What the hell was I thinking?

I stormed through the passageway and sat down in the control room, lowering the submarine as quickly as I could. Getting away as quickly as I could. Away from her.

As the dark waters flooded past us, I ramped up the speed.

“Hello, Caleb.”

I whirled around to see Stellan standing a few inches away from me, a syringe between his fingers.

He stabbed it into my neck before I could react.

“Staying away for so many hours allowing me time to recover could have been excusable, but using one of my submarines to hold me captive in? You sure are a fool,” he hissed in my ear as I sank to the floor. “I always keep keys on me.” He lifted up a small chain of keys from a hidden pouch within his shirt and dangled them in front of me. He gripped me roughly and dragged my limp body out of the control room, down the steps toward the lower deck.

He stopped in front of the storage chamber. Before opening the door, he leaned down over me. His eyes glinting, he withdrew another syringe from his pocket and stabbed it into my neck. Blackness was clouding my vision fast now.

“Hm,” he muttered loud enough for me to hear. “This dosage should be enough to keep you unconscious for just over seven days. Now I just need to decide where to dump you for all that time…”

He swung the door of the chamber open. I caught a glimpse of a young pregnant woman lying still in a corner before he flung me down against the hard floor and locked the door, plunging the room into darkness.


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