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One hand slid to her thighs, pushing the gown to her hips as her fingers moved to the bare flesh of her cunt. She jerked, shuddered, as a moan tore past her lips.

“Aiden,” she whispered his name, seeing him there, perhaps watching her, his eyes growing dark as she stroked her own body.

Would he like that? Would his cock thicken, become erect at the sight of her fingers pushing through the narrow slit of her cunt lips? In her fantasy, it did. She stroked around her swollen clit, feeling the piercing lust that shuddered through her womb at the touch.

Her inner lips were swollen, sensitized from her arousal. The cream from her body coated them heavily, allowing her fingers to slide easily between them until they met the entrance to her gripping vagina.

“Oh God!”She couldn’t stop her cry as she pressed two fingers inside. Her pussy gushed at the pleasure, the muscles clamping around her fingers, begging for more. The wash of sensations was almost agonizing. Heat seared her fingers, her cunt,the lightest stroke into the tight muscles echoing through her body with pulsing vibrations of rapturous pleasure. She spread her legs further, the muscles of her thighs tightening as the ache rippled from her vagina to her clit. Like a firestorm of erotic torment, the sensations whipped through her body, torturing her with the need for release. She could feel them licking over her flesh with a phantom stroke, edging her passion and her need higher.

She pulled her fingers back slowly, whimpering at the surging intensity before she pushed them forward in a quick stroke designed to mimic Aiden’s thrusting cock. Not nearly as good, but she couldn’t halt her cry at the flash of piercing need that shuddered through her body. The heel of her palm pressed against her swollen clit, intensifying the lustful pressure. Her cunt clenched, the empty hunger radiating through her body as she fought to bring herself to climax. It had always worked before. Always, yet no matter how she fought, no matter how deeply she pushed her fingers into the sweltering depths of her pussy, she could find no relief. Her head was thrown back as she fought for relief, whimpering sighs of desperation gasping from her lips when she first felt the gentle lick to the back of her cream coated hand. Charity’s eyes sprang open, her head lifting, her gaze caught by the hot intensity of Aiden’s look as he watched her from between her spread thighs. He was on his knees before her, naked, his dark face heavy with sensuality, his tongue reaching out to lick her again. A forceful lick accompanied by a growl that seemed to vibrate through her hand, into the hungry depths of her pussy.

“Do you know just how fucking beautiful you look to me right now?” His voice was dark, heavy with lust.

When she moved to pull her hand back, he stopped her, pressing his against it until her fingers sank inside her tight flesh once again. He watched the movement, his cheekbones reddening as hunger seemed to glow in his expression.

“Don’t stop,” he whispered. “Let me watch you, Charity. Take yourself as I watch.”

It was the most erotic thing she had ever known in her life. Watching him—his gaze trained on her fingers, his tongue reaching out to lick at the slick slide of her juices—overwhelmed her. His tongue was rough, hot and greedy as he tried to hold her legs farther apart. His gaze locked with hers as he tried to clean every gushing surge of cream that escaped past her heated vagina and her thrusting fingers.

“I can’t.” She was gasping for breath, her hips thrusting hard into her fingers as she stroked in again.

“Aiden, please. I can’t…”

She needed his fingers inside her, stretching her, driving her higher. God no, she needed his cock filling her, overfilling her, making her scream as her muscles were forced to accommodate each powerful stroke. She pushed her fingers deeper, harder inside her then cried out as his tongue stroked between them when she pulled back. The hot tip licked at her sensitized vaginal entrance, the sensation ripping through her body like a tidal wave of fiery pleasure.

“I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to stop.” His voice was hard, so deep and rough it stroked over her senses like a ghostly touch. “As soon as I can quench this need to drain every drop of your juice from your body.”

He pulled her fingers free, only to replace them with a hard, driving stroke from his hot tongue. Her hips jerked, thrusting into the stroke as streaking, lava-rich sensations raced through her blood stream, beneath her skin, searing her brain with the pleasure. Her hands gripped the sides of the beanbag, her thighs straining as his hard hands held them spread apart. He slurped at her entrance, his tongue fucking into her hard, then pulling back, his mouth sucking her flowing juices past his hard lips.

“So damned good.You make me drunk with my need for you,” he murmured at the pulsing entrance to her pussy before licking into her again.

The mindless need for orgasm began to fill her. There was no shame, no hesitation then, there was only Aiden. Aiden holding her still as shestruggled, reached for more. Aiden’s tongue stroking the overly sensitive tissue inside her blazing cunt, thrusting past the tightening muscles, probing at nerve endings she never knew she possessed. Nerve endings that exploded in pleasure at eachtouch, screamed out their need for satisfaction, for relief.

“Aiden, I need you.” Her hands gripped the bag beneath her as she fought for climax. Her cunt, her clit, her breasts—hell, her entire body—were blazing, tingling, her muscles tightening at the cellular level in the quest to ease the delicious torment he was practicing on her drenched pussy. He groaned into her flesh, a sound of enjoyment, of pleasure as her vagina clenched, then drenched his tongue once again. Like a man parched from thirst and having found a well of wet, sweet relief. Now if only he would extend the relief, she could save her own sanity.

“Aiden, please,” she panted, her voice weak, breathless, shocking her with the primal sound of desperation. “Please. If you don’t fuck me I’m going to die.”

She twisted as an agonized groan tore from her chest. His thumb began to circle her clit. It tingled, pulsed. Each stroke was like ecstasy licking at the edges of orgasm, driving her higher. She was thrusting against his fucking tongue, whimpering, crying out at each thrust as her vaginal muscles parted for each forceful entrance.

The pressure at her clit intensified, fed by his driving tongue, his suckling lips at her vagina, his thumb rotating against the tortured knot of nerves. Her cries echoed around her, almost animalistic, begging as she had never thought she could beg. Until his thumb pressed closer, firmer, stroking… God yes… Right there…

She screamed. Stars exploded around her as her eyes widened, her body arching, tensing, locked tight to his spearing tongue as she felt her pussy explode. Her upper body lifted involuntarily, the breath halting in her chest as lightning tore through her body. Bolt after bolt of white-hot heat erupted inside her as she convulsed, her wail filling the room, shocking her, as Aiden jerked his head back and rose over her with a primal growl of possession.

Chapter Twenty

“Now, Charity,” he whispered as he came over her, unable to hold back the driving need for fulfillment that pounded through his body. “Burn me alive.”

Aiden felt the pulse of lubricating fluid from the tip of his cock the moment it touched the wet heat of

Charity’s vagina. He grimaced, fighting for control. He wanted to enter her slowly, to savor every rippling contraction that tore through her tight cunt. And she was tight. Another pulse of fluid shot into her. Her body tightened, bucking as it splattered inside her heated channel. He eased the bulging head of his cock gingerly into the gripping entrance as yet another stream shot free. He was fighting for breath now. The ejaculations were almost orgasmic, teasing him with the ecstasy to come, the memory of the soul-searing release when his seed would fill her, soak into her pussy and ease their lusts for but a brief time.

“You’re so hot. So hot and tight you make me want to howl with my need for you,” he panted as he fought for breath.

Gritting his teeth, he eased farther inside her, amazed at how easily her muscles parted for him, how hot and tight her grip was. Her pussy clenched, her juices flowing, easing his way as he pressed into her. Looking down, he fought the near rabid growl as he watched the plump lips of her cunt flattening and stretching around the shaft invading her. The sight of it had yet another of the ejaculations pulsing from him.

She cried out, her hands moving from the side of the beanbag she lay on to grip the wrists that clasped her hips. She stared up at him, her eyes dazed, unfocused, her face flushed with passion, glistening with perspiration.

“Do you know how good you feel?” he growled as he fought for control.“So wet and tight around me, Charity. I can feel the knot just under my flesh throbbing for release.”

And he could. The pumping pressure midway down the length of his cock was an excruciating pleasure as he fought the impending release. Aiden eased in farther, his gaze flickering between her satiny, pink inner lips and her enthralled expression.

The head of his cock was buried inside her, easing through the fist-tight confines of her pussy as another pulse of the lubricating fluid shot inside her. It was agony. It was a pleasure so painful he swore he was going to die as he fought to maintain the steady, though slow pace inside her.

“Charity,” he gasped her name as he slid farther inside the tightening, building heat of her cunt.“Baby. You’re killing me.”

“Now.”Her nails bit into his wrists. “Fuck me, Aiden. Fuck me now.Hard. Please…”

He couldn’t help it. He powered inside her, his head falling back, a growl ripping past his throat at the brutal pleasure tearing through his body. He was buried in her to the hilt now, his scrotum tucked against her bottom, cushioned and becoming moist from the female juices that had coated the flesh there.

“Aiden.”She was half raised, almost in a sitting position, her eyes wide, dilated as she stared at him.

“Look,” he whispered, glancing between their bodies as he pulled back slowly. He heard her whimper and wanted to cry out himself as his cock slid back, dragging against her flesh, glistening with the thick cream that coated it. He pulled nearly free, until only the crown remained.

“Watch, Charity.” He had to fight for breath, fight to still the tremors that wanted to shake his body, the need for release that pounded through him. “Watch me take you.”

He slid home again. Not so slowly, but not so fast that she didn’t see, didn’t feel every inch of the cock taking her. He glanced up at her again, seeing the fascinated look on her face, the arousal tightening her features.

“Look at me, Charity,” he whispered. “Look, baby.”

She raised her eyes; they were wide, dazed, almost black pools of surrender as he pulled back then thrust easily inside her once again.

“Mark me,” he whispered, every muscle in his body tensing from need as he tightened his arms around her, pulling her closer.“Like I marked you, Charity. Mark me now.”

He thrust harder inside her as her lips touched his shoulders. He was close. So damned close he could feel the knot beginning to form, engorging,preparing for his release. His hips moved faster, thrusting his cock harder, deeper inside her as he felt the delicate scrape of her teeth, heard her whimper of nearing orgasm.

Her pussy rippled around him, contracted with deep hard pulls, milking at his flesh as though trying to suck the seed from his body.

“Now, damn you.”He couldn’t hold back, couldn’t wait. The swelling began, the pleasure tearing through him until he wondered if he would survive it.

Her teeth clamped down on the tight muscle. Not enough to break the skin as his canines had hers, but enough, just enough to release the primal urges tearing through him. He gripped her hips, lowering her, laying over her, feeling her teeth bite down as he thrust into her harder, again, and again, until the swelling intensified, locking himself inside her as she erupted around him.


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