into her mouth.

Her tongue stroked the rigid flesh as she suckled at the throbbing head. Her eyelids rose, staring up at him, her chest tightening with the pleasure on his face. Sensual and savage, his eyes like thunderclouds as he stared down at her, his expression twisted with almost painful rapture. Shockingly, a hard pulse of warm, spicy fluid shot from the tip of his cock.

“God…stop…” He tried to pull back, surprise and horror flashing across his face as he held her still, pulling free of her.

“No.” Her hands gripped his hips, her need for him so stark, so vital she couldn’t bear the separation. The taste of him was dark, earthy. She had no idea what the pulse of fluid was, but she knew she needed more.Always more. She could never get enough of him. Her lips enclosed the head again, suckling it into her mouth as another pulse of the liquid filled her. His groan was tight, almost animalistic as she moaned around his flesh.

“Baby,” he protested, seeming to tremble before her. His thighs were tight, steel hard columns that shuddered beneath the caress on his erection.

She stared up at him, suckling at him slowly, her tongue flickering over the sensitive flesh until yet another hard pulse of the fluid shot into her mouth and his cock sank further past her lips. Hunger was a hard knot of arousal in the very depths of her womb.Ravenous, her body becoming more heated than ever before, she began to move her mouth on the throbbing flesh, her tongue flickering over it, working to draw the deep, primal growls from his throat. The head sank to the depths of her mouth, filling it as she suckled and licked. There was no discomfort, no sense of choking on the thick flesh. Her tongue felt more sensitive, the depths of her mouth experiencing a near sexual pleasure as he began to fuck her mouth with short, quick strokes. She whimpered at each thrust, greedy for another burst of the sweet ejaculation that wasn’t a release, yet shuddered through his body as though it were.

“Charity, baby.I can’t control this.” One hand gripped the base of his cock, the other tangled deeper in her hair as he thrust against her. His voice was dark, its roughness so sexual, so deep, her womb contracted with the sound of it.

Her nails bit into the sides of his muscular thighs as she fought to hold onto her own control. Her mouth

tightened on the surging erection, her tongue stroking it, needing more.

“Charity, I’m going to come,” he warned her, his voice tight.“God, baby, stop.”

She felt the jerk of his cock as her tongue stroked over the deep pulse of the knot fighting to be free beneath his flesh. She suckled at the flesh strongly, loving the way his breath hitched, his body tightened with each pull of her mouth, each lick of her tongue.

“Charity.”Another hard pulse of fluid shot into her mouth as her hand tightened on his cock. His hips were moving more strongly now as he panted for air, as she panted for air. Her fingers caressed his scrotum, her nails scratching at the silken sac as he suddenly tightened.

“Not like this.” He moved back, ignoring her cry, her need. He jerked his jeans from his legs as she moved to him, intent on finishing what she had started.

“Aiden, please.”Her lips went to his chest then lower, moving to her knees, starving for the taste of him.

“Charity.God, baby.”She licked over his abdomen and a second later her lips covered the head of his cock again.

And he was hers.

Both hands locked in her hair as her hands wrapped around his cock, her mouth and tongue driving him to his climax. She was desperate, needing to wipe away the memory of the time in the Labs, to replace it with this, something deeper, hotter.

His cock pulsed then as she felt her juices spill along her thighs. Beneath her hands the hard swelling in his cock began, engorging, filling her cupped palms a second before the first blast of his hot semen shot into her mouth.

His hips moved in short hard strokes as his groan echoed around her, hot and filled with pleasure as his seed coated her tongue and slid down her throat. The taste of him was an aphrodisiac all its own. The feel of the hard swelling beneath her hands, the crown pulsing, spilling his pleasure in her mouth triggered a deep, convulsive shudder in the depths of her womb.

Her hands stroked the sensitive, fist-sized swelling that had knotted in the shaft of his cock. Each gentle caress spilled yet another explosion of his seed in her mouth as he groaned weakly beneath the caress.

“Baby, so good,” his words whispered through her heart.“Charity. Charity, you’re killing me.” He shuddered again, his hands kneading at her hair, his hips jerking, tugging at her hold on his cock as pleasure rippled over him.

When it was over, he drew her gently to her feet, holding her as she swayed in his grip. One hand moved to her chin, his thumb running over her swollen lips.

“Mine,” he growled.

“Prove it,” she challenged him softly.

He smiled. A slow curving of his sensually molded lips as he watched her knowingly. “No need to prove it now, Charity. Soon you will know. But just because you have what you needed, doesn’t mean I’m finished with you yet.”

Chapter Twenty-Four

Before Charity could protest he turned her, bending her over on the bed, her palms flat against the mattress.

“Perfect,” he murmured, his hand trailing over the curves of her rear as he leaned close to plant a heated kiss between her shoulder blades.

“We couldlay on the bed,” she panted, shivering beneath the caress. He could destroy her equilibrium with only a stroke of his lips. She felt lost, drowning beneath the sensuality of his touch. Heat flickered through her cunt, her womb, as convulsive shudders racked her muscles. She wondered if she had enough strength left to stay on her feet as his hand stroked beneath her thighs, yet never really touched the needy entrance to her vagina.

She shifted, breathing deeply, certain she would collapse at his feet.

“Who needs a bed?” he whispered as his lips touched her shoulder, his teeth scraping the tender skin there. “I will hold you up, Charity. Trust me.” His hands curved around her waist, smoothing over her abdomen, caressing up her stomach until he could cup the firm globes of her breasts. Charity couldn’t hold back her cry as his fingers enclosed her nipples, rolling against them slowly as she began to burn with her own lusts. His loins cushioned her buttocks, his cock resting against the narrow crevice there, heating it,fueling fantasies she refused to delve too deeply into.

“Trust you?” she panted desperately. “Your legs trembled too, Aiden.”

He chuckled at her neck.“Smart ass.”

She would have replied if he hadn’tchose that moment to move, to tuck the head of his cock against the entrance of her swollen pussy. She could feel the broad head sliding against the slick moisture there as he positioned himself for a smooth stroke.

“You decide.” His teeth raked her neck.“Hard and fast.Or slow and gentle.”

“What?” she gasped, struggling to thrust back against him as he easily controlled her movements by gripping herhips.

“Decide quickly.” His voice was a hard rumble as his cock throbbed at her entrance.

She whimpered. Hell, she couldn’t decide. She wanted both.Hard and fast and slow and easy, hot and strong and…

Her eyes widened, a soundless cry breaking from her throat as he finally took the decision out of her hands. He slid inside her, working his cock slow and easy into the slick, humid depths of her pussy. Her muscles clamped against the invasion, fire and lightning singing through her veins as she felt the tight impalement.

“Wait. Wait,” she cried out desperately.

He stopped, though the primal growl that sounded behind her assured her it was only under protest that he had done so.

“What?” His voice was strained, guttural.

She fought for breath, her eyes closing in ecstasy as she clamped her muscles on his cock, milking it to intensify the heated sensations running through her body.

“Charity.”His voice was warning.

His cock was buried halfway inside her, stretching her with a pleasure/pain as a hard pulse of silky fluid exploded from the tip of his erection. He moaned as she whimpered in pleasure.

“Feel that,” she cried out, shuddering in his arms.“Oh God, Aiden, what is that doing to me?”

Her cunt heated further, relaxing marginally around the flared head as he suddenly thrust hard and deep inside her. Her hands went out from under her, her cheek hitting the mattress as she gasped for breath.

“Are you playing scientist, Charity?” he crooned seductively at the back of her neck as he pushed her farther up the mattress, tucking her knees beneath her as he mounted her more firmly. “Feel what happens to bad little girls who try to play scientist as their mate fucks them.”

He taught her the lesson well. He held tightly to her hips as his cock powered hard and fast inside the greedy depths of her pussy.Stroking her like a living flame, burning her with a lust that left her begging, pleading for release. Her body tightened, ripples of her impending orgasm fluttering in her womb, when he suddenly stopped.

“No. No.” She twisted against him desperately as her entire body protested at the abrupt cessation. Her cunt gripped him, tightened as she fought to finish the impending explosion.

“Bad little mate,” he whispered at her ear as he pulled back with excruciating slowness. She could feel the sensitive tissue, overfilled, stretching then aching in protest as he retreated. Only to scream out in need as he began to burrow back inside her. Slow, so fuckingslow she knew it was going to kill her. He filled her, stretching the tissue of her cunt, the fragile muscles, with an exquisitely slow push that ensured she felt every minute caress of his cock sliding into her gripping, rippling pussy.

“Oh God.Aiden.You’re killing me.” She tried to back into him with a quick thrust of her hips that he easily controlled by holding the curves in his hard, broad hands.

“I am pleasuring you,” he argued thickly. “Feel the pleasure, Charity.”

His cock throbbed inside her as a hard blast of liquid shot against the sensitized walls of her cunt. She shuddered. The heat built inside the tight confines of her vagina and blazed throughout the rest of her body.

“You’re torturing me,” she cried out as he slid back until only the head of his cock rested inside her.


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