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He closed his eyes. He couldn’t halt the need to kiss the soft shell of her ear. Her breath caught as a shiver trembled over her body.

“I’m scared, Aiden,” she whispered, her voice sounding lost, lonely. “I don’t know how to fight this when you’re so close to me. And I don’t think I can bear your hatred when it’s over.”

He breathed out roughly. “If only I could hate you, Charity.” His hand moved beneath the pillow she had gripped to her stomach.

The contractions were harder than they had been before. He moved his hand beneath her shirt, beginning a gentle massaging motion with his fingers as her breathing began to deepen, roughen.

“Feel good?” he asked, noticing her reaction as his breath whispered over her ear.

“Too good,” she moaned. “I can’t think, Aiden.”

“Do not think at all, Charity.” He closed his eyes, drawing in her scent, becoming nearly intoxicated on the sweetness of it.

His body was clamoring now. He clenched his teeth as his lips smoothed over her neck. Her blood beat hard and fast beneath the tender skin as her body tightened further. She swallowed tightly. “What you said earlier…” He could hear the fear in her voice.

“Neither Hope nor Faith have known any pain from the dominance of their mates, or the matings themselves, Charity. Your body is ready for me, and what is not yet prepared, will be prepared in due time.”

His cock was pressed against the crease of her buttocks. Below, the small tight hole of her anus awaited him. He hadn’t believed Wolfe and Aiden when they warned him of that overwhelming desire to possess that dark, forbidden spot. But he believed them now. His throttled growl shocked them both as he fought to deny himself. She was already frightened, he knew. To take her there, to forcehimself into the narrow depths of her anus, could very well terrify her. Yet, the need was like a fever flowing hard and fast through his veins.

Prepare her. He had to prepare her. If her arousal were high enough, her needs overwhelming even her fears, then she would be ready for him.

“Come here to me, Charity.” He pulled the pillow from her grasp then rolled her over to her back. She stared up at him, her brown eyes dark, dazed with her arousal as he stared down at her.

“See how your body eases for me,” he said gently, his hand pressed to her stomach, easing the knots from the muscles of her abdomen. “It knows I can relieve the pain, the arousal. Only my body can do this for you, Charity.Only my touch.”

He pushed the T-shirt up her body, remembering heatedly how he had torn the other one from her. He undressed her quickly, tossing the fabric from the bed as he stared down at the beauty displayed before him.

Her breasts rose and fell in a hard, fast rhythm. Perspiration glistened on the silken skin, emphasizing the swollen curves and dark, elongated nipples. He tore his gaze from the ripe mounds, meeting hers as he fought for control.

“I’ll conceive,” she reminded him again, tears glistening in her eyes. “I don’t want a child, Aiden. I don’t want to bring another into such a hopeless situation.”

His lips quirked at her accurate description of the Breeds’ lives to this point.It was often a hopeless battle they fought.

“Nature will do what it must.” He pulled her slowly into his arms then. “Our concern, Charity, is to aid it as best we can. No matter the cost. We survive, because we must.”

He gave her no chance to answer or to argue. His head lowered. The temptation of her lips, swollen from the sensuality of her arousal, was too much to resist. Like the sweetest fruit, demanding that he taste of its erotic perfection.

She whimpered when his lips touched hers, opening to him, her hands moving timidly to his shoulders as his fingers continued to stroke her tightened abdomen.

She was as intoxicating, as he knew she would be. Aiden allowed his tongue to stroke over her trembling lips, ignoring her soft entreaty as they opened for the silken feel of the plump curves beneath his tongue. She was moving against him slowly, her nipples raking over his chest like little brands of need. Control was a tenuous thing at best, but he found pride in the fact that he was holding onto his. Until she

arched against him, a hungry moan breaking from her throat as her tongue reached out to lick back at him.

Chapter Thirteen

The teasing, licking strokes at her lips were driving her crazy. Charity had hungered for Aiden’s kiss, his touch, for too long. As the pain in her abdomen slowly began to ease, another torturous ache took its place. The fires in her cunt began to flame through her body, clouding her mind with an arousal too fierce to fight any longer.

As she stroked across his tongue, a growl, deep and rough, sounded in his chest a second before it plunged hard and hot inside the depths of her mouth. His arm pushed beneath her shoulders as the other went around her waist, jerking her closer, tighter to his chest as she tasted the wildness of his kiss. Spicy and addicting, the moist stroke of his tongue inflamed her further. As hers tangled with it, she felt the small swollen glands at the side, though paid little attention to them. Yet another strange occurrence for this unusual Breed. He moved further over her, stroking the interior of her mouth, her lips, her tongue, the edge of her teeth until she clamped her lips on the teasing invader and suckled at it desperately.

The taste that filled her mouth sent her senses spinning. She wouldn’t have believed lust could have its own unique flavor, but Aiden’s did. It tasted of a summer thunderstorm, quenching her thirst for his passion but only driving her hunger for his touch higher. The taste filled her, intoxicated her,made her desperate for more. It made her as wild as his taste.

She twisted in his arms, pressing harder against him. She needed, ached for more. What the “more”

was, she wasn’t certain at that point. But her entire body felt inflamed, her arousal building higher, to heights she never dreamed of knowing.

Each time she drew on his tongue the taste of his lust filled her. Within seconds her body was burning brighter.As though the very essence of his kiss was an aphrodisiac all its own. It was worse than any of the drugs forced into her body.More blinding, more intense than anything else she had known in her life. He growled into her mouth then, pulling back, his teeth nipping at her lips as she fought to draw him back to her. He controlled her struggles easily as his lips moved down her neck, his canines raking her skin as she shuddered at the pleasure of it.

“Aiden, don’t torment me this way.” Her cunt was on fire. She could feel the flames licking through the tissue there, traveling to her womb, stroking it with the lava-hot agony of her arousal.

“Soon.”His voice was a rough, untamed growl. “First. First I will do as I have dreamed of for years.”

He held her wrists to the bed as he paused over her heaving breasts. Charity watched him, barely able

to keep her eyes opened, fighting for breath as she marveled at the sensuality shaping his face.

“Aiden…” She trembled beneath his brooding, hot gaze as it focused on her swollen curves.

“How pretty they are,” he breathed out roughly.“How many years I’ve dreamed of tasting your sweet breasts, Charity.Feeling your nipples in my mouth, against my tongue.Hard and aching for my touch.”

He licked his lips and Charity moaned against the punch of lust that contracted her womb. No pain this time, just a brutal contraction of agonized desire that halted her breath. Then his tongue distended and she whimpered. When it stroked against one overly sensitized nipple she arched violently to him, a cry of pleasure erupting from her throat.

When the heat of his mouth covered the hard tip, pleasure whipped through her body with such force that she jerked with it, an almost orgasmic sensation ripping through her.

“Aiden please.”She pressed against him, gasping for breath as his lips suckled at her breast, his tongue stroking her nipple with diabolical intent as his hands held hers shackled, refusing to allow her to touch him in turn.

He moaned against her sensitive flesh, his canines rasping against her as he nipped at her nipple then.A small flash of fire, of never-ending intensity, seared across the heated peak. Each touch made her body weaker, made her arousal flare higher.As though his touch alone was more potent than the drugs injected into her body. She stared down at him, fighting to breathe as his head began to lower, his lips stroking down the tightened muscles of her stomach. Each caress was like a living flame on her skin. Each stroke of his tongue only fanned it higher, hotter, brighter .

“Charity,” he whispered her name as he reached the clenching muscles of her abdomen. “The scent of your need is making me crazy.”

Making him crazy? She was on the verge of melting into a puddle of lust, and he said she was making him crazy?

He released her hands as he moved lower, but there was no danger of her protesting now. She was panting, weakened by the surging pleasures, the blistering heat in her vagina. His lips stroked over her, dipping into the small valley of her belly button, moving steadily closer to the swollen, moist curves of her bare cunt. Charity could only watch, could only tremble in anticipation as the room seemed to heat with the building sensuality stretching between them. When his tongue stroked over her swollen clit, circling it with a smooth, sensuous lick she couldn’t halt the moaning cry forrelief, or the spasmodic jerk of her hips as she desperately sought a deeper touch.

“Aiden, this will kill me…” She broke up, a strangled scream erupting from her throat as his lips covered her, drawing her sensitive clit into his suckling mouth.

There was heat and fire, and then there was mindless ecstasy. It overtook her, wrapping her in the cataclysmic folds of an impending orgasm that she knew would destroy her forever.

His tongue licked and stroked, rasping over the sensitized knot of nerves as his hands held her thighs open, controlling her involuntary undulations against his mouth. Her vagina spilled its silky moisture,then rippled in agonized anticipation as his fingers parted the swollen flesh protecting its entrance.

“Charity,” he growled against the throbbing knot of nerves as his fingers slid through the thick essence. “I cannot wait much longer.”

“Don’t wait,” she gasped, her hips arching to the whisper of his ragged breaths as her clit screamed out at the desertion. “For God’s sake, Aiden, please. Please make me come.”

One long finger thrust hard and deep inside the tight channel as his mouth returned to her clit with hungry demand. His mouth covered her again, greedy, hungry in his greed. Charity’s eyes widened, her gaze darkening as sensation began to erupt inside her.

Her clitoris fragmented into a fireworks explosion of ecstasy as her vagina tightened on the invading finger, pulsed then erupted in rapture. The whipping sensations tore through her, tightening her muscles as heat flamed throughout her body. She screamed his name, only barely aware of him moving as the lightning strokes of pleasure tore her apart.

In the midst of the incredible array of fiery explosions, Aiden moved over her and positioned himself quickly. He hesitated for only a moment, but long enough for Charity to feel the sudden, heated warmth that exploded from the head of his cock. She stared up at him in surprise, watching his eyes widen. He nudged inside her further. The heated expulsion repeated, and incredibly she felt her vagina warming, relaxing, yet firing a deeper need inside the hungry depths.

“What…” She shook as the hunger became a compulsion, a hard demand that left her gasping.

“Charity, forgive me.” He grimaced,then with one hard stroke filled the swollen, hungry depths of her cunt with his thick erection.

She climaxed once more on the first stroke. She couldn’t breathe. She gasped for breath, her head whipping against the mattress as her hands flailed helplessly to hold onto the bulging breadth of his arm as he braced himself on his elbows.

His features looked distorted as she fought to focus on his face. She couldn’t fight the sensations. Couldn’t fight the building surge of renewed hunger. His cock filled her as it surged through swollen tissue, but the bite of pain did little to cool the violent arousal that pushed her past any previous perceptions of need.


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